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    What's love got to do with it?

    For me it's about trust, if I trust you implicitly we can go places together that casual sex can't ever go. It can be exciting to be with someone new but nothing beats the person who knows what your fantasies and buttons are.
  2. michelleddd

    Masturbation Idea

  3. michelleddd

    Is it common to watch porn with your wife?

    Just the two of us, and it does spice things up.
  4. michelleddd

    Is it common to watch porn with your wife?

    We have porn night every so often, fun times.
  5. michelleddd

    Strap on

    Anal or DP?
  6. michelleddd


    Yes it is!
  7. michelleddd


    For whom?
  8. michelleddd


    Just take as much as you can towards the back of your throat, don't worry about it all fitting. Remember to breathe through your nose while it's happening. Happy practicing!
  9. michelleddd


    I find the consistency a bit much also, but my technique is when I know he's getting close to take him as far back as I can so it just slides down with no gaggy issues. Makes us both happy!
  10. michelleddd

    Question What Is The Perfect Song To Have Sex To?

    I'm not crazy about music during sex either, I like to hear all the noises too much. If I had to pick I'd say AudioSlave.
  11. michelleddd

    Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    I used to have a washing machine that you had to sit on to keep it from going all over the place......... I like watching the humping videos but other than rubbing myself on my mans parts I've never humped anything.
  12. michelleddd


    Depends which day you ask me. If the good isn't outweighing the other stuff you need to change it or what's the point? When it's good it's the BEST, I mean who else knows you better than you know yourself? It's definitely a balancing act of life vs your soft place to land but so worth it!
  13. michelleddd

    I Did It! I Squirted!

    I see, thanks for the explanation. I think everyone has to figure out what works for them. When I super turned on I can squirt just from clitoral stimulation and other times I need direct pressure. It's a wonderfully different kind of orgasm and now I need both, no going back lol
  14. michelleddd

    I Did It! I Squirted!

    Does it go inside you? I'm not understanding.
  15. michelleddd

    Sex hurts :/

    I agree with HH, it shouldn't hurt. Are you two having enough foreplay or say an oral orgasm before penetration? I'd talk to your Dr. again as well, just to be sure.
  16. michelleddd

    Where Did You Meet Your SO?

    Through a friend of a friend.
  17. michelleddd

    I Did It! I Squirted!

    I first did with just a regular dildo but they make ones with a curved bulb on the end to really rub your Gspot. Good luck! And ignore the urge to pee, it will pass.
  18. michelleddd

    Oral After Intercourse?

    Does she kiss you with her juices on your face? I love the taste of myself when I kiss him after he's been down or when I ask him where he wants to cum after he's been inside me and his answer is my mouth.
  19. michelleddd


    The truth teller.
  20. michelleddd

    Getting sexually turned on by intelligence

    Intelligence is mandatory for me to be attracted enough to have a relationship with you. Just sex? Nah.... I keep their mouths busy so they can't talk.
  21. michelleddd

    Pineapple and coconut oil for oral sex

    We have a small container with a lid beside the bed, a little bit lasts awhile.
  22. michelleddd

    The big O

    I'm one that really doesn't like buzzy toys on my clit, I'm pretty old school when it comes to masturbation. Fingers on my clit and maybe a dildo in my pussy or a small vibe anally.
  23. michelleddd

    Masterbating Men

    Watching him masturbate for me ......... so fuckin hot! One of our faves is mutual masturbation, see who can last the longest, it's usually him then I need to feel him inside me.
  24. Sorry to hear it yet it needed to happen didn't it. Now he knows the scope of your unhappiness and it's up to him if he's going to step up and make some changes. This should be the best part of your lives! Good luck and keep us posted.