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  1. She is important because I have never met someone who has a comparable kink factor and I am actually attracted to her. If I let her run the show then we will be fine. If I brought someone to her she might be suspicious. I want to please her, but don't want to risk losing her. She did develop a position that she wanted to bed the woman I was briefly dating after she broke up with me. It is what brought us back together, but she never got to meet her. Her crazy desire is hard to predict. But we are together now. I kind of like her craziness. It adds the unknown to what we share.
  2. Hi there, lots of sexy people here and they all own toys! I got game and kink. I am interested in meeting like minded folks who want new experiences, or more experiences. I will fill in the blanks about myself and my situation as I get around here and respond to what others are asking. Keep the lines open and happy reading.
  3. If buzy bee wanted to bend me over, I'd be her male lesbian and eat her out good, both holes, Big O her G spot, drink her squirt and let her fill me with whatever she had in mind. Something that is over a foot long and starts at less than 2 inches and fattens to 3 inches or more towards the base. Or maybe a fist and forearm. Oh, and of course she can fill my mouth and throat if she asks nicely.
  4. My new girl proclaimed that she wanted to have a cock and bend me over. I let her, after showing her how to create her own harness by cutting a hole in her sexy pleather pants. She loved it and it gave her an outlet she had not had before. For me also.
  5. Hi there. I'm new to this site, live in Central Florida and would like to get to know some folks. I'm a suburbanite, living in a semi-rural town. I like women, but now divorced and have a very kinky girlfriend who likes to peg, and be had in every hole. She and I have ventured into areas that were on my mind but never available during married life. She wants to bring another female into our bed and possibly another man. I have always had a fantasy about deep throating, but I'm not particularly attracted to guys. Deep throating a dildo is kind of a waste of time since no one gets to feel the best part. We meet at a hotel and have sex, go out or go to places like Disney. Or Zoos, or live theater. I've got enough money to finance these excursions, and she brings the enthusiasm to match my own. But she claims that I am kinkier than her and there are things I like that she does not. Sometimes I have to dare her to actually do some of the things that she talks about doing. Like this threesome thing. I am willing to try, but not sure how to proceed. We are both a youthful 60, and if anyone has any suggestions or interest, I'm willing to follow up with pictures. I have a dick pic but I have never sent it to anyone but her. How 'bout it. Anybody interested? Or can advise?
  6. I must admit that I am not a big fan of tittyfucking. As a guy, I don't seem to get much from it, so unless SHE is enjoying it, I just don't have much use for it. My ex had ample breasts and was fine with it in theory. In practice, she said it hurt to squeeze them together like that. But we found plenty of other things that seem to work just fine.
  7. Mine have changed on the outside, but not so much on the inside. I simply have gotten more opportunities to have different kinds of sex as life opportunities have made them available. I taper my activities to the limits of my partners, and different partners have been willing to try different things over the years. I still like them all. And there are a few I have not tried yet, but will when/if I get the chance.
  8. When the two of you talk, invite her to tell you things she has always been interested in, travel, pets, clothing choices, anything. Over time, develop an inventory of her interests and try to include them or merge them with your own. Then plan an escapade, an adventure, a day out, a road trip with surprises that you know she will like. Don't tell her where you are going, make up a cover story if you have to. Then just take her there. Surprise. Planned Spontaneity. A king sized bed at a nice hotel with room service to follow.
  9. I shave my equipment prior to any expected experience. She says she likes the smoothness of my ballsac, and those few hairs on my cock tend to rub her raw, she is so tight, never had children. But I keep a patch of hair up above. I'd cut it off if she expressed interest in that.
  10. Hi Kristy, I read your lengthy post. I think you are very attractive as a female and I am very curious. I've been married most of my life, recently divorced (5 years) and know I have certain feelings and fantasies about trans, or crossdressing, or whatever I am thinking of, I don't really have the right words. Let's just say that I have a secret desire to have an ongoing relationship with a pretty lady who just happens to have a cock, is more feminine than I, and who wants to be loved for who they are, and have a kinky sex relationship in private. Perhaps meeting in a nice hotel, having drinks and conversation, and followed by a trip upstairs to explore each other's sexuality. I was married to my ex for many years before I invited her to slip a dildo into me on occasion. She has been my ex for a while, but my desire for having a cock in my mouth and a relationship where I learn to love a different kind of person has been with me since. I live in Central Florida, and am willing to drive to meet, date, and go as far as can be gone over the months or years. I'm almost 60 now, and keep a sugar woman I have known for a while. But I really want something different, something that has lived in my brain for many decades. Hit me back with your thoughts. Jimbo
  11. Barge in to his masterbation sessions and either duplicate the screen, or just masterbation right beside him. Then proclaim it good and share what can be shared. Then bug his computer to let you know whenever he is on a porn site. Everything you describe is so normal it just stinks. Meaning, it stinks for you. But salvage is part of the game for a loving but near sexless relationship. I'm kind of jealous 'cause my wife lost interest in sex AND me and found an old guy who didn't want it either. A real bummer for me and the kids.
  12. Sorry dude, "these are the times that try men's souls". You can either break up with her or be supportive, but until SHE gives the signal, your only play is to be understanding. Perhaps a picnic or a sailboat or something you know she really likes would help her to know that you care about more than her sexy. Of course, there is always getting some secret snatch on the side. But time has to work here. Let it work for you, not against you.
  13. It's tricky to change a dynamic that has been that way for that long. The conversation where you get to say how much you like it and how much you long for it from him is overdue. Begin with this mantra over a few weeks and if he doesn't respond, then you know things are not right. If you have to go tit for tat and threaten to hold out, do it in a playful silly kidding way while you wrestle his head to your crotch. Or in a sexy way where you are on your knees, masturbating in front of him, I mean RIGHT in front of him while he is waking up or something. If he does not respond to that then let him know that if he doesn't want it, there are plenty who do. Then after you mounted his head and he pushes you away, call your lawyer.
  14. I don't think so. I prefer to be dominated sometimes and want to be the dominator sometimes, and sometimes we just do the mutual 50/50 thing, no one in charge. But this would not happen unless she WANTS to be the dominator. Luckily, she does. My ex-wife did not (want to do much of anything after 28 years).