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  1. hi  Mikayla1 im new here and i was looking for some help.Im looking to buying me and my wife new sex toy called a We vibe for couples and now shore which one to buy wounderin if u can help me out



    1. Mikayla1


      Currently there is only the newest version, the WeVibe 4.  It is all rechargeable and has a remote for extra play.  Any of the WeVibes are awesome, but you have to remember that it is important to insert it correctly or it will do nothing for you!  Good luck!

  2. Scandal Over The Door Cross

    Carry Along Cross I love this item. Love. Absolutely love. Hey, have I said I love this item? I do. I love this item. I have used many over-the-door restraints and sex swings, but never have I seen an over the door, portable, fully adjustable bondage cross! Bondage crosses provide a whole bunch of naughty bondage pleasure, but up until this one arrived I had never seen a portable one. I have seen (and had the pleasure of being restrained on) wooden crosses (sometimes called St. Andrew's crosses) and I loved that experience. They are not really "crosses" as you would imagine in a "t" shape, but instead more like an X. There are wrist and ankle restraint cuffs on the top and bottom of the "x" that causes the restrained person to have their legs spread about shoulder width apart and their arms extended over their head and spread as well. As you can imagine, this really does provide ample opportunities for naughtiness! This travel cross is so easy to use. VERY adjustable. Just take it out of the box and adjust it to the size of your door (I have standard doors in my house, but my boyfriend has larger ones at his - it fits on both - I TRIED!). THere are little plastic stoppers on the tops and bottoms of each arm of the X. You slide the ones for the TOP of the door over the door top, making sure they are stretched across to make the top of the X, then close the door. Then, wiggle the bottom stoppers under the door so that they also create a tight fit. This worked well at my house where there was carpet, but at my boyfriend's with the hardwood floors we had to keep the door open and tape the bottom ones to the back of the door to keep them there while we affixed the top stoppers. If there is the will, there is a way. The set comes with 4 soft cuffs that affix to the tops and bottoms of the cross. The tethers for the cross are adjustable to fit different door sizes, but the wrist and ankle tethers do not adjust, they just affix with a clasp to the cross. So, once you have the cross hung and secure, you can restrain your partner to the cross easily AND securely. I was surprised that the stoppers held as well as they did - I definitely could NOT get out (not that I really wanted to). I am rather short, just over 5 feet tall, and I had no issues reaching the cuffs. The height of the cuff placement IS adjustable, but they are not adjustable as to how far they will move off of the cross. Meaning, you can adjust the 'stretch' point of the cuff placement, but not how the cuff attaches to the tether. This product is plain ole' naughty fun! I love it. LOVE IT. So will you! Come on, you know you want one: http://www.tootimid.com/scandal-over-the-door-cross-7986.html
  3. Orgasmic Jumping Rabbit

    This Ain't No Bunny Foo Foo Gotta love a rabbit vibe, right? The term 'rabbit' is often used to describe a dual action vibrator with amazing clitoral stimulation provided by "bunny ears" that vibrate rapidly. Since the original rabbit vibes there have been tons and tons of variations on the theme. Personally, I think that the patented "rabbit ears" are the best clitoral stimulators as opposed to others like butterfly wings - but I digress. This Orgasmic Jumping Rabbit has some special bells and whistles that sets it apart from other dual actions. Here's what you get with this toy: 1) A Powerful, multi-function dual action that provides internal and external stimulation 2) A single strip of rotating pleasure beads at the head 3) A flexible, yet still firm, shaft with a realistic head 4) Amazingly flirtateous and powerful bunny ear clitoral stimulator 5) 6 speeds AND 7 different functions and combos 6) Waterproof design for bath and bed fun both 7) A THRUSTING head so that you need not move the toy in and out yourself What more do you need? Nothing I tell you. This toy does it all! The soft jelly material makes it comfortable to insert and use and clean. The easy to use controls make playtime a cinch. The powerful vibrations and spinning pleasure beads really do tempt and tease all your parts. The thrusting action is powerful and quite nice - BUT - I found it stuck a bit after my first orgasm (but that is likely me and not the toy - I have a tight box!) If you are looking for a nicely sized, affordable, dual action vibrator with the added benefits of waterproof design and a thrusting head then this is definitely your choice of toy! I found it extremely pleasing to play with and enjoyed many orgasms immediately with the strong clitoral stimulation and the nice sized shaft. Definitely a high quality bunny vibe! Go hopping through the forest and pick one up right now: http://www.tootimid.com/orgasmic-jumping-rabbit-thrusting-vibrator-pink-5796.html
