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Found 7 results

  1. Toys

  2. Screamin rabbit popper

    Here is a pic of what to look for , the best orgasms I've had with a toy that will make me squirt! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I may have the name wrong so I've included the pic of the package as it arrived. Hope this helps !
  3. Hi

    What can I write....
  4. Maybe no one will notice because there are lots of guys, but then again I went and picked a name "Want2TryBottoming", which kind of singles me out over here as the 8" guy in his forties with a hard on who's looking to get fucked... I know some of you are thinking that! But the truth is I have discovered through rimming and my dildo, the fact that I love to have my tight butt played with. It's time for someone to pop my cherry! I'm single, I think I have some amazing orgasm with toys, but I'm left wanting more. A guy that knows what he is doing (most do), I know I am in the minority here, who can show me what I've been missing, LOL, and we can have a great time! I have been so horned up about this for a while! So I still have that boner going. A big hello to all of you guys, stop by and HMU and say hi! ? Thanks...
  5. I am a married 55yr old male. My wife and I just got into toys and found out we both love them. I've always wanted to, but she was too timid, which is what attracted me to Now she is more excited to have sex than ever before; see my review of Blush's Wild Rabbit. She stated that who would have ever thought I would have liked it. It started with a request from her to try some of the his/her type warming lubes she had seen advertising. She's made it clear that I don't need anything like Viagra. Trying to stay active in the sex department she knew she needed something having gone through the changes that women inevitably do. I thought it might be a chance to spice it up so I gambled and bought a rabbit vibrator. I was scared to introduce it at first as I wasn't sure how she was going to react. It was over in a few moments. Never seen her do that before. Our first rabbit broke and we have tried several since, but nothing compares to the Wild Rabbit, for her anyway. I've tried to pay attention to stimulate the hot spots and how she's responding to give her that wild orgasm. Is my ego hurt? No? Men always want to think they're the stud and I did too, but a man just can't do what these things do virtually "every time". And I love to see what they do to her. I don't know if a man can have such a thrilling moment as she does. What a man can do is embrace it and enjoy it with her; I get my moments too!!! Now we have a great combo that I think most folks are looking for; the feel of human kissing and touching with the thrill that only the toys can give (she still will not use them alone even though I encourage her to do so). We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary tomorrow and the Wild Rabbit will accompany us. My moniker now is ToyOPs (Toy Operator). I am sooooo excited.
  6. New To Forums. Xxx. Need Advice/ideas.

    Hey guys and gurls, I was websurfing trying to find bargain toys when I came across this and had to sign up! Toys are so expensive! And DIY things are a bit unsafe.. Plus I'm not very skilled in plain old finger masturbation. I don't even have enough money to get a cheap bullet vibrator! Do any of you have any tips? So far, I found an interesting website with a section on diy toys, and I tried some and they were ok but as soon as the pleasure gets the slightest bit intense I lose myself and can't make it to climax. That's why I want some sort of vibrator, something that can keep going even when I can't. I've read all sorts of advice and so far a lot of people say a vibrating toothbrush is the go, but I don't have one of those.. and I have no idea how to use my phone as a vibrator, people always mention that but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm fed up with inanimate objects. I've pleasured myself using the handle of a disposable razor (I even tried two at once which was great, bit of a tight fit but once they co-operated I made them go in all sorts of directions and the ribbed bits gave me a pleasant surprise), I made my own ben-wa balls and they were okay but I think I'd like them better if I weren't just lying in bed (eg go for a walk or something, but I normally fiddle around during the night) It's just not doing it for me.. I'd really like to have an orgasm or at least have some sort of release, but I get so aroused that I can't finish myself off. Any advice or ideas would make me so happy. Even links to super affordable toys would be great! (and by super affordable I mean under $10AUD with free postage) LOL Looking forward to hearing opinions and ideas! xxo
  7. New To Toys And Looking For Tips

    Hey, I just bought my first three toys today and I while they won't be here for a few days I know I'll have hardly a clue what to do with them once they do arrive. I got the 'My First Bullet', the 'Pixie Vibe', and the stimulating bunny ring... Any suggestions on how to best use them together/separately?