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Found 5 results

  1. Nipple stimulation

    I've been a chronic masturbator for about 2-4 years now and I just began using nipple stimulation a year ago but lately it's kind of lost its touch it's takes a lot to get them hard and it doesn't really stimulate any more any advice on how I can get it back?
  2. I'm running late at the office and have to catch the train I normally don't take. It's almost midnight and there's not that many people in the car. I've been on the edge of horny all day and now that work is over with The feeling has even grown stronger. I shift in my seat and the seam of my jeans rubs me and just the right place so I do it again . The feeling it gives me creates a little breathy moan. I look around to see if anyone is noticed but everyone seems to be in their own world. I decide to be a little more adventurous, and start to rub my fingertips under my jacket across my nipples to tease the feeling shoots straight to my core straight to my pussy and my moan is louder, but I'm not caring anymore. I spread my legs a little more and start rolling my hips, I pull one of my nipples our of my shirt of my bra start to roll it, and pinch it and then I push my breast up so I can get my nipple near my mouth and began to suckle it and then to pull on it with my teeth, my had rolls back on the seat and that's when I see him watching me from the upper balcony so I lean back to give him a better view shoving first one then another finger in my mouth, getting them nice and wet. He's leaning over further and his had has moved down to his crotch starting to palm his erection. My fingers leave my mouth and slip into the front of my pants making its way to my clit and I lean forward to increase the pressure and that's when I see another man in the seat in front of me, looking at me, starting to rise from his seat. I start to panic, not knowing what I really want and the man walking towards me senses this and slides in front of the seat ahead of me, starting to unbuckle his belt, reaching in to pull his cock out. This is what I want, I cant my hips forward and slide my jeans off, pulling my legs up and over the seat in front of me, exposing myself to him. He drops forward, bracing himself on the bench. "Let me see you, all of you". I'm about to resond when I hear another voice from my right and it's the man from the balcony, "Yes, show him, show us". I remove my shirt and he reaches for my breast, rubbing it and pulling on the nipple. It's all too much and I'm on fire, my pussy is beyond wet and throbbing. The only words I'm able to breath are "Yes, yes please". The stranger on my right drops to his knees and takes a nipple in his mouth, moving his hand to the other as I hold his head in place with my wet fingers.
  3. Long story short, She does it all, except anal, no problem for me. The thing is, I am into going down for a creampie taste but she will not be more dominant, when I am done, I am DONE! She needs to push me into stuff. She just won't! She says she likes all the things we have done, from doing it in front of a live peepshow girl, to eating my cum. But I mentioned that she would need to push a bit after I cum, to make me eat her. She says she likes the idea and it turns her on. Well? How do I get her to be more dominant? I fantisized and get turned on everytime, Once we have our toys and our DVD on, and I will stroke and she has her vibe, She cums a few times, I will eat her, A few times I have had a good amount of cum before I actually orgasmed. and she was down there gently stroking it out, We both tasted it and kisssed, It was so good! But, She says she wants to do this, I know she does, But the dominating factors are not on her side? I would like her to grab my head and stick it into her cum covered pussy or tits. Any Ideas what I should tell her?
  4. Hello

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am scared a bit and want to get everyone's opinion. I am a guy and I'm pretty much addicted to anal masturbation. I am not gay at all never even thought about being gay and never will. I've had relationships with girls before and they went well. I started masturbating when I was about 14, since about 15 I found one of my moms dildos and tried it in my ass. I fell in love with it. Now everyday or any free chance I get I try find something to put in my ass. I put cups up there that aren't class but plastic sturdy cups. The biggest cup I have gotten to completely fit all the way in my ass is a 6 inch long by 4 inch wide cup and I can completely fit that. I can fit up to 2 regular cucumbers in my ass fine. I am interested in buying a few dildos and want to get everyone's opinion on what I should get that would challenge me. Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Video

    So i want to make a video but i want to be sexy in it. Could anybody give me some tips on what to do to make my vid more sexy? any advice is appreciated thanks!