  4. For ALL Your Spreading Needs Have you ever heard of a "spreader bar" before? If YES - then you need to get this one. If NO, then you need to get this one. Period. Now. Go on. Here is a link: http://www.tootimid.com/fifty-shades-leather-spreader-7655.html I am tempted to leave the review there, but I won't. I will explain WHY you need to spend a good chunk of change on THIS spreader bar. Firstly, I love spreader bars and have used (or been spread by) quite a few. Not all spreader bars are made the same, and certain aspects send different ones over the top as far as quality and versatility go. This one is beautifully designed with leather and brass accents on the firm and very solid bar that is also leather wrapped. This bar also boasts 2 separate cuffing possibilities with the solid, brass clasps on both ends AND facing upwards. Depending on how you want to "spread" your prisoner will depend on where you attach the cuffs. The clasps are universal and can be used with pretty much any cuff system that you may already have. PLUS, if you are very much bondage-driven, the multi-clasp format could turn your spreader bar into a hanging bar! Whooop! My boyfriend has never seen nor used a spreader bar - so when I showed him how he could attach my ankles to the bar and thereby "keep me spread" he was oh, so intrigued to try! I have various cuffs (many from the 50 Shades line) and we just experimented with the different ways to use this bar. His favorite was me on my stomach, the bar between my ankles and both my wrists also attached to the bar. Get the picture? One set of cuffs attached to he outside of the bar, the others to the other clasps, behind my back. Helpless and eager to play! This bar is very secure (you won't break it in the "struggle"), it is expertly made with high quality materials. THe clasps are not going to break or bend either (and trust me, many spreader bars are very flimsy). You will stay where put with this bar. So, now you know! If you want to experiment with the idea of a spreader bar, this is an excellent pick. Imagine the possibilities here. You can attach ankles, wrists or both. You can place the bar behind a chair back, suspended from the ceiling, attached to a headboard, or simply use it alone. Mmmmm, the possibilities! Get one NOW: http://www.tootimid.com/fifty-shades-leather-spreader-7655.html
  5. Have Restraints, Will Travel I love any bondage product that is versatile and mobile - because sometimes you want to bring your bondage with you! This is exactly what I did when I saw these new versatile restraints from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection. 2 Fur-lined, satiny soft adjustable wrist (or ankle) cuffs and 2 unique tether straps with door stoppers. What are "door stoppers" you ask? Well, they have this silicone tube on the top and attach to the tether. You drop the tube on the other side of the door, and close it leaving the D-ring side inside the room. This creates a unique hanging bondage loop where you an attach the cuffs or other restraints as you see fit. As long as the door is closed, the tethers stay put. Cool, huh? Not only that but the stoppers can be used in other ways if you get creative with them. They can be put in to a headboard and turned to be secured (depending on the type of headboard you have); they can be taped together for a quick back cuff application, they can be looped up and secured through a bondage grid (if you are lucky enough to have one!) THe options are limitless. I decided to take this over to my lover's house and super surprise him! I dressed up in full Domme gear (black corset, long, black skirt, black boots, bright red lipstick (and I packed my goodies in a bag). I arrived holding a riding crop and my bag of tricks. When he opened the door I think he was about to faint! After some sexy foreplay and kissing I got him naked and pushed him into his bedroom. I told him to "STAY' and I got the stoppers up and over the door. I then made him stand and I secured the soft cuffs to the D-Ring. He has high doors so his hands were quite high above his head! Then, I had a lot of fun while he was totally my prisoner! He was so surprised that the cuffs stayed so secure! Perfect playtime! When finished I inquired if his wrists were at all sore and he said not at all. His arms were a bit sore from being stretched up that high - but it was worth it for the orgasm I gave him while he was my sexy prisoner! I will definitely be packing these on our getaway next month and perhaps I will get to be HIS prisoner! DEFINITELY MUST GET THESE: http://www.tootimid.com/fifty-shades-ultimate-control-handcuff-set-7664.html
