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  1. Some if it is extremely interesting some of it is extremely interesting to say the least - there are some really decent people on here , few weirdos too! Haha good luck!
  2. Hi missy welcome, what brings you here?
  3. I understand the toughness- I almost made the same mistake- I have been married for just under 7 years, we have 2 kids. We were not communicating, not really talking to each other. It was like having a roommate. She internalized it and so did I- we never talked about it just went about our daily lives. I came really close to cheating and it hit me to talk to her about what was REALLY going on. I had decided that if these issue we couldn’t work out then it was time to move on. Upon talking and getting everything out on the table, and a huge knock down drag out fight. We came out in the other end with a better understanding of each other then we have ever had before. It is completely amazing now the difference that transpired when that respect comes back. I cant tell you what to do, all I can do is share my experience. But in my opinion (especially with kids involved) talk to her and figure out if it is even salvageable- of it is not then move on. You go go and cheat, that hurts her, hurts the kids, in my opinion just makes it worse. And eventually the marriage is going to be over anyway. Again, my two cents
  4. That’s tough in my opinion- I have always been of the mindset that if you are going to cheat, then you shouldn’t be married. If you are that unhappy that you must seek other physical fulfillment then there is a lack of respect for your partner. Ibdint know if this willl work in your situation, but just communicate with her . Have you asked why it feels weird for her now? Have you tried to understand where she is coming from? Have you asked Her if she has any idea what would fixnit, it if she even wants it fixed? Indint know the right answer, the only point I am pushing is that marriage is a give and take, respect and respect. Mid she is having a hard time , then it is your duty as her husband to stick by her side and help her through it. If you would rather seek other companionship and she is not worth that effort, then I don’t think y’all should be together. Not judgement , just my opinion
  5. I’m right there with you- has been difficult to find active members- very much a shame
  6. I like to switch it up- it’s fun to be dominate, but is also fun to give up control-
  7. In my experience, it is straight up against the pubic bone. I always insert my fingers inside and hook my finger upwards- while she lays flat on her back for an even better one, I push my palm against her pelvis while I do it.
  8. I honestly do not consider this normal behavior for me and my perspective- but what is classified as normal? My best advice is stop worrying about what is normal and just do you- Everyonenis so critical of each other, I wish people would just realize that everyone is free to choose their path- all paths have rewards and consequences. i like Ike peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches- most people say that is not normal. Sorry, done with my rant ! lol
  9. Papabear


    Me and my wife do often , I love it! turns me on to watch her
  10. Few days late, but welcome
  11. Not a female, but welcome !
  12. Welcome Renee im a little late! Hope you find what your looking for !