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  1. Public Sex Contest

    Hmm, I guess the craziest would be in the car...while going 65 mph on the highway. Ok, so it wasn't full sex, but I was driving, and hubby was rubbing my clit and making me orgasm while driving. There were cars going by, and all I can say is I wish I had cruise control working on that car. It was amazing but soooo dangerous. We were on the way home, and hubby had a couple drinks and thought I should drive to be safe (ha, right?). Well, on the 30-minute drive, he was getting pretty excited and couldn't wait until we got home. He can talk me into almost anything, and he's very...persuasive. On the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen to get ice cream. I pulled my shirt over my unbuttoned pants, and we acted like nothing was going on. As soon as we got home, we were all over each other. It was the scariest and most exciting foreplay I've ever had. I would definitely NOT recommend it, and it was so dangerous I don't even want to think about it. As for the whole enchilada, that would be while floating the river. We were with a group of people including my in-laws and their friends in a couple canoes, and hubby and I were on tubes behind them. Well, they quickly got very far ahead of us, and with the twists in the river, they couldn't see us. It was a nice day, and hubby kept saying how sexy I looked. He had us stop under this tree that gave a nice shady spot but didn't cover us from view at all. There were no people ahead or behind us close enough as far as we could tell, so he talked me into having sex right there. I was bent over the tube to keep us out of the water, and it was so exciting that we both went pretty quickly. We had to stay quiet knowing how water carries sound, which is kind of exciting for me because I'm a bit of a screamer. Anyway, as we were pulling our clothes back into place (really hard to do when sopping wet), we heard another group coming behind us! We barely got our clothes back on and back on the tubes. I don't know if they saw anything, but it was a super close call!
  2. Summer Sex Wish List

    Hmm, well, this isn't specifically a summer thing, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I've always been intrigued with role play, dressing up and acting out a fantasy as someone else. Maybe a cliché he-man Tarzan to my Jane or maybe a sexy vampire seduction role. I've recently learned that hubby likes a little biting too, nothing really rough, but just enough to get the blood boiling. He's done it to me before, and I go nuts, but for whatever reason, I'd never tried biting him until a couple weeks ago. Vampires have always just done it for me, and I just finished reading the Anita Blake series (just waiting for Hit List on my waiting list to finish the latest book!). So, I am so revved up for that kind of thing. Mmmmm....
  3. Summer Sex Contest

    The best summer sex is on this little hill just down from the house we rent that looks over the lake when it's been hot and sticky all day and now it's dusk with the sun setting and turning everything golden red and a breeze cooling our bodies and the twilight just giving us enough light to see the passion in each other's face while hiding us in the woods from any passing boaters. It makes me feel like we're newlyweds again, exploring and being explored, while holding all the passionate experience 5 years of marriage will give.
  4. Blood

    In this modern world where girls actually get to run around and do more physical activity, the hymen is, at least partially, torn/damaged long before anything is ever inserted. That doesn't mean that it won't be uncomfortable, painful, or make you bleed the first few times anyway. There is a certain amount of stretching that needs to be done, and in the heat of the moment, we don't realize what's going on until we're done and notice the blood or the twinge of discomfort. I've been married for 4-1/2 years and have played with toys for long before that, and I still get some slight pinkish tinge when I had a particularly vigorous playtime, whether with toys or hubby. So, don't be too surprised if it happens again! If it keeps happening or starts getting uncomfortable during, I'd see a doctor. Since it seems to be getting better, I wouldn't worry too much.
  5. Share A Masturbation Tip

    Wow, a lot of great tips here. Mine would be to try new things. Some of my favorite toys are ones that I never looked twice about until there was a sale, a freebie, or someone talked me into it.
  6. Progression Of Toys

    Hmm, I guess you could say there was a progression--in that I gradually from whatever replacement for a toy I could find (hairbrush handle, etc) straight to the big boys. My first real toy was SmartBalls, but I didn't like them. I really only got them for 2 reasons. One that they would hopefully not intimidate hubby and two that they would be exciting and strengthening down there while doing every day things. Then I got a 7" dildo with balls that's about 1.5" in diameter. I've always known that I like strong vibes and big toys, but I haven't always known which toy to get. I have made an effort to try toys that I wasn't sure I'd like, such as anal plugs and bullets. I have found that toys I was sure I would think boring were actually quite pleasing (like bullets, especially with a glass wand), so I have grown in that respect.
  7. So I Found This Website. Hahaha

    That is awesome!
  8. Looking For A Few Good Pornos...

