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  1. This newsletter is something new that we’re trying out. It will go to board members only. It is our hope that it will help keep people interested in the boards – we love it when people keep the boards going! Even if we don’t get a chance to respond to all of the posts that we would like to – we are always reading, reading, reading! If you see something or have an idea about something that you feel should go into this newsletter, please post a comment here - emails may not get answered right away, but we'll be checking this forum topic often! In this newsletter, we hope to be able to have board updates (with topics that we wouldn’t want anyone to miss) as well as any hot reviews or controversial posts that may have come up over the week. Also, we will offer tips and tricks on how to use the forums effectively! I guess you could call it the “gossip newsletter” of Too Timid! I mean, who doesn’t like gossip, right?! HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE: if you do not wish to continue to receive these notifications (but still want to be a member of the forums) log into your message board account and go to “My Controls”. On the left hand side of the screen under “Options” click on “E-Mail Settings.” Uncheck "Send me any updates sent by the board administrator." -Meg
  2. Strap Ons

    The Leather Couture Harness is a high quality, adjustable leather harness that can accommodate various sized dildos. The Vibrating Velvet Harness is cute, made out of a softer material, and is machine washable (a big plus.) It's also adjustable and can accommodate various sized dildos. Good luck and happy shopping! Meg
  3. Erotic Artists 1

    These photos are wonderful! The last two, for me, are the greatest. Aside from being wickedly colorful, they have a real androgynous feel to them. Thank you for posting!
  4. It seems very time consuming, but the results are amazing! The Blue/Green is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Harder To Cum

    Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing. I have a friend who had her hood pierced (for about year,) when she removed it there was some scar tissue which caused desensitization - it is nearly impossible for her to have a clitoral orgasm now. Everyone is different; but if you noticed the change shortly after your piercing, then I'd say that might have something to do with it. It's also possible that the piercing hasn't fully healed yet. Generally speaking, though - a hood piercing shouldn't effect your ability to have an orgasm, it's more likely that it would INcrease it. But, that's the risk you take, right?! Have you tried clitoral enhancement creams - such as Viva Cream (cooling) or KamaSutra Warming Gel (warming)? One (or both) of these may help. Of course, as Sun mentioned, it could be more mental, than physical. -Meg
  6. All Members, Please Read

    Just so we know, how is a person notified if they have been banned from the board? Is a warning given? How is this done? We don't ban people without reason; generally the person(s) being banned will know why they were banned. We may give a warning, we may not. It really depends on the situation. Banning someone isn't something we want/like to do and it is not taken lightly! If a person does get banned from the site, an email may or may not be sent to let them know, but really - if someone has been banned then they probably knew that it was coming and they know why. It is up to the discretion of the administrator doing the banning as to the notification.
  7. All Members, Please Read

    Thank you for this post Tyger. I find it so upsetting that this needs to be said once again. To everyone: Please try to keep in mind that what you feel is offensive, rude, hurtful, whatever, etc. may not be taken that way to another person. Some people are more sensitive than others. As someone else has mentioned before; the tone of a post is extremely hard to read and everyone interprets words differently. As administrators and moderators, we have to objectively look at situations, and posts to determine what we feel is the appropriate course of action if the post is rude, hurtful or out of line. Some of you may not agree with it, and some of you may even feel that the "punishment" was not enough, or just "a slap on the wrist" but that's just the way it is. If someone; as shortstuff02 has stated, is private messaging you and being rude you have three options: you can ignore them, you can flag the post, and/or you can message a moderator or administrator with the problem. My suggestion is to simply ignore the person and the things they are saying if you don't like it (that's what I would do.) When you message the administrator or moderator with problems I encourage you to forward the message and/or post as an example; especially if someone is private messaging you so that we can actually READ what that person is saying to you personally. Keep in mind that if you report someone, that doesn't mean that we're going to automatically delete them, or kick them off the board. -Meg
  8. Prostitute Free Zones

    I guess everyone has to making a living...
  9. Safe Words

    OH! My new 'safe word' is definitely going to be Billy Ray Cyrus! Awesome. I think it would be interesting to learn what people use as their 'safe word' in personal/sexual relationships. Good Topic, I think! Meg
  10. You Take Requests?

    Email me the names (and SKU's if you have them) and I'll check into them!
  11. Toys

  12. My Baby Dragon!

    WOW! What will you do with her or him when she or he is fully grown!? Do they make cages (?) big enough?! I like my apartment way too cold to own a reptile. Maybe I should get a penguin, that would be a much better fit.
  13. "i'm At My Most Happiest When...."

    aw. Cute post! I feel Most Happiest when... I'm cooking (and not almost chopping my fingers off.) I'm riding in a car (I'll go anywhere!)
  14. My Horse Is Very Naughty

    Maybe the grass was greener on the other side. ;) Horses scare me slightly - just because of their size. I've never had any bad experiences with them. In fact, I've even been riding a few times (my butt can't handle it!) Glad you got him back! Meg
  15. Animal Dumping!

    < You mean this puppy dog? If I had the room, I'd take more animals. I adopted (well, THEY adopted ME, I guess) two cats about two years ago... their original owners divorced and just left them in the basement (with no food, water or heat.) The new owners of the house found them when they moved in and took them to the shelter. I encourage everyone to adopt! Someday, I'll take in a few more. Meg