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  1. Adult DVD Genre?

    Porn with a plot and bondage are my favorites :-)
  2. umm..hi

    Welcome to the forums and have fun
  3. Mid-life

  4. Hello everyone!

  5. Safe Sex Myths?

    *barf* lol
  6. Removed

    My three year old will be a witch and I will be a cat lol Again. It is the same thing we did last year
  7. Vacation

    I stayed at home lol
  8. LTCRedmanJ is happy to be here.

    Hi and welcome
  9. Exploring

    *hugs* I am sorry Cyn. I wish I had more advice to give you about what is going on in your life.
  10. Being The Strong One

    *hugs* I am sorry that happened hon
  11. Safe Sex Myths?

    That if a girl pees and douches right after sex she can't get pregnant or an STD, my first husband actually believed this.
  12. I am back

    Welcome back!
  13. First time chatter

    Welcome TooTallDenver! My best advice is talk to your wife and tell her what you are wanting, make sure she is listening not just hearing you. Maybe have her read some articles about spicing it up. Also, don't take this in any wrong way as that I don't know what you do or don't do in your home, remember that some women feel overwhelmed by being wife/mother/housekeeper/worker and that can lead them to not want to do anything in the bedroom. Also maybe get her on the forums too. Hope that helps. Kris
  14. Sex Education In Schools

    My mother was always very honest with me as a kid, about everything. I feel that it is very important to be open with our children. I still remember when I was 8 and asked my mom why Uncle Mark didn't have a wife. She explained that he was gay, and then explained what gay was. I remember that I was more upset by the fact that he wouldn't have a wife to inherit stuff from Memaw when she died (the week before she explained what a will was and why Memaw was telling us where her will was) than I was by the fact that he was wired to be in love with men. I actually had a breakthrough with my 13 year old, she called to ask me a sex related question and told me that she couldn't ask her Nanna or Dad, but that she felt like I would tell her the truth.
  15. House repairs and the cost

    Cyn, I know what you mean. When we first noticed the bathroom needed work it was just a little thing and we fixed it. But in fixing that problem we realized that our bathtub wobbles, like actually rocks back and forth... So that and getting the house leveled and getting new subflooring in my room are the next big things, in that order. lol But I watch how my mom doesn't have to stress to make rent or mortgage payments, then I watch how stressed my dad and step mom are to make their rent I know that I would rather own when I finally get out on my own again.