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  1. I prefer girth to length, and average hits my gspot every time!
  2. Plan the scenario in advance, take control from the beginning. Tell him he will cooperate and do what he’s told. Have fun!
  3. That there’s something wrong with women who don’t cum vaginally.
  4. We’re a loyal couple also but we have a small toy that goes around the base of his penis that allows for DP, pretty fun!
  5. Omg. I LOVE ❤️ when he decides he’s going to eat my ass. My pussy just pours juice. Not sure what prompts him but love when it happens! He slips me a thumb more often and I love that too!
  6. We have trade underwear day from time to time , I think it surprised him how silky they were but he’s not liking the lace up the butt so much. I’m very impressed how comfortable men’s underwear are I could do that everyday. Not sexy though. 😏
  7. You can’t make someone like something, I realize it stinks when you have desires your partner doesn’t. Sexual compatibility is very important to me. Edited to add.... each person in a marriage deserves to be happy sexually, if you’re not a serious sit down needs to happen with a plan for things to move towards the middle. Or therapy to facilitate this. No oral is a serious dealbreaker for me.
  8. It depends on what perimeters you and your partner have agreed to ahead of time. In my relationship any sexual contact is cheating. Anything we wouldn’t do or say in front of the other we probably shouldn’t be doing.
  9. It is possible that she has a big black man fantasy and she told you! You know how much trust it takes to feel comfortable enough to express that to your partner? Think about all your secret desires would she be intimidated by any of them? I think your looking at this all wrong. She doesn’t need more if she did she’d of luff you a long time ago. YOU are in control of the BBC so use it and enjoy giving her the pleasure of her fantasy. Then tell her about one of yours so she can make it happen. Maybe buy her a harness for her BBC so she can peg you with it. Win-win!
  10. michelleddd


    With two people or toys?
  11. Have you talked to your wife about it? She might be into it, ass ply between couples isnt that unusual.
  12. Lots of lube and maybe practice with a toy on your own to get things used to penetration again.