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  1. Eden Snake Of Paradise

    You're right, it looks very similar. I looked around a bit and it seems that the one I am looking for has been discontinued. So disappointed. I can find it but its twice what it used to cost where I have found it. I guess I'll be switching then. Thanks for showing me that one.
  2. Eden Snake Of Paradise

    I was searching for another Eden Snake or Paradise cyberglass toy. I had one and I have woefully destroyed it on accident. I dropped it getting out of the shower and of course it didn't survive the fall. sigh. This was seriously my favorite toy and I can't find it on this site now, or any other site for that matter. Does anyone know if Too Timid will get this toy back (I'd prefer to keep buying from TT cuz they make me happy with all my purchases )? I'd really love to get another one as soon as possible.
  3. But they do have talent. I think they both sing very well, especially Gaga.
  4. Really? I had no idea that Madonna was viewed that way. I haven't even begun to pay attention to music at but since a year ago. I'm pretty oblivious. It gives me a bit of hope for Kesha and Lady Gaga. Maybe they'll be more accepted someday. I totally understand about not shoving it in people's faces. All my friends from college who got to know me could see how I felt, and it was very encouraging when they all agreed (though some of them agreed a little too whole heartedly)
  5. I don't know if anyone listens to Kesha or Lady Gaga, but I love them both. They're both so different and new. I love them. And Gaga is like my new girl-crush. But when I was roving around the news i started finding articles and posts calling them both sluts, stupid, and trashy. Maybe they both are a bit wierd, and they both do sing about a lot of sexual things but should they get slammed for it?! I've heard worse songs done by guys about the same things but they don't get berated for it. Why can't they be out in the open about their sexuality and confidence? I know this is a long talked about double standard, but I don't like just sitting down and taking it any more! Ever since I read a book about the differences of society's views about sexual maturity for boys and girls, its made me love my body even more. I used to feel ashamed about myself but this site and these two music artists have helped me come to terms with myself and it makes me so angry to hear people talk about them like that.
  6. I Am So Pissed!

    That was very kind of TT to do that for you.
  7. Why Can't I Have A Stable Workplace?!?!?

    You're right Square. I was angry so I almost went about it in a bad way but I guess my patience paid off. I'm back to normal hours now. I'm still sad my friend left but I guess we'll just have to spend time together outside of work.
  8. Why Can't I Have A Stable Workplace?!?!?

    I wish we were a part of a chain. We're a locally founded store and we only have two locations. My boss was put in charge by the owner and she pretty much runs both stores. There's really no one above her to go to except for the owner who is good friends with her. I try to stay out of the drama. I work day and night shift so I hear it from both ends, so I am in a unique position to see why each shift complains about each other. Unfortunately, the boss works only day shift and just tells night shift to stop doing things or to change something just because the day shift doesn't approve. She doesn't spend any time with night shift or try to understand what goes on in the store at night, which is where her recent actions are coming from. I know what you're saying about always having to deal with other people's drama, but I didn't think it would be this bad. I want to confront her and demmand my hours because I am full time, but she's scary and I don't want to. I know, its pathetic.
  9. I feel sort of bad jumping back onto the forum after such a long inactiveness with a rant but I can't take this job much longer. I moved from MS to VA in Sept (been absolutely busy ever since)and got right in at a job with a pet store. I have to say I have fun with the job itself. I love animals and one of my best friends from early high school is a manager there. I got along with everyone but our manager is an unprofessional psycho. I know bitching about your boss is somthing everyone does but I don't know why I always wind up with bosses who just can't act like adults. I come back from a visit to my family to find that my friend Heather has quit and my other friend Charlie may be next on the chopping block. Our boss demoted Heather and was going to give her position to someone who is completely unprepared for the job because she likes this person a lot. Not only that, but our boss has dropped me down to one day this week, which worries me because she never outright fires anyone because she's too cowardly. She just slowly phases you out. I've seen her do it to two people and she is constantly threatening us that she'll fire everyone and re-hire an entire new staff even though we do eveything she asks and always stay busy. I have decided to wait until next week to see if this was just a hiccup because of holiday craziness, but if this is the case, I'm not waiting around. I am so tired of falling into these part time jobs where everyone has something against each other and this drama flies everywhere. I mean, its a PET STORE! Why anyone should even be having these crazy soap operas going on in the work place is beyong me. It makes me worry about when I graduate college and begin a real career. I don't want to deal with the stress of drama forever. Its ridiculous that people can't just get a long and do their jobs without picking at each other. ARGH!!!!!!
  10. Ladies, Hot Or Not?

