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  1. He Doesn't Like Receiving Oral?!

    Assuming theres no psychological reasons (past bad experiences, moral hangups, etc), he may just feel like it doesnt do it for him. That might be bad to hear, but it could be true. Ive told my girlfriend when its good and when its not. Theres a huge difference between the experience being pleasurable and not. The older I get the more I find that oral has to be great in order to enjoy it. With intercourse, its very rare that its bad. Its not the same, for me anyway, with oral. Look for any feedback you can get about it, dont be afraid to get specifics. There are certain things that do it and things that dont do it when it comes to oral. For example, I find it to be a huge turn off when she has a hand that is not doing anything. That may sound ultra-weird, but when receiving oral there are many different things that can be touched/licked etc and when I feel like theres a missed opportunity I get turned off. Thats just me and very specific, but its something Ive told my girlfriend and we moved forward from there. Shes also given me very specific feedback as well.
  2. Trying to find them for my girlfriend, Ive looked high and low and cant for the life of me figure out what these are called. My best guess was a garter, but when I look for those they are way too short. Apparently I'm retarded when it comes to womans clothes.Ideas??
  3. Just wondering how long you guys masturbate for. I used to only go for about 10 minutes but have recently had sessions go for as long as 3 hours. Most of the time, Im kind of in a rush or have things to do so its pretty quick. Probably once or twice a week though Ill go for at least a few hours. How bout everyone else?
  4. my GF used to make me feel bad every once in a while, nothing that i ever took too seriously. that lasted up until a few months ago when i caught her masturbating on the couch while i was in the shower. apparently she didnt hear the water shut off like she usually does. her only argument now is that she can masturbate to a Cosmo mag and i have videos that i watch. eh..
  5. Anal Play For Guys

    ive always enjoyed my girlfriend touching my ass and the occasional, well maybe frequent, licking. i bought her an a glass butt plug about a month ago... which she loved. a couple weeks ago while i was alone i grabbed the plug and some lube to see if i liked it. i was so incredibly surprised that i got it inserted all the way. the pleasure was so intense i spent about 5 minutes laying there with it inserted, not touching my cock because i knew id cum at the slightest touch. that was probably the shortest masturbation session ive had in quite a while. as soon as i grabbed my cock i came so incredibly hard i thought i was going to cry. ive grown to like the plug more than her finger even though its much longer and thicker. i think her finger nails are causing too much pain, plus i can control the plug myself. might go use it right now.
  6. Diffculty Imagining How It Works

    i thoroughly enjoy the anal sex with my girlfriend because i can penetrate much deeper. i am about 8" and have no problem fully penetrating when she is aroused. the bends have never been an issue.
  7. At College

    I was just reading a thread on college sex and remembered an experience I had while in colllege. Never thought Id be writing about it but I thought Id share it. It was my freshmen year in college, I was rooming with my best friend from high school and we were both dating girls that were best friends. We had many good times going on double dates, none involving any sort of sex, but as we were all good friends things were generally good. My roommate and I had always joked about all four of us having a group session but it never happened. This particular weekend we invited them both to visit us in the dorms. We rarely saw our girlfriends, so it never took long for all of us to start getting really horny. We were all having drinks, partying with others on our floor. As the night went on, we drank more and more, and got more and more hot. As other students started retiring to their rooms, the four of us went back to our room. Conversation soon turned into touching.... feeling. Music got louder and no one seemed to care that we were in the same room. Soon I was going down on my girlfriend and watching my best friend being serviced by his girlfriend. I know I had always secretly wanted to see his girlfriend naked, and now I was getting more than I had ever wished. Her tits were just as I had imagined, a handful of perky... with small and hard nipples. I watched as she continued sucking his cock, while I ate out my girlfriend. I knew I loved fucking my own girlfriend, but on this night, I wanted his girlfriend. I tried to slowly initiate a crossover, first by caressing her ass. She liked it, he didnt object. I reached between her beautiful ass cheeks and began to finger her gently. She loved it. I was out of my skin. I was now tasting my own girlfriend, fingering my best friends girlfriend and everyone was having fun. To this day I dont know if Ive ever been more excited. Just as I thought everyone was cool with what was going on, the mood changed. Both girls wanted their men to themselves. I was so horny and so happy that this much had gone on, I wasnt at all upset. Luckily, friends of ours were out of town that night and their room was empty. We had keys in case of an emergency and this was exactly that. My girlfriend and I quickly dressed and headed to the vacant room. We went straight for the bed, not turning any lights on. Our clothes were on the floor before the door shut. She didnt want any more foreplay and immediately went to her hands and knees on the bed, presenting her just barely out of high school pussy to me. I buried my face in it to ensure she was plenty wet, but quickly realized it was unnecessary. I started fucking her like I knew it was the last time I would ever feel that warm, moist flesh. We fucked for a good 20 minutes, switching positions numerous times. As we returned back to doggystyle, I noticed movement in the other bed. One of our friends rose up from beneath the sheets and revealed himself. No one said a word. I was not at all embarrassed by what we were doing and neither was my girlfriend. He sat on the edge of the bed, attentively watching the two of us, stroking his own cock. To my surprise, my girlfriend signaled him to come over. He sat on the bed and she began blowing him. I was so incredibly aroused by all that had happened that night that I didnt object at all. I continued fucking her from behind and watching her head go up and down on his cock. Ill never forget the look on his face, he had definetly never been given head like this. He barely lasted five minutes before cumming in her mouth. Without a word, he went back to bed and she turned over, his cum dripping from the side of her mouth. She had always been a good girl, hardly ever doing anything more than plain missionary. Now I find myself pounding her while she is wiping a mouthful of my friends cum from her face. Before she could return it all to her mouth, I pulled out, moved up to her head and came on her lips. The orgasm lasted an eternity. I didnt know I could release for this long. When I was done, she sucked the last bits of cum from me. We fell asleep right there. First thing in the morning we left and headed back to my dorm room. We didnt say a word. When we got back we asked my roommate and his girlfriend how their night went and they said good. We hung out for a while, watching tv and chit chatting. About mid-day, our friend from the night before dropped in to say hi. This was fairly ordinary, except when considering what had happened that night. He sat down, and said he had a weird dream last night. He vaguely recalled what happened but didnt seem to think it was real. Either he was being truthful or was scared that something would happen if he brought it up on the real. We just replied that his dream was, in fact, really weird and continued watching tv. **THE END*** *side-note I am no longer with that girl and have been in a relationship with my current girlfriend for almost 4 years. I have no hard feeling towards that girl for what happened that night, it was an incredible experience. Despite that, our relationship did take a turn for the worse a few months after that. I attribute it to both of our immaturities. I havent talked to her since we broke up, well over 5 years ago. Would I do it again? Definetly... Other things contributed to our break up. If it was just this that caused it then definetly not.