  6. It Is SCANDALOUS! If you know anything at all about little, ole' me it is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bondage play of any and ALL kinds. So, when this little device popped into my latest review box I was THRILLED and very anxious to show my boyfriend what fun we could have using it. The concept is quite smart, actually. It is an adjustable collar made of a soft material in a seductive dark red and black lacy print. Down from the collar is a length of tether with loops attached at various heights along the tether and then the bottom is an adjustable "belt" that will keep the restraints in place. The restraints can be put on the front of the body or turned around to the back. Both options have unique possibilities for restraint. This kit comes with two handcuffs (made of the same material and colors) that can be attached to any of the rings (or used alone) as they have an attachable universal clasp. So, how did I use this little system you want to know? I showed my boyfriend how they work (he is new to bondage play - lucky him to have me as a teacher!) and he decided he would like my hands bound behind my back. I got naked (cause that is more fun) and we put the collar on so that the rings were in the back. He placed the cuffs on my wrists and then clasped the cuffs to the rings on the back so that my hands were on the lowest rings (hitting mid back). The neck collar and cuffs are very comfortable and a quick tightening of the belt made these restraints taught and I was effectively bound! We enjoyed various play while my hands were secured behind me (nope, not gonna give you the naughty details) - and the crescendo of play was when he bent me forward to enter me from behind and used the tether line to pull me back into him (while still bound) - SUPER HOT!!! I am anxious to see what other positions we can enjoy with this versatile restraint set! The size is pretty generous, but it is NOT one size fits all. I would say it could be used on a man as well, as the rings and clasps are very secure. Why not give it a go and see how scandalous you can be in your bondage bedroom? Be DOMINANT, buy this now: http://www.tootimid.com/scandal-collar-body-restraint-7990.html
  7. I'm Giving YOU the FINGER! No, not THAT finger - an amazing new toy called the RockBox FInger. Why is it called that? It will ROCK your BOX baby!! Seriously, this is a very unique toy that I will highly recommend right off the bat. I have tried a few "finger" toys before, but this one is bar-none the best one I have ever encountered and here is why: Made of silicone, the "finger" is soft and supple BUT it is also firm and non-pliable so it offers fantastic G-Spot and general internal stimulation. The power in this thing is unmatched. Seriously strong vibrations that can tease you to an O in no time flat. FInally, this toy THRUSTS! Yes, you read that right. It THRUSTS so that you can stimulate that G-Spot easily wihtout having to move the actual toy! Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is but there are a few things that are downsides to this toy - or, rather - hurdles to overcome. First, getting the battery case off this toy was the absolute most frustrating experience I have ever had trying to insert batteries. The instructions say to "press the indentations on the base and remove battery cover." OK, sounded simple. I looked on the base and I saw what looked like a circle right on the break spot between the base and the cover. I pushed there. I pushed again. I PUSHED HARD! I pushed, pulled, twisted - pulled, twisted and pushed - I used pliers, I even bit it. It would NOT open. I put the toy down and walked out of my bedroom frustrated to high holy hell. I decided one more try. I gathered up my She-woman strength and pushed in hard while pulling the base and it finally unlatched and I could wiggle it open! HOLY MOLY! I inserted the 4AAA batteries and closed it back up. PHEW!!! OK girls - it was worth the effort. This toy is marketed as being a power pleasure tool - and it is just that - A POWERFUL TOOL! On the base there is a button that operates the 3 vibration / thrust levels. I pushed it and this toy sprang to life in my hand. It is a LOUD toy. LIKE LOUD. If you want or need discreet - this isn't it. However, if you want a toy that can make you orgasm - this IS it! In my hand the vibrations were so strong that my