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  1. Ky Yours & Mine Lube

    My girlfriend loves it. I wouldn't say it really made it feel much different, but it did slightly. Yet somehow We both really like it.
  2. First Time

    I was about 12. I watched porn, saw the white stuff squirt out. I kept trying to force it out at first...
  3. But I am just wondering if anyone here is really into sports? Im doing my best to create a website, and looking for people to help get it going
  4. Cheating?

    Its not so much people from her past. She doesn't really have much of a past, and that kind of leads me into the not committing thing. She was never one to try for a real relationship, because she never thought one could work during high school years (surprisingly a lot of people marry high school sweethearts). So we both were out of school when we met, and she had like one, short relationship, that's it. And a fling or two, nothing major. So I would say that being with her as long as we have, its not something where she is unsure of the relationship. Her issue wasn't cutting ties to past relationships obviously, but rather, thinking a guy who was attracted to her wasn't any more, when he really was. Once she would know the truth, as I tell her the truth or she finds out, she would say what needs to be said. I really don't want her to cut ties with friends at all, I will feel just horrible. At the same time, I know there are certain types that need to go, or I will go.
  5. Question For Women

    Was still looking for an idea of for how long
  6. Question For Women

    Then what?
  7. 1) Sex on a plane (never even been on a plane) 2) I want to make it through anal with the SO. She hasn't been able to 3) I want to be deepthroated 4) In a store fitting room The fitting room thing, is about being in public with people around. I have done it in a car at night with people nearby, and I have done it at night in an empty park. I want a real risk of getting caught... but without getting caught.
  8. Cheating?

    Its hard to say. I mean, I had gotten over it until he recently talked to her again, and she didn't think of it as much because it was really only 2 texts from him, one from her this past time, just seeing how things were. But thinking back like 7 months ago or so, I remember how the whole conversation went down. It we recently his bday and she asked him about it, and he complained some about his girlfriend, and an inactive sex life as of late. He then led it into sexual talk, like saying he had to take care of himself, all she said was sorry?. Like kind of blowing it off. He sent like another one about his size, and she didn't really say anything besides oh really? then he tried to actually hook up with her, and she stopped talking. So it wasn't anything that went on for a while, and she didn't even try to defend herself. She just called it a stupid mistake, thought he wasn't serious at first, she wasn't even paying too much attention because she was in and out of sleep, and that I deserve better. The big thing about her is that when we were first getting together, she had never had a real boyfriend before. She never found anyone worth it, and was afraid everyone was just using her after she had a couple of bad things happen. One of the first things I learned about her is that she has trouble standing up for herself, and telling people no. One guy kept sending her nude pics prior to us dating, asking her to show her friend, which I found awkward. Another guy from out of town kept confessing his mistake of not going for her, and while she never said much about it, it took me finally getting angry, for her to yell at that guy. Her way of dealing with it was always ignoring it, or blowing it off, with everything. It was great going over 6 months without having to deal with any of these random guys popping up, and then the worst one of them all came back. Sure, he did nothing wrong that I know of, but it still brought back a lot of my insecurities. In my heart though, I honestly want her to be able to talk to her friends, even if guys like this. The problem is she has to show me enough proof that nothing is going on. In my brain, I trust her, but I still get unsettling feelings about it all, just because I know what could be happening, but I have a past of being paranoid. She knows now if I know whats going on, whats being said for a while, I can start to trust her without any problems again, and that is what our nice, long talk was about. Im with her all the time, so I feel that if something had happened, I would have caught onto something. I know this girl cares about me a lot. She told me how much I make her happy, because she was depressed before me due to a lot of family issues. Her family loves me for the most part. I do everything to help this girl, and she enjoys a lot of the same activities I do, so we have a lot of fun together. She mentioned taking things slower a long time ago, and even taking a break. I listened to her rules about it, and what she wanted to do, but it didn't last. She wanted to see me less. She wanted to back off with the sex and intimacy, but it didn't work. We were still going at it a lot, and closer than ever. We love being around each other. When she mentioned going on the break, she knew she wasn't going to leave me. And if we ever split, I was told I would be her booty call for life, which actually made me feel great. Still, I just want to know if you all think I am stupid for still being around this girl.
  9. Deepthroating

    No. I wish she was that open.
  10. Deepthroating

    I mean, she loves when I go down on her. She loves my tongue to the point of anything I do with it, gives her chills. If i just have it out of my mouth, she gets thoughts. Running it across her lips, and instant chills. She isn't one to let me randomly do things to her without a warmup so I don't think I could randomly go down on her. Even if warmed up, she stops me and says she feels bad. Maybe I'll just handcuff her...
  11. What Haven't You Done?

    As a possessive man, I can tell you that my SO with another girl without me, is bad. With that being said I have never had a 3sum. Never got to climax with anal, mainly because we have never been able to really get into it. She has only lasted a couple minutes at most with our multiple attempts. She usually cries. Never had sex or oral at the movies. Never got too into crazy sex toys like swings, being bound and gagged, etc.
  12. Question For Women

    So what would be more favorable to you?
  13. Cheating?

    My fiancee and I recently had a talk. A long time ago, I saw some text messages from her and an old friend, whom she slept with. I understand that they were good friends, and she would tell me some of the things they talked about. I told her he wanted her, and it wasn't until he started to talk dirty to her that she believed me. The only thing is, she claims she didn't take it seriously. I read the texts, and I believe her, but it was hard to get over. She was in and out of sleep at the time, and he was sending all the long, sexual texts, and all her answers were "lol" and "yeah." Nothing from her indicated she really wanted it. And I would have to believe, if you got yourself into that type of conversation on purpose (as I have many times myself), you are saying a little more than that if you really mean it. I was still hurt though. Recently, after about 7 months of not talking to him, he has sent a couple messages to her asking how we were. A couple forward jokes over the phone, etc. She knows it made me uncomfortable and it led us into a great talk. I told her I found myself in a few naughty text convos myself, but she figured I had been, and it wasn't a major deal to her. It bothered her a little, but not upsetting at all. My question is based off something a friend told me. I guess its normal, or expected by females, that a lot of younger guys will do that type of thing, but it is far rarer for a female to do the same thing. The ladies are also a lot less interested in acting on those types of things as well, supposedly. So my question is, is what we did cheating in your opinion?
  14. Question For The Men....

    I may be too young to answer this and it be as helpful, but depending on the situation, if I was interested, I would look for any signs that the lady may want me to stay the night. It shows you enjoyed being around them rather than just sex. Then the next day as you go your different ways, as opposed to one or the other rushing out the door, make hint as to when you would like to do something again. Personally I was always nervous around the ladies, so the more I can tell you are into me, the more comfortable I feel. And if I know for sure you are into me, the less I wait to call.
  15. Deepthroating

    Tried it already. She knows I love it. She does it every now and then. I actually got really lucky maybe a few weeks back, and she got into the mood when I had a friend over. We had just finished up something, and her and I were in bed, he was on the couch or something, like 10 ft away. She used her hands under the blanket for maybe 5 minutes, then did oral for like 2 but it was enough that I was ready to fill her mouth right then and there. She knows I love it because I talk about that night every now and then. Worst thing is, she hates me going down on her now because she doesn't always give back orally.