    Uhhhhh. Definately not. That kinda reminds me of Voldo from Soul Calibur.
  11. Unwanted Advances?

    Hmm. The first time for me was a while ago by now. Early in 11th grade this guy I knew suddenly started gravitating to me out of nowhere. I didn't like him very much because some... strange stories had been circulating and it was definately not something I wanted to get involved in. He started waiting for me outside of my classes and walking with me. I didn't mind because it was pretty much harmless conversation for the most part. One day I got out and he was following me talking when he quickly says something like "Shotgun." (He really said "Shock time.) I immediatly assumed that he was talking about getting front seat of a car and he asked "Do you want to go with me." Me, being a dumbass and his true intent soaring above my head just said "Where?" Cars, front seats, going somewhere. It all fit in my head at the time. He kinda paused for a second and we both just starred for a minute. He finally said "I meant go with me like dating." I felt stupid but I only laughed and said that I wasn't interested in dating right then. He didn't come around much after that, but oh well. The most recent one was right before the second semester ended at college. We all threw a huge party and got pretty drunk. We came back to the dorm and I was lazing in my doorway when a girl I knew came lunging down the hall at me, two of her guy friends following. She was yelling that she wanted to make out with me and kissed me. I felt bad, but when she stuck her tongue in my mouth I got nauseated cuz there was like this gross texture in her mouth and I almost gagged. I snapped back and slammed my door shut. I felt bad in the morning and I was gonna apologize, but she didn't remember anything so I didn't mention it again. I'm guessing she only did it because she was so drunk and her two guy friends had been telling her to make out with someone.
  12. Ooooooh. I really like the reddish/pinkish set.
  13. How To Keep It Going?

    So I recently got a Lila. LOVE IT! But the only problem is I can't keep using it in one session. I can press it up against my clit and it feels great, but I can't hold it there. Eventually I have to pull it away. I can't really describe why, but its like... maybe it feels too good? Its like pushing away someone who's tickling you. I love the feel of it, but I don't understand why I can't hold it there until I want to end it. Maybe the vibrations are too powerful for me right now since I never really did much clitoral stimulation before. So what should I do about it? Should I get something a little smaller or am I doing something wrong?
  14. YAAAAAY! I finally bought a toy for myself. It was so lucky because a five day weekend was coming up for my little brother so the rents and him all left for VA. It was the perfect oppotunity to get a toy. So my first question is how should I store it? I bought the royal prince and the bath time bunny. Should I continue to keep it in the package it came in? Can i just leave in uncovered in my dresser drawers? If not, where should I be keeping it? I can't wait to start experimenting with it, but I can't now since my older brother is home. Drat. I always hear about how hands free toys have a certain charm to them. If anyone has tips for enhancing the experience for a beginner I'd appreciate it.
  15. How Many People Would Do This?

    Of course there's nothing not to fear with being an honest person, but in a circumstance like this... What if that person has anger issues or is just a flat out jerk? I'd just be terrified of an altercation taking place over it. But my imagination runs away with me and I tend to worry about improbable scenarios. Aside from that, kids get scared when they do something wrong or break something on accident, and even when you get older those feelings don't go away. Its like "Oh no, I did something and now I'm trouble!"