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  1. First welcome. Second I feel compelled to respond to Tyger’s comment. It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on this forum. One of the major reasons is all the close up photos of penis or vagina. It seems every time I look here there is another 5, 10, 15 photos. There used to be some great discussions and sharing of information and insights. But as of late I haven’t seen much of that. And honestly the photos of one penis after another after another and one vagina after another have put me off. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing the human body in all its glory. But, HI here is my dick is not creative. I’ve had conversations with a few women that decided to leave the forum because of the unsolicited and “rude” comments they received from several men. There are some great stories and discussions here. Take some time to explore.
  2. RC4BLUE


    Couples that play together stay together. This is a great way to learn, explore, be erotic and be playful with your partner. It can lead to a wet and wild time. Partners open to sharing masturbation with one another usually have more fun.
  3. Welcome, I hope you have fun here.
  4. RC4BLUE


    This is a very erotic and entertaining story. Thank you for giving us a wonderful story.
  5. Welcome fellow pleasure seekers. Please join in.
  6. You might want to do some research into kink and how sexual expression of all kinds in natural and normal. One book on kink that might be helpful is Decoding Your Kink. I also suggest Guide To Getting It On. Have an open and honest conversation about your sexual desires and his. Getting past upbringing and or the teaching of some religion/family and schools can be a challenge. Make sure to focus on pleasure.
  7. Ejaculation velocity has noting to do with lack of desire or low testosterone. There is a high variety of how much, how powerful and how strong ejaculate is released. It is not uncommon for men to see less velocity and production as men age.
  8. I have to agree with Michelleddd, a good starting point is to share fantasies. Talk about what turns both of you on. Maybe find a piece of erotica to share that fits your fantasies and then talk about it. Maybe look at some toys together or go to a shop and shop for toys together. Be playful and fun. If semi public sex is a turn on for her try going to a hotel and get a balcony room with a half wall on the balcony so not everything is visible but there is enough to be exciting.
  9. Feeling of arousal are natural and normal when we are touched fondled and caressed. It does not mean you are gay or strait or anything other than human. What concerns me as I read your word is that your would have major problems if a man did these things to you yet you question your sexuality when this woman who is wholeheartedly inappropriate with you. You are not horrible. In my opinion she is the one being horrible. Everything you describe of this woman is classic behavior of someone who is sexually inappropriate, manipulative and abusive. She has done a good job of grooming you for her purpose. I implore you to take action. Tell your husband if it helps make this end. Please do not blame yourself or think you are requesting this behavior for her. She is the one being inappropriate.
  10. Stella, have you considered that what you describe here is sexual harassment and by legal definition can be called sexual abuse. You describe how uncomfortable you are with her advances and touches. Your body’s response of pleasure does not mean that you gave consent or want the activity to happen or continue. If you want this to stop maybe talking to the company HR department or at more extreme filling a police report. What you describe is discomfort and unwanted touch from someone that takes advantage of you for her own pleasure without regard for you or your boundaries. If you would be uncomfortable with a man doing this with you it should be no different with a woman doing this to you. What you wear does not give anyone permission to treat you as an object. You have a style that is yours. Your description does not suggest you are attempting to be provocative or inappropriate. I am sorry you have been shamed for your physical appearance. I hope you have found pride and confidence in yourself. You fear that you will not be believed. Please set that fear aside. Be assertive and tell your story until you are heard and believed. You have every right to protect your body. No one has a right to touch you without your consent. I hope you are able to do something to make her stop. All the best to you.
  11. She was right where I expected her to be when I walked in the door, seated on her knees. Her hands were in her lap, waiting for me. The black collar was still around her neck. I had locked it in place before I left in the morning. The leash draped down between her breast. The black push up bra had her breasts on display and proud. Her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders nearly touching the floor. Stepping to her I took hold of the leash and tugged. She looked up at me with innocence and fire. Her hazel eye were wide with excitement. She knew what was expected and was anticipating her punishment. Pulling at her leash I had her stand. Her hands dropped to cover her treasured place. I instantly knew something was afoot. Move your hands I commanded. She shook her head no. Grabbing her wrists I pulled her hands up and discovers why she was covering. She was already soaking her panty. She had bee very naughty without me. Now she was going to pay for it. I reached between her legs and discovered something more, someone on a low buzz. I glared at her. She dropped her head. What did you do, I asked. She stood mute as I reached into her panty and found a WeVibe slowly vibrating. The U shaped vibrator was stimulating her both inside and out. I found the button and set it to high as I pressed the vibe hard to her. She jumped and cried as she came. Enough of this, I hissed at her and pulled her down the hall to our play room. Inside I strapped her the hooks descending from the ceiling after removing her bra and stripping her of the now soaked panty and vibe. Her hands were held in place above her head. She was now fully at my will. I found a ball gage for her mouth and a blindfold for her eyes. Once these object were in place I was ready to punish her for not waiting for me. The suede flogger was heavy in my hand as I swung it in front of her without striking her. I wanted her to hear the sound. She moane and tried to complain unsuccessfully with the ball in her mouth.stepping behind her I landed the tails of the flogger on her ass. She jumped. I began a good flogging of her ass and back until she was squirming with desire. Moving around to the front of her my flogger began to tease her breasts. Her nipples hardened with each strike. She was pulling at her restraints. I spread her legs and let my flogger find its mark between her thighs. As the tails tapped her puffy mound she moaned. Dropping the flogger I pressed my fingers deep into her as my mouth took a nipple between my teeth. My hand was wet with her nectar. She tried to scream with pleasure as I teased her nipples. She shook as climax neared. Before she could cum. I released her from the hooks above her head and bent her over a bench. In one swift move I filled her with my throbbing cock. I released her gage and she began to plead to be fucked. I thrust hard. FUCK ME! She yelled. I pout skin slapped as I thrust harder and harder. This was not making love. Thai was hard core fucking. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto me so deep it hurt. It hurt so good. She screamed as her climax took her. It wasn’t enough for me, so I just kept fucking her with all I had. Her orgasms began to roll as I slammed my cock as deep as ever. Finally my climax reach the point of no return. I filled her until our juices ran down her legs. Finally spent I removed her blindfold and helped her to the bed. Lying next to her, stroking her hair I filled my eyes with her beauty.
  12. You are absolutely correct. The packaging is non descriptive. I have never seen a print ad, catalog or any other kind of mailing from Too Timid.
  13. RC4BLUE


    If you want to move your relationship to being more open, talk about it. Maybe read the Ethical Slut for guidance. Talk about your fantasies. Introduce the fantasies you have to her with erotica, play and pleasure. The only way forward with honor and respect is through conversation that is open honest and focused on pleasure.
  14. There is no magical way to have someone enjoy anal sexual activity. The best thing is to discuss your interest and why it excites you. Ask your partner about their interest and what he/she may be willing to experiment with. Maybe start with externL stimulation using toys, vibrators, fingers, etc. Be playful. Talk about what feels good. Your partner may have some old messages about that area being dirty or wrong or immoral. You may have to break through those messages. Go slow. Be kind and focused on pleasure and fun.
  15. Name can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to use any of the traditional titles. I’ve know couples that have developed their own agreed upon names. Other couples I’ve seen use specific animal monikers such as tiger for the Dom and kitten for the Sub. Generic enough in public for most to not pay any attention in the vanilla world. Another couple I know, he is Falcon and she is Sparrow. To the world it sounds like little names of affection. To them it is the power dynamic.