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  1. Take the garbage out naked!

    That's what I was thinking RC, waaaay to cold for getting naked outdoors and neighbors to close to boot.
  2. Gall Stones

    I had mine out in July, they never really said what caused it. Although in my case I doubt it was estrogen. It's a pretty easy surgery, Good luck!
  3. Large Labia - Love or Hate

    Small labia here too....... The wall is cool, everyone is different that's for sure.
  4. Exploring

    Sorry to hear it, hopefully you can get it figured out one way or the other. Life is too short to be unhappy. Very openminded of him to agree to you talking to others and posting pics of yourself in the first place.
  5. Exploring

    Not sure why most men say that, I guess they don't really want to open up as much as needed to fix things. I do understand about not being the same or wanting the same things you did at 20 as you want at 40. Happened to me in my first marriage, he didn't take it well either, wanted to keep the status quo and not have to admit the things that contributed to the place we were in. Have you asked him if he'd rather lose you than participate? ps forgot to add that I'd feel betrayed if my SO was discussing our personal life with another woman.
  6. Are You Willing To Give Marriage A Second Try?

    In my opinion marriage is more about raising children and having a traditional family. I'm not totally against marriage again but I can be just as committed to a life and relationship without a piece of paper.
  7. Exploring

    Is he in therapy with you? I'm sure he's feeling like you want to change the rules after all this time, you're not happy in bed and you're talking to strangers about your sex life. I'm not saying either one of you is right or wrong but how would you feel if he was doing the same things? Yes this place is a good way to express yourself without being judged and figure things out but...... it can also go the other way, behind the scenes discussing that can turn into new attention that is exciting and addicting but not really real at the same time. No one wants to hear only the negatives but when we let our wants and needs slide so long it can be a bitter pill to the person who needs to step up their game. He needs to face this with you and fix what he can if he wants to save your marriage. Good luck!
  8. Pspot stimulation

    I think it's just a different kind of orgasm than you're used to. Go watch some videos of men using the Aneros it may explain it a bit better. When women have g spot orgasms we have to get used the feeling that we're going to urinate but if you go past it is soooo worth it and different from the traditional clitoral orgasm.
  9. Do You Worry About Your Toys Being Found After Your Gone?

    Yes, don't really want my kids finding it while cleaning out the house. Or my mom!
  10. Being The Strong One

    Even strong people needs hugs once in a while. (((hugs)))
  11. Has Your G Spot Been Stimulated?

    Fingers, penis, toys of all shIpped and sizes, he'll I've been known to squirt just from oral. Funny thing is I aS 40 before my first time and I was alone at time. It happens overtime now.
  12. Lights On Or Off!

    On, not surgical lighting but I definitely want to see his face, his beautiful clock, and everything that's going on.
  13. At home or in public? At home a big t-shirt with no panties seems to do the trick, Donald ducking gets him every time especially if I have to reach for something, funny how I usually need to. In public skirts are good, tight jeans and tight sweaters work magic
  14. How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    A LOT.... depends on where I am and what's going on but it seems to be in the back of my mind quite a bit.
  15. Orgasmically challenged

    I'd recommend a g spot toy, and practice, practice, practice!
  16. 69

    I get too distracted as well, rather concentrate on one persons pleasure at a time.
  17. New Here!!

  18. What Do You Fantasize About During Masturbation

    I heard his wife just filed for divorce!
  19. Least Preferred Method of Birth Control?

    It did! And that left out spermicides as a method for us but since I was in a committed relationship we just left that out.
  20. Least Preferred Method of Birth Control?

    Remember the sponge? It was easy to use but apparently I'm allergic to the spermicide, feels like my cootchie is on fire on the inside.
  21. Teasing

    Very much so, I'm a huge fan of the all day blow job/ oral till we can't hold back any longer. Teasing while he's at work is pretty fun also, if he has time to be distracted.
  22. Preferred Birth Control Method?

    I'm on my second IUD and LOVE it!!!
  23. Tpbm (the Person Below Me)

    True TPBM... Has a nickname for their genitals.
  24. Cyber Sex

    Phone sex, video chat sex...... have you ever? Will it do in a pinch? My experience is not everyone is gifted at phone sex, and to me when it was good it was pretty darn good, I have one friend in particular that excels at it. Cam to cam can be hot, I used to get 'road shows' when my fiancé traveled for work. HOT!!
  25. sex swings

    Jealous, I'd like to have one.