fingers started to go a bit numb. YEAH BABY! WORD OF CAUTION: The toy does THRUST so be very, very careful what you put in between the finger and the base as it will pinch you a bit if you put your fingers (or labia skin) too close to the break. Nothing that is going to hurt badly, but avoiding being pinched is ideal. When I played with this item I was soooooo impressed with the strength of those vibrations that I didn't use the highest setting right away - which for me, is ODD. I used it externally to pleasure my clit and came quickly and repeatedly. The firmness of this toy is amazing for G-Spot stimulation. It went right to my spot. After some clitoral Os and some pressure on my G-Spot I started to have G-spot orgasms. AMAZING and FAST ones! When I was done playing with this toy I wanted to have a cigarette and I don't smoke. I wanted to cook this toy dinner and spoon with it all night. I love this toy. I. LOVE. THIS. TOY. It is truly that good. Go buy one. Now. Seriously, go buy one. What? Well what are you waiting for? Here is a link. Go. Now. Thank me later. Really. http://www.tootimid.com/rockbox-finger-pleasure-power-tool-7718.html
  8. Gotta Love The Bunny Oh wow do I love me a good rabbit vibrator! Of all the dual actions, the standard "bunny" design seems to satisfy me the most. When a new one gets delivered to my house I am OH SO THRILLED to give it whirl or two....or three! While not every rabbit vibe that has made it to my bedroom has been a hit, this one DEFINITELY is! A hit and a hit....and a HIT! The Ultimate Deep Stroker is a very simple design actually. A pretty purple, soft TPR rubber-like material makes it smooth and soft to the touch and also adds some pliability to the mix (it is not super hard or stiff). The shaft is smooth with only a few ridges near the top - and this is where the thrusting action occurs. The clitoral stimulator is the standard "bunny" form - with nice, long ears that tease and tease and please the clitoris during play. The base is hard plastic and has 2 sets of controls - the left side controls the thrusting of the tip; the right side controls the vibrations. There are 3 levels of each to mix and match as you play. This toy IS waterproof in case bunny needs a bath! Just 3 AA batteries starts the play. When I play with a rabbit vibe I want to be in the moment for sure. When I review a dual action I am mostly looking for how effective the item works as a dual action - meaning, does it give me INTERNAL and CLITORAL stimulation effectively at the same time. If I need to bend or move the toy too much, then it doesn't work for me. This toy was the perfect mixture of internal and external. Even though it lacks the spinning pleasure beads many dual actions have - I did not miss it one bit. The little bunny clitoral stimulator is A -MAZING! It is powerful and the ears fluttered just perfectly on my clit as I played internally. The 8 inch insertable length was perfect for me - and once I added in the thrusting I was pleasantly surprised! Some thrusting toys don't, well, they don't thrust! This one does and did it nicely! I could feel the gentle thrusting inside me and it easily brought me to orgasm! While the thrusting is not too much (maybe an inch or two of actual extra length) this toy would work well even without that feature. The width of the toy combined with the smooth material and those amazing bunny ears make it a super win in my book! So, if you are looking for a fun and effective dual action that will surely tease you in ways you can't even imagine then I highly recommend this one. It has the Mikayla Dual Action Seal of Approval! Buy it HERE: http://www.tootimid.com/ultimate-deep-stroker-rabbit-waterproof-5766.html#
  9. The Lexi Male Stroker

    I know you are wondering, why is a female reviewing a male masturbator! Well, when that female is me and I helped my man to experience masturbator play for the first time I get to write the review! First let me say that I believe every guy should have a masturbator or 3 even if he is in a sexually satisfying relationship! They add variety and some different sensations that can really make things super fun! This masturbator is one of a line from Pink B.O.B. that has different styles to choose from all named after different women. This particular one is "The Lexi." The Lexi is supposed to simulate deep throating, so as an avid deep throater I was interested in seeing if this were true! The Lexi has some great characteristics: a ribbed inside, a stretchy, yet tight grip, and finger grips so you don't lose the toy and can get a proper rhythm going. THe clear color was hot for me because as I played with my man I could see his penis inside it! SO HOT! We dabbed on some lube (lube is very important) and I slid it