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  1. It is possible that she has a big black man fantasy and she told you! You know how much trust it takes to feel comfortable enough to express that to your partner? Think about all your secret desires would she be intimidated by any of them? I think your looking at this all wrong. She doesn’t need more if she did she’d of luff you a long time ago. YOU are in control of the BBC so use it and enjoy giving her the pleasure of her fantasy. Then tell her about one of yours so she can make it happen. Maybe buy her a harness for her BBC so she can peg you with it. Win-win!
  2. michelleddd


    With two people or toys?
  3. Have you talked to your wife about it? She might be into it, ass ply between couples isnt that unusual.
  4. Lots of lube and maybe practice with a toy on your own to get things used to penetration again.
  5. It is! I even had to make a waterproof throw as I got tired of changing the sheets and didn’t want to ruin the furniture.
  6. Is this just a fantasy or something you really want to happen? Sharing fantasies is a starting point. You need to reassure him you want to use your fantasy for fun with the two of you. Fantasies don’t have to be acted on but can be a lot of fun in the bedroom.
  7. Not buying it but enjoy your fantasy.
  8. You are entitled to your own way of thinking but it’s clear the two of you are sexually incompatible. Let her go so she can find another man who wants to enjoy a normal sex life. Good luck finding that virgin or s woman who doesn’t enjoy oral.
  9. My motto.....it's only kinky the first time.
  10. I have to admit I like it done to me....... A LOT!! But not so much giving it.