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  1. That’s a new one for me. But very interesting. Since they come in several sizes maybe start with a smaller one? Available on Amazon but what isn’t. Might make a great Christmas gift! Keep you posted on that.
  2. She is one beautiful woman and what a lucky man you are. I love asses and hers is to die for. Definitely a 10+++.
  3. A veteran photographer once noted, “ I wanted to shot her best side but she was sitting on it.” Seems to be appropriate here. Great shot and that’s one gorgeous woman.
  4. Yeah, tried to be clever… adDICKed!
  5. Wow! What a surprise for you. Bet that felt awesome. You may become addicked!
  6. As long as we’re strolling down memory lane. What a beautiful Irish lass.
  7. Julisa is my all time favorite. Wish she would visit again.
  8. I think you’re right about other senses being enhanced. Anonymous sex? Never have experienced that but it definitely has its perks. Could you do it if you knew who was on the other side and they didn’t? Interesting.
  9. Thanks for sharing your response. Yes, I think it would be quite the fantasy if both sides put the work in. It seems like both are aroused so why not?
  10. How about this talented lady? Deep throat your cock and at the same time lick your balls. Wow!!!
  11. Supporting it with her hand might not be so bad as she gets to control the movement in her pussy. Or she could try this. Or have fun by herself.
  12. This is a learned skill but can be so wonderful when it happens for both. Take a look at some especially talented women.
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