down on to him. This elicited a "ooooh, tight" from him. CHECK! Then I started to move it up and down and he said, "Holy fuck that feels so good, but different, but good..." As it was his first time I expected him to be overwhelmed. I continued to move the toy up and down on his shaft, using the little finger holes to keep a grip. I asked him if he wanted me to go faster or slower and he just nodded. It was so cute! After a few minutes he mentioned it was feeling too tight. He does have a nice sized penis as to girth. I added some more lube and started up again until he came. He gave this toy 2 thumbs up! His only criticism was that the toy felt too tight at times. We give this a 4 only because of the tightness! Clean up was super easy, and we stored Lexi back in the plastic bag she came in inside the cute box! There will be more reviews on different masturbators to come (or, cum). http://www.tootimid.com/lexis-male-stroker-3326.html
  10. Who Says Double Dipping is BAD? I sure don't! This toy really has a lot going on - and some things are amazing and some things could be better. Lets discuss: This item is designed for Lesbian loving (or, for anally penetrating your male partner, if you prefer). The bright, pretty, girly pink double strap on is designed to give the giver and the receiver different types of pleasure. The wearer inserts the 100% silicone, realistically designed (incuding veins), vibrating dildo inside of herself and adjusts the straps for the strap-on so that her partner can enjoy an inflatable, G-spot stimulating ride! The adjustable straps are pretty easy to negotiate and are one size fits MOST. There are two straps that go around each thigh and an additional strap that goes around the waist. I am not a particularly small woman and this fit me with extra room. Once inserted, the giver can dial up the vibrations on the internal vibrating dildo that has 7 different vibration options. The receiver benefits from the easily inflatable dildo (that does not vibrate) inside of her. It is a win-win option! The inflatable dildo inflates via a squeeze pump that simply pumps up the dildo while inside. Then, if you want to decrease the size, you simply use the release valve at the end of the tube, near the squeeze pump. The internal dildo is firm and pretty solid. The external one is not quite as solid, but definitely not flimsy. My partner and I had a few issues with this, first being we wanted HER (the receiver's) dildo to vibrate too! While it is nice to have a G-Spot tip and an adjustable size, it would have been nicer if that dildo also vibrated. Also, there is a lot going on with the cord for the vibrator and the tube for the inflatable dildo. They sort of "hang out" if you are not using them. I did finally decide to just tuck in the controller for the vibrator during sex so that I could concentrate on inflating her dildo. That was another small issue. It does inflate, but it didn't seem to want to stay inflated. We spend some time trying to figure it out, then just gave up. My partner said she did love the length and girth of the dildo anyway and enjoyed the curved tip. I very much enjoyed the vibrations while I pleasured her - and that was a giant bonus. The toy stayed in well and I felt I got a "realistic" range of motion while using this item. My partner enjoyed it too and we both orgasmed a few times. When we were done playing, she tried to pump up the internal dildo and it did pump up nicely for her (not while inside) so perhaps there was too much external pressure for me to pump it up effectively. All in all this is a great option if you enjoy strap on play and want to be pleasured yourself while you do so. The straps are easy to use and expansive, the vibration options are very nice, the size of both attachments are pleasing and the option to inflate the other dildo is very unique. Definitely a quality item for strap on play! http://www.tootimid.com/double-dipper-inflatable-vibrating-strap-on-6900.html
  11. Take A Seat Ah, the Sex Swing! I have always wanted a sex swing, but knew that living in an apartment was not conducive to putting stabilizing hooks into the ceiling! Now, you can have all the fun and variety of a sex swing without any permanent fixtures! This fantasy DOOR Swing allows you to put up - and take down - the swing whenever you want! Although, it is not really a swing - more like a swing - the idea and the situation, as it were, are the same. How this swing works is there are heavy duty metal, tubes attached to the swing that slide over the top of any door jamb, then you close and lock the door and the tube that is OUTSIDE the door prevents the swing from slipping down or off the door. Pretty simple! Then you simply adjust the foot rests, thigh loops and hold