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  1. I'm assuming he's around your age, has he been to the Dr? Could be low T or diabetes or even heart problems, even if he's embarrassed he should just for his health and maybe he'll end up getting back to his old self. And believe me his Dr. won't bat an eye to prescribe him Viagra if he's healthy. I've been in your boat and it's not fun.
  2. michelleddd

    Anyone being affected by Hurricane Harvey?

    Glad to hear you didn't see the worst of it, take care.
  3. michelleddd

    What Makes You Feel Sexy?

    What little things put you in the mood or make you feel sexy? Freshly shaved everything (especially legs) and clean 400 tc sheets. Getting a pedicure. Going commando. Rain.... just puts me in the mood. Texts telling me what he wants to do when he gets home. Taking a bath together. Definitely certain songs. Camping.
  4. michelleddd

    What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    I agree tiedup. My disappointments are lazy or selfish lovers, pretty much everyone else can be taught how you like it. My main disappointment in general is finding out your sex drives aren't compatible.
  5. Just wondered if you all have a sexual bucket list? I can't say mine has been written in stone but there are a couple more things I'd like to try before I die..... MFF, go to a sex club, use a strap on on my man. What are some of yours, you brave enough to tell us???
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    How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    Yes it would!
  7. michelleddd

    How Often Do You Really Think About Sex?

    I've always felt I think about sex more like a man does.
  8. michelleddd

    Oral After Intercourse?

    I've never had a man go down on me after he came, usually by the time he comes we're both exhausted. I'll have to ask and see what his take on it is. edited to add I have seen him lick his own precum so hmmmm now I'm wondering..........
  9. michelleddd

    Lets play...Does anyone get off at work?

    I have many times.
  10. michelleddd

    cum too fast

    A woman doesn't mind a quick cum if he can go for round two. But it's probably a good thing if he learned to edge a bit to control his speed. That's what's nice about older men, they might not be able to go again right away but they know how to take their time and make sure the woman has a good time first.
  11. michelleddd

    cum too fast

    I agree that he needs to make you cum first but still even after you cum you'd like some sex beyond just a couple minutes. I'd say make a game of edging him, teach him to recognize and back down. Having fun with it will go over a lot better I'm sure. Good Luck !
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    We enjoy spanking light.... lol I like a little sting and he seems to enjoy the thought of the domination, not really causing me pain. We use a Nerf sword (I know that sounds crazy) but it does work, it pops and stings with no real pain or bruises. It might be a place for you to start and see if you like all the aspects of it. Exploring your fantasies will only open up your mind and your sex life. Good luck! Remember you don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable no matter what anyone else says. It's supposed to be fun for both people. PS in my experience that giver never really wants to be the receiver.
  13. michelleddd

    How do I bring it up?

    I'd take her out for a few drinks, flirt heavily, maybe even steal a kiss then.... say remember you said if you were ever going to have sex with woman it'd be me? Well........... all you can do is ask, and hope it doesn't change your friendship in the end.
  14. michelleddd

    Pleasing My Wife Orally

    Had to laugh about being pushed over the edge by your partner cumming........ works 98% of the time.
  15. michelleddd

    Pleasing My Wife Orally

    Amen Kinkster! He's super hard and leaking when I'm done squirting on his face. mmmmm
  16. michelleddd

    Pleasing My Wife Orally

    That's GREAT to hear!! You both have a lot going on but you do have to make time for each other. You know she has fantasies but just give her time to open up about them now that it's on the table. I've found that some people have more imagination about sex than others..... Laura Corn writes interactive books and apps that open up those who are a bit challenged or shy in that area, a step in the right direction!
  17. michelleddd

    Pleasing My Wife Orally

    The answer isn't going to be an easy fix.......... every woman is different, from their anatomy to sensitivity. I happen to like it very light, and I know some women like it sucked hard so you just have to put in the time figuring out what your wife likes. I find the 'figuring it out' phase exciting, you get to explore and find out what really works for each other before you move to the I know what trips her trigger every time part of your relationship. Maybe you can have a frank discussion about sex with your wife, start talking about fantasies and what you each find pleasurable, just ask her. Tell her you want it to be the best possible for her, see what she says.
  18. michelleddd

    Squirting Ladies? Mainly want women's in site.

    I've sewed a throw with waterproof lining in the middle that I can wash, saved a lot of furniture and changing the whole bed every time. I think the trick when you're just learning to squirt is to ignore that feeling like you're going to pee, it's strong but you have to just work past that. Eventually you won't notice that feeling and welcome it when it overtakes you.
  19. michelleddd

    Alphabet Sex

    G- g spot orgasms
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

    LOL it's all about fun......... squirt
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    Word Association Game

    hot and bothered
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    Word Association Game

  25. michelleddd

    Alphabet Sex

    L- luscious lips