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  1. I thought this was posted by bigdick4you a while back.
  2. Showed this to my wife, her response was"holy shit, how big is that thing"... Iol. Seriously though, how big are you? I would love to watch my wife take that nice and deep.
  3. Thank you both for your help. I've been looking for something more dual density than any I've really found so far. Something that has soft skin like exterior with a harder hollow shaft for me to insert and wear. I would like it to be firm enough to be used soft or hard, yet have a little flex like the real thing. Maybe I'm asking for to much. But everything I have found for hollow strap-ons so far have been harder pvc type material and little to no give. I have seen some extremely large ones from fetish fantasy and king cock that appear to be more of what I'm looking for, but they are way to big for my wife. She has been comfortable so far with 8" or under in length and 2" or under in width. Thank you again.
  4. Welcome, hope you have fun. I know I've enjoyed my time here. If you ever want to chat about something, hit me up.
  5. RideDaTrain123


    Every inch of your body is stunning. I'd love to explore it with my tongue....
  6. Anyone else share her fantasy? What would you guys think if it we're your woman?
  7. I think the biggest myth is that everyone thinks Bigger is Better. Maybe true for some but not all.
  8. So this is probably going to jump around a little, but want to give you some backstory so stay with me. Lately I have been trying to get my wife to play truth or dare over social media. Trying to get some communication and excitement back into our sex life. She is a shy, and somewhat inexperienced person when it comes to the bedroom. We met young and got married not too long after. I had some experience b4 we met but she was a virgin. I'm the only thing she has personally known sexually. We have had a very good sex life but the past few years with kids and very little alone time, I felt as though our communication about the bedroom has almost died. We still have sex, still use toys to prolong and really enjoy our sessions. So I probably shouldn't have anything to complain about. But I needed to know what still turns her on, what she fantasizes about now. So now to the actual story, as we were playing the game we we're having fun we had both answered a few truths and she even did a dare. But then I asked a question that put the game to a halt, "What is your biggest/best fantasy that you haven't/don't want to tell me"? She changed the subject. Later I called her on it, she again changed the subject. I could tell that she wasn't comfortable so I told her it's ok. I have never tried to pressure her into anything, sexually or otherwise. So a few days passed and we both had a slower day of work so we started playing again. Again things were going well we had played a few rounds. So I thought I would try again, I asked the question and yet again the game came to a stop. I was start to worry about what it might be. That she may not really want ME anymore. So later that night I thought I might make her more comfortable of I said mine first. I told her in least to greatest my current fantasies were: anal(her), pegging, MFM, FMF, a lesbian session for her while I watch, and lastly my biggest fatasy - cuckold(with a cock much larger than mine). She said I love you and thank you. And that was it for the night. The next day I had to know, what did she think of mine. She is unsure about the anal (she has tried a few times but jury is still out) and pegging. Have talked about 3somes in the past FMF probably won't happen (or at least less likely) as she doesn't share well. But the MFM may happen down the road when we are both ready and find a 3rd we can trust. As for the lesbian session it is probably a no go. But she wouldn't talk about the cuckold. With what she had said before about being scared to tell about her fantasy. Afraid it will change the way I look at her or that I'll feel like I'm not enough for her. Or that I might try to set something up to fulfill it as I always want to give her everything. And now not wanting to talk about cuckolding me I had a feeling what her fantasy was. So when we were trapped in the car for a long ride I told her she didn't have to answer and if she never wanted to talk about it to just tell so and I'll never bring it up again. But I asked the question one more time. I told her that with what she had said before I had a pretty good idea of what it was. She challenged me to guess then. I told her that it was a free pass to have sex with real larger cock or cuckolding me with one. She said no, and while not opposed to the idea that was not it. Boy was I wrong..... Her biggest fantasy what she had been so afraid to tell me was a GANGBANG! A fucking Gangbang. I asked her how many guys she was thinking, her response...oh idk 4 or 5. So I asked if it was an every hole being filled type of situation or them running the train. She responds with a train style. Instantly my cock started to swell( and is now as I write this). The thought of my beautiful, sensual, loving wife that I thought was shy and had started to loose her sense of adventure, especially in the bedroom, being used over and over again until she can't take any more. Orgasming over and over and over as all these cocks pound her dripping wet pussy. Watching her convulse in pure pleasure until she squirts with each thrust would be a treat. I have got to see it in long toy and sex sessions we've had but the thought of being able to sit back and watch and appreciate what I get to call mine as all this happens before I get to finish her off and we both collapse in pleasure has me throbbing....😉 Needless to say I was caught off guard and pleasantly surprised by my beautiful wife yesterday.
  9. Honestly, I would probably be both. I've thought about my wife taking another man for a while now. She was a virgin when we met and I'm the only one she has ever had. So the thought of her taking someone else to experience that, especially if he were bigger than me would get me a little hot. But the thought of her doing it without discussing it with me and my ok would probably piss me off. Hopefully you can talk about it with your wife and work through it. As far as not believing her I guess idk if she would have much of a reason to lie. If she was going to lie about that what was the point in telling you. I would probably take her at her word unless she gives you more reasons not to believe her.
  10. Amazing tits, loving the pics. Keep them coming, please.
  11. Perfection........
  12. Hello, welcome. If you ever want to chat message me.
  13. Hello to you and welcome. Hope you enjoy.
  14. Go ahead, don't be shy. Look in the member pictures section, a lot of guys have posted pictures of all different sizes. Everyone on here are pretty nice that if they don't have something nice to say they won't say anything at all.
  15. Looking for a hollow strap on that has a little size 6-8" but has a soft realistic texture to the outside. We have bought one but I think it's plastic PVC feel is too hard. If anyone knows anything I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.