on to the support handles in any way that makes you feel supported. The seat itself is a nice, padded area that is comfortable and when you sit in it it makes you feel like you are floating (once you get used to the idea of sitting off the ground, of course!) Now, I am not a teeny, 100 pound woman. I am a pleasantly plump gal and this swing said it holds up to 300 pounds. While I am not close to that, it did make me feel better that I would be supported. I am, however, short at under 5'3" so I needed some, um, help getting up into the swing. It was not a graceful and sexy move in any way, shape or form, but once I was up there, donning only a corset and NO panties, spread eagled I was feeling super sexy and my partner - well, he was SO excited! This swing puts it all right out there for your partner to see, touch, taste...at a really nice level. Plus, because your legs are in a sling type thing, you can open or close or move them with ease and activity. The handles were my friend, as I felt a little unsteady at first, but once my lover started actual sex, I got over that and let loose - of the straps and my orgasm! I am not a huge fan of the sex swing! What's even better, I can take this with me on romantic weekend getaways, store it under my bed so my kids don't see it! It is an affordable way to have the sex swing experience! A definite must have for any experimental couple looking to change things up! So, take a seat and explore all the pleasures this fantasy swing can bring! http://www.tootimid.com/fetish-fantasy-deluxe-door-swing.html
  12. Gapers Inflatable Butt Plug

    PUMP UP The PLEASURE I have to confess, the word "gapers" always makes me a little squirmish. The connotation is one that I don't like much. However, this toy I DO like - quite a bit! The concept is simple: a butt plug that you can insert at a smaller size, and then pump up to a larger size while inside. It is great for prepping for anal play or for just stimulating yourself internally. The plug itself is tapered nicely, slightly larger at the tip than the middle. The shaft is mildly ribbed for extra pleasure and the base is wide for safe play. There is a clear tube that connects from the plug to the pump-valve (think blood pressure cuff) and there is a safety valve for quick and easy release of volume. So, the question is: does this toy WORK? Yes, but it takes some strength! I played with this item with a partner, and I am glad that I did. We wanted to engage in a little anal adventure and I thought it would be the perfect time to try out this item. Get myself prepped for his rather large appendage! This is a latex toy so I opted for water based lube. After generously lubing both me and the toy, he began to insert. The smoothness and firmness made insertion fairly easy and the tapered tip and smaller shaft made it super comfortable. While my lover went to wash off his hands (a bit too lubey) I tried to pump it up. I squished the pump-valve. Nothing happened. I squeezed and squeezed and felt air resistance, but still it did not pump up. I checked the valve to make sure it was closed off - it was. When my lover came back I asked if he could pump it. He took it in his hands and gave it a few rapid squeezes and I felt the toy expand! He kept pumping until it felt amazing inside. I like how large it got inside (not freakishly large) and it felt really nice. He gave me a few orgasms via his fingers and tongue and then we removed the toy easily by releasing the air via the valve. The toy decompressed and removed easily - and made our ensuing anal fun super easy! I am unsure why I could not pump up this toy myself, but my partner did achieve it. It was a unique experience, did what it was supposed to do, was comfortable and stimulating. I highly suggest this for anyone interested in anal stimulation by itself or in preparation for a night of anal fun! http://www.tootimid.com/gapers-inflatable-butt-plug-7511.html
  13. Tako Personal Massager

    SO COOL - Or Should I Say WARM? I am already a fan of the Nobu line of elegant and upscale vibrators but this one really takes the cake, or, er, the pie! I was intrigued by one function in particular: a body heat sensor. Yup, this toy senses your body heat while the toy is INSIDE you and increases the vibrations based on this measurement. How AWESOME is that? That means, as you heat up - the toy gets more....aggressive. Just what you want and need when you are trying to have an awesome orgasm! There are other quite nice features with this toy as well. It is made of 100% silicone (no silicone lubes, please), has 3 independent motors (2 in the shaft, and one in the clitoral stimulator), has a textured, raised band on the shaft for extra stimulation during insertion, the clitoral stimulator