    Cum shots as in shooting on the woman's mouth, chest, etc.? You might be interested in "creampies" where the man cums inside the woman or as suggested the soft porn such as on HBO.
  9. Question About Extension

    I haven't used one on hubby, but a friend used one with her husband. They happened to not like it, but I believe it was more like a slip-on vibrator than an extender. Apparently, it was too tight for him and too hard or large for her (she has a petite frame). There are lots of options, however, and I'm sure that you could find one that would work for you. I'm thinking that the CyberSkin one you mentioned would be much better than the one they used. I believe theirs was a harder plastic, and they used it many years ago. There have been many improvements in design and materials since then, such as the development of CyberSkin.
  10. Intimate Discussions

    So true! For what it's worth, I definitely think that the multiple places that could be putting some stress on him are probably really weighing him down and making him feel too tired and stressed to be interested in sex right now. Firstly, the change in status from single guy to married man is a big one for a lot of guys. Plus, his mom was apparently in poor health, and perhaps he was worried about her dying (not sure how sick she was)? Add to that the potential to become a father and then the potential of not being able to, and you get a lot of new life changes that are a big deal at any one time. I agree with Mikayla to try to de-stress as much as possible and let it flow. It might be really frustrating, but it would be a lot more so if the issue continues to be a problem and becomes a source of fights (which may lead to longterm trust/resentment issues). If you need to, masturbation is a good way to relieve some of the tension, but don't let him forget that you are interested in him and aren't using toys to replace him either. It's a fine balance, but one that may make a huge difference. As for the OP's original question, there have already been some great tips such as bringing up the subject in neutral, nonsex time and coach it in positive give and take ways. "I really liked it when you did this. I would love it if you did that more." Positive reinforcement works 10000% better than negative comments, arguments, and harping. Sexual dysfunction, whether temporary stress-related issues or longterm hormonal or psychiatric issues, is one of the most difficult topics to talk about for both the person experiencing the problem and for their partner, and for professionals like doctors and therapists whose advice may be needed. It takes tact and patience.
  11. Hubby is always saying that I have too many toys, and there aren't things that we can use together (he doesn't think operating a rabbit on me counts apparently). I decided to ask for something that I've had on my wish list for even longer than I've known about TT! It was the Wedge/Ramp Combo from Liberator. This would really help us get into positions that are hard to hold or that I just can't physically do because of my asthma and my current weight. Plus, when my asthma flares up and I have to sleep either upright or inclined, I can use the ramp instead of a mountain of pillows or sleeping on the couch! Seriously, though, I could never afford this by myself, and it would be something that hubby would actually like to see delivered to our door. As far as he's come with being understanding with toys and using them, he still sometimes seems to think I use them in place of him, and this would be a nice reminder that I love him and only want to be with him.
  12. Was I The Only One?

    Ok, saw this a little late but had to add. I love, love, love it! When he thrusts in really deep and then cums, especially if I've already cum once or twice, it will totally set me off!
  13. Glass Dildos?

    Love 'em. They are really great for g spot stim since they are hard and give that firm pressure that's needed. I love being able to warm it up. You can cool it down to, but I'm not such a fan of that. You might be, though.
  14. Nibbling (like Corn On The Cob)

    I tried the teeth once, and he about went through the roof! He so did not like it at all. He likes it when I do it with my lips though. More like I'm sucking an ice cream cone, making this move up and down the shaft. Kind of sucking and kissing up and down.
  15. Who First

    I was first. I remember being a little worried that I wouldn't be able to since I was a little grossed out because it was the same organ he pees out of! Ew. But he kind of wanted to try it, and I really wanted to at least try. I loved it! He hated it. I kept trying, and eventually I got a better technique. I made sure to drink more water so that I would have plenty of saliva to make it nice and slippery, and I've even been able to take him into my throat a few times for a few seconds. It is the hottest foreplay for me. I think it is because of the power I hold over him (yes, he loves it now), whereas whenever he's trying to do foreplay on me, I'm too conscious of my body and what I'd like him to do instead of what he's doing. Plus, I know how much he doesn't like the taste of giving oral on me. Knowing he's not liking it and only doing it out of obligation makes it really unappetizing when he's giving me oral.