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Found 4 results

  1. Bullets bullets bullets! I just love the versatility of bullets!!! And this one packs a lot of "bang" for a bullet as well! It's definitely hot, just as the name suggests! Calexotics' Red Hot Spark bullet is a USB rechargeable 5" bullet that is covered with a seamless, smooth, soft, silicone skin, is a gorgeous, hot red color, and is a unique design. The bullet body reminds me of a streamlined fish shaped (minus the fins). The "tail, however, is pointy, and has a hole in the middle. They call it an encaser, for a surrounding stimulation all around the clit. Or, you can use the point itself for direct stimulation. It comes with the USB cord (but not a plug), to charge it. Mine came mostly charged, which threw me off, because most rechargeable toys say to charge for at least 4 hours before playing. However, after less than an hour, the red blinking light at the base (also the power button), stopped blinking & shut off, which I found out that means it's fully charged. Some toys lights stay on solid when it's fully charged. This does not. The box also instructed that it will run for about 30 minutes on High, and 3 hours on Low speed. Complete charge in 2.5 hours, which is handy if you're in a hurry or on the go!! Plugging it in to the small hole is very tight, and is located near the bottom of the base, but not on the bottom. Just look for a small hole, kinda like a belly button. The instructions on the box read to hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on/off. However, mine took almost 5 seconds to turn on/off with the button, so, don't freak out if it takes a couple of extra seconds. After the snaffus of charging and turning it on/off, I was able to settle down and play. 10 vibe settings are sure to please any enjoyer of this toy as well! I loved how quiet this bullet is, and how strong it is as well. I teased myself with it for a bit before deciding to see if encasing my clit area with it would work. Ok, just a bit over, here, no, a little over there....ok.....yep.....that's.......Um, whoa!!! Yes!! Fire in the hole!! Wow! I was seeing "red" in no time! I can't wait to try this hottie in the shower, around the house, everywhere!!! Just remember, it's silicone, so don't use any silicone based lubes with it. Yep, this gets a very high rating from me for sure!!! Love the fire that this baby created! After using it, and if you read the reviews, you'll find that it's fairly easy to use, especially easy to clean, and it works! The box it comes in makes for perfect storage as well. Where's the fire? Down below!
  2. Bliss Rechargeable Wand

