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  1. michelleddd

    Titty Fucking

    . It`s a nice change occasionally, licking the dripping head is a huge turn on!
  2. michelleddd

    She wants to spice it up....

    Since she didn't really give you any guidelines....... maybe a jumping off point could be a fantasy sharing session so you can see if you're anywhere near what the other person is thinking. Then let you're imagination go wild. Personally I like to take charge and surprise him with a scenario and he has to cooperate, no complaints.
  3. michelleddd


    I love mutual with my SO. So yummy!!
  4. michelleddd

    Squirting...but not shooting it out

    I find the longer between times it builds up hence squirting is enhanced. If we’re having mores frequent sex it can be more of a gush, although I can’t hit a target 6 feet away 😝. Just enjoy it, no worries about distance as long as it feels good!
  5. michelleddd

    Fav Sex Star

    Flower Tucci can always be counted on for a nasty time.
  6. michelleddd

    Too big?

    I'm not sure that anything can be done, she's a small woman probably with a short vagina, (yes they come in lengths) . After all these years and her trying I guess it's better to just accept it is what it is and enjoy the sex you do have. ;)
  7. michelleddd

    If you could choose cock size

    Well there's nothing you can do about it so make up for it in other areas. Be the best pussy eater they've ever had, etc. And you CAN hit a Gspot easier than larger men so yeah you!!
  8. michelleddd

    If you could choose cock size

    I'd sacrifice some length for girth any day. A 6 inch can hit my Gspot where as a 10 inch just blows right on by......... So while a 8- 10 inch cock may look yummy, the owner has to know use it for maximum pleasure.
  9. Not sure they make toys that plug in much anymore, maybe do like we do for the weed wacker..... have a back up charged at all times.
  10. michelleddd

    First time lube buy

    We use coconut oil but don't get it on the carpeting. We bought a small bottle of Better than Spit last time I went 'shopping' and I love it, I even use it to shave, much smoother result.
  11. michelleddd

    Dom Or Sub Which Do You Prefer?

    Have you told him that? If so and he's not responding they way you want tell him you're in charge some night and lay it out what he's to do and how, he might surprise you once you show him the way. Some people have no imagination in the bedroom, unfortunately.
  12. michelleddd

    Where’s my G spot?

    I was 40 the first time I found mine, standing with one foot on the bed using a regular real look dildo so I'm not sure if the toy matters as much as the angle. And it's been a crazy ride ever since lol good thing the practicing is fun!
  13. michelleddd

    Love of Cocksucking

    I agree, but she's young and it can be an acquired taste. With time and practice she may come to enjoy it and how much pleasure it gives a man.
  14. michelleddd

    Love of Cocksucking

    lol wanabig...... only 2 d's. ;)
  15. michelleddd

    What you want

    I can't think of anything he's ever denied me, the last thing I asked for was analingus. He doesn't do it all the time but OMG when he does I'm a puddle (literally I'm a squirter) and it is so intense. hmmmm may have to drop a hint soon.
  16. michelleddd

    Love of Cocksucking

    I love oral..... the power I have to give him so much pleasure and being in control of that pleasure is intoxicating. I can't say I love the taste of cum but I know when he's getting close and if I put it in the back of my throat as far as I can it just slides down. I know I wouldn't want him stopping when I was going to cum and how good it really feels.
  17. michelleddd

    Beginner anal toy/butt plug?

    We use a slim gspot toy with a bulb on it on him. I was mine but it seemed to suit him better, it vibrates on his prostate. Magic! I've heard him make noises I've never heard before when we use it.
  18. michelleddd

    To Orgasm or not?

    Plus faking may help you at the time but you're teaching your partner to do it wrong.
  19. michelleddd

    To Orgasm or not?

    Always cum whenever you can especially if you only can from clitoral stimulation. I find penetration after a clitoral (especially oral) orgasm is sublime..... nothing feels like that, nothing. I think the majority of women don't cum from penetration alone unless the clit is being rubbed during. Then there's squirting..... whole other animal.
  20. michelleddd

    sex games

    Laura Corn, books, tapes, even an app I think https://www.101nights.com/
  21. michelleddd

    Does it ever feel too good.

    Over several hours this could be doable....... For me it depends on what kind of orgasm I'm having..... a clitoral O happens hard and I need a bit of time for the sensitivity to subside. A Gspot O................. start slow and build from there, the last one rolling into the next one until I've lost count and am begging for him to stop, I need to rehydrate!
  22. michelleddd

    Longest Blowjob You Have Given?

    As long as it takes I really enjoy teasing him all day, sucking and playing till he's on the edge over and over and over, till he's so ready to explode and has so much precum it just shoots out on my waiting tongue. Eventually when he begs me to let him cum I put him to the back of my throat and swallow for all I'm worth.
  23. michelleddd

    OK ladies. you have to give up one.

    My SO loves it but I'm sure not all men do, gotta be careful of 69 though, almost drown him once.
  24. michelleddd

    OK ladies. you have to give up one.

    What if she was a squirter, would you still enjoy it?
  25. michelleddd

    OK ladies. you have to give up one.

    This question is just cruel, I'd say his cock but just because I love his tongue so much. Maybe I could cheat and have a toy for after all that licking.