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  1. Well you did it again Beautiful, watched your video and came away with a raging hard-on. Love the videos 😍.
  2. Nowhere near New Hampshire, but welcome to the community.
  3. She is back wasting no time giving all the guys rock hard cocks. I love it, love the videos and pics Julisa. Keep them coming beautiful.
  4. Yes very much so Julisa. Wonderful to see you back and looking amazing in the new photos.
  5. Just curious if you have reached out to customer service? I had one die on me after a couple uses. Talk to customer service and they sent a new one out right away. Didn't even ask for the broken one back first. It was a great customer service experience.
  6. As a fluffy guy with a average (5.5") penis a position that has worked amazingly well for me and my wife is kind of a modified missionary. Instead of her laying flat on her back with legs on either side of you, have her put her legs on your shoulders and then penetrate her. You can either sit up straight and hold her legs or lean into her as if you were still in standard missionary (how we do it the most). I'm sure there are others but this is what has worked for us. Hope you find one that works for you and good luck.
  7. I know my wife has been curious about it. But she is so self conscious and has such an emotional connection to sex that I don't know if it would ever happen. If it does, I suspect it will be when we are older and the kids have moved out.
  8. It is uncomfortable for my wife if we use it right away too. Like you she is pretty tight, so we usually start slow. I'll use fingers for a little bit, then I'll use her larger dildo (1.75" instead of 2") on her to warm/loosen her up a little first. Then when she is good and wet we use the sleeve and she is able to enjoy it for a little while. But after some good pounding with it she starts to get sore. Sorry to hear that it was uncomfortable for you, I hope you get try it again and have fun.
  9. @Hot married life so has Hammer been home to test this our yet? Dying to know what you both thought.
  10. @Hot married life please fill us in. You can't just leave us hanging in suspense like that.