    Pink B.O.B. is a growing sex toy manufacturer that has been giving other companies some major competition. Their innovative ideas and products have really set the bar higher! I must say that the overall idea of this wand is ideal!!! It's rechargeable, so no fumbling around for batteries. Just make sure you don't lose the USB port plug (which is included) because even though you can charge it in a USB port, it's other end is not like the smartphone plugs at all. It's a small post, that reminds me of the old school style headphones, but smaller. It also comes with a wall/outlet plug for the USB port to go into (like most cell phone chargers do). Be sure it's fully charged before you use it so you will know you're getting the best vibe strength possible. The bulbous head is covered in a soft silicone. The neck is flexible, which helps put it gently where you want and need it. There are 3 buttons on the pretty blue wand's handle. The bottom one powers it on and off. Easy. The middle one cycles thru the different vibe patters. The top one is suppose to cycle thru the vibe strengths. The toy is slightly curved for easier holding and positioning too. So good, right? This is where my review is not going to be very descriptive of it's pros and cons. My test was going really well. Loved the vibe strength.....however, the vibe strength is stuck on HIGH (I think), which is good for me, and the stimulations got both of us off, however, I was disappointed that I couldn't see if it got any stronger, or what. This is where I must brag about TT's return policy!!! Since I'm a Reviewer, I requested a step-up with massagers to try instead. But, with anything else you purchase, you sometimes get things that just don't work, for whatever reason. But, if you DO receive a "dud" from TT, whether it's something you just got, or you got 6 months ago from TT, unlike other sites where you're stuck with what you have, TooTimid has a 1 year guarantee on ALL of their toys!!! So, if it's a newbie, or a few months old, you contact them, tell them the issue, and they will send you a replacement!!!! I've only had to do this a handful of times (and I've been with TT at least 10 years now!!!). I always recommend TooTimid to all of my friends that talk about getting sex toys!!! No other site I've come across has offered the one year guarantee! I will still recommend this wand to anyone wishing to try one. Due to everything else that worked so well, I'm confident that this toy is well worth the investment, especially if you've always wanted to try a wand out! Plus, because it's rechargeable, you don't have to worry about extra weight due to batteries. So, try to get your Bliss on! Bliss Wand
  3. 80mm Rechargeable Bullet Gold I am a avid bullet user, what can I say I love the convenience. What I always feel is a downside is the replacement of batteries I am always having to buy as it can get rather expensive quickly. I was super excited when I received my new 80mm Rechargeable Bullet, at first glance the cosmetic elegant look alone had me intrigued. Inside the box was a well made sleek black compact case with a clear top to view inside. The gold bullet rested nicely in a charging dock against a nice sized compact mirror, perfect for fixing your hair or wiping away the sweat from your brow when you are done. The USB cord is nestled neatly inside the bottom of the case with easy to remove lid for convenient storage. The bullet itself can easily be placed in the charging dock with no hassle or fuss, and a red light to show it has power. The bullet itself had many different vibration modes 7 to be exact and on the most part put out pretty decent vibrations. For those who like a steady stream vibration like myself it has 3 settings to choose from ranging from low, Med, High or if your in the mood a range of patterned vibrations. The bullet itself can last up to 2 hours on a single full charge that takes roughly 40-45 minutes, making it ideal for foreplay and will last through your pleasure times and can be shut off by simply holding your finger down on the end. The gold bullet is advertised to be quite quiet but I have to say while using it seems to be a tad on the noisy side. The power it produces is quite nice, personally I prefer a much stronger direct power, which it did not provide for me. Outside of the amazing appearance and easy charging convenience I did not find much of difference in this bullet compared to my others. I was a bit let down by that fact myself but generally if this was someone's first vibrator I would be extremely pleased with it.
  4. Magic Massager 2.0

    Improving On A Classic! Oh how I love my Magic Massager - and now there is version 2.0! What makes this version BETTER? Well, firstly it is RECHARGEABLE! HALLELUJAH! One of the drawbacks of the original was being restricted by outlet access! Now, there is no more cord to contend with! Just charge this baby up and enjoy unrestricted playtime with your new massaging pal! PLUS, the head of this massager is adorned with ridges AND bumps to increase the massaging pleasure wherever you may place it. Also, there are other heads available (all bumps, power nubs, G-spot - you name it!) So, invest in this massager and decide what options you want to go along with it! The thing I have always loved about my Magic Massager is that it is NOT just for masturbation. It truly is a fantastic item for massaging your back, thighs, neck, shoulders. In fact, I have used my massager when my children have had leg cramps! It is a powerful massager for wherever you may need some rubbing. Speaking of rubbing, it is - of COURSE - fantastic for masturbation. This is a POWERFUL toy and delivers very intense vibrations where you want them. For me, this item can bring on rapid, multiple orgasms! When I feel like getting "down and dirty" with my play - no muss, no fuss - I use my Magic Massager! I can just charge her up and make myself climax until I have had my fill! I love the fact that I can bring my massager all over my house without having to worry about outlets! Hey, I may even bring this beauty for a car ride some day soon! The sky is the limit with this rechargeable bad boy! The only slight downfall to this item (and pretty much ALL massagers like this) is that it is not silent. It has a Hi-Torgue motor for the power you want, but it is not silent. Although, this model is definitely quieter than the original and the flexible head is a giant plus too! So, why settle for the 1.0 version when you can have the advanced, 2.0 version! Get the Magic Massager 2.0 today and start rubbing all your cares away and rubbing some orgasms in!