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  1. Wifes New Photo

    After another great night at a club she had plenty of young cock. Her pussy was so wet! Every girl needs a couple of big hard dicks once in a while. She loves to wear a shirt skirt and no panties. Gets them every time! The guys love her hot wet pussy! She gets plenty of second requests. If they made her come several times and were nice to her we call them back.
  2. Wifes New Photo

    A new outfit
  3. Wifes New Photo

    Went out to s local club. The dance floor was on the second floor. The floor was glass! I'm sure a few guys and girls got a nice view.
  4. I love my hot wife. I am ok with her in short skirts,thong and tight shirts. I know she likes to look good and I like that she turns guys(and girls) heads. Love corsettes and thigh highs and long high heels. She understands guys are visual stimulated and I understand girls are mentally stimulated. She can flirt and if a guy talks nice at first that's good. She loves to feel a guys hard cock so she knows a guy likes her looks.
  5. Renewed Topic: Favorite Adult Film

    Nina was and still is hot. She dresses hot and does it all. And it looks like she is into it.
  6. Wifes New Photo

    Better picture
  7. Wifes New Photo

    A new night out picture. She got her pussy filled up with cum! She took two loads in her hot pussy and she swallowed mine. Such a good girl!
  8. Sausage Saturday

    I've posted my wife so she said it's my turn.
  9. Wifes New Photo

    Her rabbit. The big boy one is next after she gets good and wet!
  10. Wifes New Photo

    One from this past weekend
  11. Hot Pussy! - Ttpw

    Ok. I took our other one off the site. Here is mine!
  12. Full Frontal Friday

    This is the best I can do. Every time I get hard she jumps on it.
  13. Wifes New Photo

    Hello Monday!
  14. Wifes New Photo

    A couple shots from last weekend
  15. Wifes New Photo

    She might wear this to the club this weekend. Think it will work to pick up a couple. Or two more guys if no girls want to play. Guys always want to play!