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Found 6 results

  1. Looking to try something new!

    Hello everyone, long time reader, first time poster. My girlfriend and I have been together for sometime and would really like to spice things up. We have already explored some toys, light S&M, role play, etc. We were very curious in the position I have pictured below. Is there a name for this? and not just general pegging, dildo etc. Anyone try and care to share their experiences??
  2. Male ejuctulation

    Premature is NOT the problem! Nerve damage in the spine is the problem! But I get the point and the pain will make it go away! Only pain meds is ibuprofen! We have to start all over! We have tried different potions and so on and need to know if there is a cream for making me more sensitive! I usually give up trying to cum which leads to more frustration! Urologist says plumbing is fine!
  3. I need to know! I have a girlfriend who was bitching about catching her boyfriend watching porn, and she said they got into a huge fight! She looked at my like I was crazy when I told her I didn't see anything wrong with it - am I a weirdo, lol? YOU CATCH HER/HIM WATCHING PORN. IS THIS CHEATING? Thoughts? -Angela
  4. Hi How Are You? My Name Is K

    Just want to say Hello
  5. 50 Shades Of Grey

    Is anyone else loving the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy??!! I'm already halfway done with the last book! -Ang
  6. My guy really likes me to rub his prostate, and I'd love to incorporate some prostate play during sex. He doesn't really like vibration anally, but I'm thinking a butt plug or anal beads? Anyone have any ideas of toys to stimulate his prostate while we're having sex? Thank you!