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  1. RC4BLUE

    Sexting My Soouse

    Since you say you have a great relationship, my question is why play with matches when you can play with fire. It sounds like the sexting was incredibly hot for both of you. I’d find a way to do that without the deception. If the two of you are open to trying out the Lifestyle, then why not go to a club just to check it out. That could open a door or two. If sexting is your thing then talk about doing it with one another or send a sexy text to your wife as yourself and see if she responds in like. From my view it looks like you have set the stage for cheating instead of a true consensual exchange. Be open and honest about what you want, where you want things to go and how to play with each other and/or with others.
  2. RC4BLUE

    Names for a sub

    Name can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to use any of the traditional titles. I’ve know couples that have developed their own agreed upon names. Other couples I’ve seen use specific animal monikers such as tiger for the Dom and kitten for the Sub. Generic enough in public for most to not pay any attention in the vanilla world. Another couple I know, he is Falcon and she is Sparrow. To the world it sounds like little names of affection. To them it is the power dynamic.
  3. RC4BLUE

    Husband low limbido

    While the medication your husband is taking does cause some lowered sexual desire, what you describe is not all drug related. To be very forward, it sounds like he has using any excuse he can to avoid healthy sexual relationship with you. He may be using porn to excite him rather than turn to you. You may want to consult an ASSCET certified sex therapist for assistance. There seems to be more going on here than simple medication side effects. All the best to you on this journey.
  4. RC4BLUE

    Silicone prostate stimulator

    There are a variety of toys out there. They are usually curved to be able to stimulate the prostate. Many are about 1 inch in diameter, some larger, a few smaller.
  5. RC4BLUE

    Silicone prostate stimulator

    This is a toy that can be used solo or with a partner. Then all toys can be used solo of with a partner, or maybe I should say most toys. Either way it is designed to give internal stimulation to the prostate. For men this can be quite pleasurable.
  6. RC4BLUE

    Trying to get wife to..

    I never understood the appeal of fisting. The women I know have no interest which is good with me. But then, there is a kink for everyone and who am I to judge. I know some things I like others do not. The great thing of the human experience, we all are unique.
  7. I suggest a good vibrator and a glass toy. The Icicle No. 66 glass in a nice start as in the Diamond Glass Gem. The glass starts with small bulbs and increases in size.
  8. RC4BLUE

    Trying to get wife to..

    Time and comfort are keys to enjoyment. Knowing your body and limits are also important. For anal, I suggest that you begin with lots of foreplay.get yourself very aroused. Go slow and use plenty of lube. If anal has not been a part of your experience before start with smaller toys and build up to something closer to the size of your man. When you are ready for penetration with your man, go slow, communicate, and play to full arousal before proceeding. The first time may seem uncomfortable but there should not be pain. If there is pain, stop and play more. Remember this is about pleasure.
  9. RC4BLUE

    In the kitchen

    Thanks, it is just a little piece of fun. Maybe next time I will have to make dessert. 😃😃
  10. RC4BLUE


    Welcome. There is much to explore here, information, stories, experiences, answers to questions, photos, and so much more. Have fun!
  11. There is nothing wrong with being quiet. Some of us are naturally that way. It’s more about being open that is attractive. A friendly smile is always the best thing.
  12. Separating sex and love can be difficult for some people. It gets more complicated when there is a close relationship or a relationship where the two people have been close and are now separated. Old feelings arise and take hold. For others sex is sex, is sex. And love is something very different. Each person has their own journey to discover what is right for them. Sex as play can be fun. Sex with connection can be warm. Sex with love can be comforting. Of course there is so much more in can be in each case. Personally I prefer sex with a connection. It feels more satisfying for me. Does this mean love? Not necessarily. It also isn’t sex for the sake of sex. I would love to be in love. Until then....
  13. RC4BLUE


    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy, have fun.
  14. Welcome. I hope you enjoy.
  15. Take a look at Wickedtemptations.com, yandy.com both have some fun pieces. There are hundreds of sites that have fun clothing. If you want something without spending a lot look at cheapundies.com. The stock there is ever changing and when it’s gone it’s gone.