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  1. Finally signed up

    Welcome to the form. I hope you enjoy.
  2. Advice needed to accomplish fantasy.

    Sorry. I help here, there are other things to consider. As long as you are drugged, in many places that voids consent and the person you are interacting with could be violating the law. While fantasy is great, sometacting out a particular fantasy may be not as great or have other consequences. Just be careful and take all into consideration before moving to fast.
  3. Show Your Booty!

    I like a good booty in net. Thanks for the view.
  4. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you look around and enjoy.
  5. What do you think of my ass

    Very nice!
  6. Shaving

    Being shaved or trimmed is indeed a personal preference. I started shaving when I was racing. I've kept it up since then. I like the feel and the look. I have gotten many positive remarks over the years about my smooth legs and more.
  7. Hello

    Welcome, enjoy!
  8. cum too fast

    It is frustrating not being satisfied. I would suggest you do a lot of foreplay, stimulation and pleasuring before intercourse. Young men sometimes are quicker to orgasm than women are and as such more time focusing on your pleasure may be in order. You may want to spend time with manual stimulation, oral pleasuring, or other types of sexual play to get your arousal to a peak. I know for me a woman's pleasure is the most important thing in a sexual encounter. If you have not talked to him about what you want, desire and need, I suggest you do so. Remember sex is play time. Enjoy the touch and caress. Tell him what you want in a positive way (I like it when you do that and it would be even more arousing if you would include a little this). I hope the two of you find the pleasure you seek.
  9. I'm new

    H Housewife, welcome to the site. kinkster, that has to be one of the best ways to find out your partner has a new toy. Love the story ?. Embarassing story: going through TSA at the airport and having the agent pull out the dildo, cock ring and anal plug then ask what they were and waht they were for. This happened several years back.
  10. Moon Monday

    ?????? Maybe you should join me on a beach or at a resort pool if you want to see more. Thank you for your appreciation.
  11. Moon Monday

    Since some one found an old photo. I guess it is time for a new one...
  12. Anal question

    Ouch, that is a total turn off. A better partner is absolute. If you do decide to try again talk about it first. It is much better when you know what to expect and what you and your partner are doing.
  13. Anal question

    While anal play can be great fun and provide great pleasure, it is not for everyone. That is a personal decision. If you do try it again there are a few things to consider. First I suggest be with a partner that you are comfortable with, A partner who listens to you and is caring and one who knows to be gentle. Engage in lots of foreplay. The more aroused and relaxed you are the better. I suggest starting with playing with small toys or fingers. Remember to use lots of lube. Lube is your friend when playing this way. There should be comfort in everything you do. If you proceed to anal intercourse then take it slow and easy, lube, lube, lube. Last, if you don't find it pleasurable then stop. When many people find great pleasure with anal intercourse,not everyone does. Listen to your body and your pleasure.
  14. Getting back out of a dry spell

    I offer my compassion to you. That pain of a lack of physical intimacy is difficult. I know there are many factors that keep the two of you together. The lack of a sex life is frustrating. I don't know it the two of you have had an open and honest conversation about your and her needs, desires, wants and expectations. If not that may be needed. This conversation needs to happen away from the bedroom. I usually say have a conversation about sex and intamcy at the kitchen table. Is is much more than do you want to have sex. It is more about what is important to you about sex, pleasure and connection. Talk about what you like, what she like and what you both like together. As much as you think complements are helpful, they may not be if she doesn't believe them, or believe them to be true. If she is closed and guarded about sex,,is there a reason for it, past abuse, negative messages from parents or religion, fear of pregnancy, or lack of trust. Sometimes the lack of sexual desire is a product of anxiety or depression. If that is the case then she may have to address that. Sometimes the lack of desire is physiological, if so that may need to be examined (thyroid problems, ovarian problems, etc.). Sometimes lack of desire may be rooted in more issues with guilt and shame, if so that may need to be addressed. If all of that is not an issue, remember foreplay is not the 10 minutes before sex. Think of foreplay as 24 to 48 hours of sexiness before sex. Suggestions, touches, words of interest, doing things together playfully, and more can be types of foreplay. Spend time together doing sexy things. Maybe read erotic together, watch a sexy movie, play a sexy game; all can enhance mood. Maybe schedule a "date", with the idea of physical intimacy being a part of the date. Sometimes just looking forward to sex can get someone in the mood for sex. If you are morning and she is evening, look for a time that you are closer together such as middle of the afternoon. Last, if nothing make a difference, think about getting professional help. The lack of sex can be a larger issue that is marked by her saying she has no interest. I know this is all difficult. I wish you the best.
  15. Pleasing My Wife Orally

    Mi.Georgia.peach, that is a wonderful description of great oral pleasure. The build up to the explosive desire make oral delights that much more stimulating and fabulous.