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Found 7 results

  1. Masturbation Idea

    i need and enjoy masturbation but doing it alone is getting old. It seems to me in this day and age that there should be a way to chat to each other while both masturbating. I’m not talking about a pay site, just normal horny people masturbating together via chat or text. I believe this would be exciting and erotic, not to mention the awesome orgasm you could have at the same time. I am a male who prefers females but it could be with any sexual attraction. Anyone have any ideas or know of a site ? Please share your ideas.
  2. Male ejuctulation

    Premature is NOT the problem! Nerve damage in the spine is the problem! But I get the point and the pain will make it go away! Only pain meds is ibuprofen! We have to start all over! We have tried different potions and so on and need to know if there is a cream for making me more sensitive! I usually give up trying to cum which leads to more frustration! Urologist says plumbing is fine!
  3. I need to know! I have a girlfriend who was bitching about catching her boyfriend watching porn, and she said they got into a huge fight! She looked at my like I was crazy when I told her I didn't see anything wrong with it - am I a weirdo, lol? YOU CATCH HER/HIM WATCHING PORN. IS THIS CHEATING? Thoughts? -Angela
  4. Hi I have a question! So every time I masturbate and I reach climax I end up making a mess on the bed. Most of the times it happens. At times I won't make a mess on the bed. Anyways, I only end up doing this when I do clitoral stimulation. I don't feel anything when I put my fingers inside myself which is another concern So when I do "wet the bed" 50/50 of the times I do it will smell a bit like urine. So am I really peeing?? And how do I stop it? A couple of times it ends up shooting out when I get a really good orgasm and I make even more of a mess! O.o
  5. New To Forums. Xxx. Need Advice/ideas.

    Hey guys and gurls, I was websurfing trying to find bargain toys when I came across this and had to sign up! Toys are so expensive! And DIY things are a bit unsafe.. Plus I'm not very skilled in plain old finger masturbation. I don't even have enough money to get a cheap bullet vibrator! Do any of you have any tips? So far, I found an interesting website with a section on diy toys, and I tried some and they were ok but as soon as the pleasure gets the slightest bit intense I lose myself and can't make it to climax. That's why I want some sort of vibrator, something that can keep going even when I can't. I've read all sorts of advice and so far a lot of people say a vibrating toothbrush is the go, but I don't have one of those.. and I have no idea how to use my phone as a vibrator, people always mention that but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm fed up with inanimate objects. I've pleasured myself using the handle of a disposable razor (I even tried two at once which was great, bit of a tight fit but once they co-operated I made them go in all sorts of directions and the ribbed bits gave me a pleasant surprise), I made my own ben-wa balls and they were okay but I think I'd like them better if I weren't just lying in bed (eg go for a walk or something, but I normally fiddle around during the night) It's just not doing it for me.. I'd really like to have an orgasm or at least have some sort of release, but I get so aroused that I can't finish myself off. Any advice or ideas would make me so happy. Even links to super affordable toys would be great! (and by super affordable I mean under $10AUD with free postage) LOL Looking forward to hearing opinions and ideas! xxo
  6. Is This Really An Orgasm?

    Ok, so obviously I'm going to think it's a real orgasm because, well, it's the only thing I've ever encountered during sex that makes me feel so good. The ONLY reason I am questioning is because I hear stories of women with multiple, long and drawn-out orgasms- women who are ready for round two quickly after. I've been with my hubby for 8 years and have had partners before him: Never has an orgasm lasted more than about 5 seconds. Immediately after it happens, I clam up and lose all sexual arousal, to the point where my vagina actually "forces" my husband out. The orgasm itself feels WONDERFUL...I just wish it would last longer and perhaps one day, get to a point where I can keep going for a 2nd one. I can't even fathom the thought of being sexual after I cum, is this unusual? The orgams do vary in intensity depending on the situation, I've noticed that I get a different overwhelming feeling when having anal intercourse- either way, it's always great. Is this what a "normal" or typical orgams sounds like?
  7. I just don't know anymore. I'm almost 22 years old and I've only had one -real- orgasm, and that was during a solo session. I've felt pretty good plenty of times before and after that experience. Getting wet isn't terribly difficult. My boyfriend is very talented in making me feel pleasure, and my toys can still get me kind of close, like to the point when I start to feel the way I did that time. The contractions and the heady, occasionally headache inducing, (I learned that it was out of a need to breathe deeply) lovely experience. So I suppose I could sort of count a couple of other experiences when it started, but I didn't actually finish having one those other times. -.- Rather than drunken sounding giggles or an 'Oh, wow, holy crap, that was awesome,' it ended in groans of frustration and 'dammit, I wasn't done, why did it have to stooop...?' It was kinda like, climbing, and climbing, and expecting to get somewhere, seeing your goal and... then falling off just before getting there. -.-; (Why? At first it was a lot of reasons. My hand got tired, I moved the wrong way, my toy slipped, the batteries died, I have really crappy luck I suppose and after I get that far only to be let down, I usually give up. I -have- made genuine attempts afterward, but multiples don't seem to work for me, which is unnerving for me as a woman since that's... suppose to be one of the great things about being a girl, isn't it? You can go at it again...?) At this point? I really don't know what to do. I just can't seem to get 'far enough' anymore. The more I try, the less of a response I get out of myself. That in mind, I've taken breaks before, a week or so. It doesn't seem to help. I've tried other forms of stimulation, and yeah, they've occasionally gotten me a little further. (Anal toys, for instance? It was weird to me at first, but apparently I do like that sort of thing.) Closest I seem to get is triple stimulation and it STILL doesn't work. I've tried breathing techniques, finding my G-spot, so on and so forth. I've tried those stimulating gels, too. Complete waste of time for me so far. Also, cliteral stimulation in general... sometimes it feels effective? But usually, no. Seriously, what the hell, am I broken or something? I'm actually a bit of a late bloomer, I didn't even really start 'doing stuff' with myself consistently til about age 18 for crying out loud. (If you knew my mother, you'd understand.) How the hell am I having this much trouble when I've barely gotten started... x.x At this point that experience has become a distant--lovely, but very distant--memory. Honestly, more than once, I threw up my hands and went "fine, what the hell, I can live without it." And in said fit of exasperation, I might have actually left the subject alone, if not for something, or rather, someone bringing it back up. I know my boyfriend wants to be able to make me climax. It's important to him. The way he told passionate he was about it...kinda makes me feel like crying. I think it's actually heart-breaking for him that I can get him to, but he hasn't had any success with me, and I just... ... don't know if I can anymore. Help? ... Please?