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  3. Time For Yourself?

    I'm so glad this topic has gotten pushed back to the top. I must have missed it when Tyger originally posted it. Time alone is so rare for me lately. I really miss it and need it. Having some time to myself is like getting a jolt of electricity. I had a couple hours alone recently and I felt almost high...and was in a great mood for a day or so after. Looking forward to more soon!
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  6. Pineapple and coconut oil for oral sex

    Just to be clear, you are advising to eat pineapple and use coconut oil as a lube on the skin, right? Sugary, acidic pineapple would probably not be good to insert into the vagina. Coconut oil is an awesome lube, BTW. Just clarifying.
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    Did you know? The word “clitoris” is Greek for “divine and goddess-like.” The clitoris is present only in female mammals. It is actually approximately 4 inches long, with 3/4 of the clitoris extending inside a female’s body.
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    Too Timid carries The Accommodator. Looks like fun!
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