sort of looks like a thumb and has powerful vibrations, this item is rechargeable (and comes with a USB charger and a wall adapter), has easy to use button technology on the handle, and has 10 levels of vibration. Holy moly those are a lot of options! I couldn't wait to get this toy into my bed! The heat sensor REALLY intrigued me. I have never heard of or seen a toy that would sense body heat and react accordingly! I had charged my toy via the wall adapter the night before and as soon as the kiddos went off to school I was ready to play! This toy is surprisingly light and has a very soft feel to it. The size of the shaft is nice and a little larger on the end. The buttons are easily reachable during play. I dabbed on some lube and began insertion. I love the way this toy feels inside. It is large enough to give a stretch, but still comfortable. I pushed the on/off button and the toy sprang to life. The vibrations are very strong and the clitoral stimulator felt AMAZING. I pushed the toy in and out of myself, experimenting with the vibration levels. I really liked pushing the toy inside of myself and holding the clitoral stimulator right where I wanted it. While I was doing that I noticed an increase in vibrations! The heat sensor WAS WORKING! I had almost forgotten about it. I continued to play and after my first orgasm the toy amped itself up MORE. This is really a neat idea. The hotter I got the hotter the toy made me! Totally cool! This is a high quality, well designed, functional, elegant item! The price point is higher than some, but the toy SENSES YOUR HEAT! I think that is worth some extra dollars, don't you? I would recommend this toy to any player, especially those of us who have been residing on Toy Play Lane for some time as this is a new and unique idea! Totally worth it! http://www.tootimid.com/tako-personal-massager-7172.html
  14. Triple the Fun Seems like lately I have had a lot of items that have triple stimulation options (internal vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation). While I am a huge fan of triple stim, it is really hard to find a toy that makes this easy to achieve on your own. This toy falls into the realm of harder to use solo, but it still gave me quite the thrill once I got it inserted everywhere I wanted it to go. First, some specs: 100% pink silicone so it is soft and sensual to the touch (NO silicone lube, please), triple stimulators, the shaft is smooth but has some slight "bumps" and a slight G-Spot curve, the anal stimulator is slim, curved and also has a few smaller bumps. The clitoral stimulator is rabbit-esque, with bunny ears. The controls are on the base (and look different from the picture shown) - on/of button, shaft rotation button (it can change directions), and up and down buttons for speed and strength, and a "7" button to work through the 7 vibration pattern options. Takes 3AAA batteries and says it is "splash proof" but I didn't see waterproof so I would not assume that it is. When I was ready to play I experimented with the buttons to get acquainted to how my new friend would work. I noticed that the anal probe did vibrate (not too strongly), the shaft had strong vibrations and the clitoral stimulator seemed quite powerful. I lubed up the anal probe and inserted the shaft into myself then tried to guide the anal probe in. It didn't seem to want to line up correctly. I found myself twisting and turning trying to get all parts inserted. It took a while, but I did finally get it done. The shaft itself felt pretty darn good. NIce size, good texture and the vibrations feel really nice inside. The anal stimulator is slim feels nice inside. It doesn't go up TOO much, but enough to really give some stimulation. While it may be hard to insert, the curve of the probe itself is very satisfying once inside. The clitoral stimulator is amazing. Truly fantastic. Once I started working through the vibrations I had orgasms fairly easily (all that stimulation) but found the anal probe to be irritating a bit. So, I took out the toy, cleaned it up REALLY well, and had some more orgasms without the insertion of the anal probe. That actually worked very nicely, as my as got a little tickle without the insertion. All in all this is a quality triple stimulation toy with a lot of power and some nice options. The anal probe fell a bit short for me, but that does not mean that someone else wouldn't find it great - PLUS - you can use this toy without actually inserting it, which worked better for me. If you are looking for a silicone triple action toy - this one is a safe and stimulating bet. http://www.tootimid.com/triple-stim-silicone-rabbit-7469.html#
  15. Blue Cock Cage

    So, is this meant for use during sex? If so, could you have achieved that?