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Found 5 results

  1. Lux Wand

    I love powerful vibes! And, usually, there's no more powerful punch than something that is plug in. And what's more luxurious than having powerful pleasure at the touch of an electric button? The Lux Wand is a pretty pink plug in, which comes in a fairly non-descript box, and is well packaged, so you don't have to worry about your Lux coming to you damaged. The wand itself is hard plastic, and the head is covered in a silicone removable cup-type sleeve. This makes it very easy to clean, and silicone is really easy to care for. Also means that it doesn't have a rubbery smell to it. I don't care for the fact that the cup is white, since that seems to get dirty-looking, but so far, so good, brightness wise. The neck of the wand is bendable, so you can get to those places juuuuuuuust right........... You don't have to worry about batteries, because, like I said, it's a plug in. This does mean that you can't take it into the tub or shower though. There are only 2 easy to use buttons on it, The On/Off and the one with a heart on it. The heart controls the 10 different settings on the wand, from low to high, then a variety of vibe strengths. It's actually pretty quiet, which is always nice. Plugging it in and playing with the settings, I was impressed with the vibe strength, but it was just shy of the higher setting that I liked. No matter, I gave it a whirl, and started massaging my breasts and then worked my way down on a medium setting. I like steady vibes, though the patterns are nice, but kind of a standard pattern cycle, like most toys that have vibe patterns. So, no wondrous surprises there. Because the head is rounded, it can't give me the absolute direct stimulation I prefer, so it took me a little while of playing to cum, but that's not necessarily a bad thing!!! The massage it gives is nice, and can be a lot of fun for couples to have some relaxing playtime with. It's great for beginners since it's so easy, and the wand is easy to hold on to. It is a bit large (12" long in total, and a little over 2" in diameter), but you can get use to the whole idea of a wand this way. It's also great because it comes with a LONG cord (9'!!!). So, you can plug it in, stow it, and move around a bit more freely. I give this toy a 2.5 out of 4 Tyger Paws rating. I would've given more had it either had a pointy add on cup/sleeve, or a bit more power. Lux Wand Bippity-Boppity-WHOO!
  2. Bliss Rechargeable Wand

    Pink B.O.B. is a growing sex toy manufacturer that has been giving other companies some major competition. Their innovative ideas and products have really set the bar higher! I must say that the overall idea of this wand is ideal!!! It's rechargeable, so no fumbling around for batteries. Just make sure you don't lose the USB port plug (which is included) because even though you can charge it in a USB port, it's other end is not like the smartphone plugs at all. It's a small post, that reminds me of the old school style headphones, but smaller. It also comes with a wall/outlet plug for the USB port to go into (like most cell phone chargers do). Be sure it's fully charged before you use it so you will know you're getting the best vibe strength possible. The bulbous head is covered in a soft silicone. The neck is flexible, which helps put it gently where you want and need it. There are 3 buttons on the pretty blue wand's handle. The bottom one powers it on and off. Easy. The middle one cycles thru the different vibe patters. The top one is suppose to cycle thru the vibe strengths. The toy is slightly curved for easier holding and positioning too. So good, right? This is where my review is not going to be very descriptive of it's pros and cons. My test was going really well. Loved the vibe strength.....however, the vibe strength is stuck on HIGH (I think), which is good for me, and the stimulations got both of us off, however, I was disappointed that I couldn't see if it got any stronger, or what. This is where I must brag about TT's return policy!!! Since I'm a Reviewer, I requested a step-up with massagers to try instead. But, with anything else you purchase, you sometimes get things that just don't work, for whatever reason. But, if you DO receive a "dud" from TT, whether it's something you just got, or you got 6 months ago from TT, unlike other sites where you're stuck with what you have, TooTimid has a 1 year guarantee on ALL of their toys!!! So, if it's a newbie, or a few months old, you contact them, tell them the issue, and they will send you a replacement!!!! I've only had to do this a handful of times (and I've been with TT at least 10 years now!!!). I always recommend TooTimid to all of my friends that talk about getting sex toys!!! No other site I've come across has offered the one year guarantee! I will still recommend this wand to anyone wishing to try one. Due to everything else that worked so well, I'm confident that this toy is well worth the investment, especially if you've always wanted to try a wand out! Plus, because it's rechargeable, you don't have to worry about extra weight due to batteries. So, try to get your Bliss on! Bliss Wand
  3. Holy Cow

    If I could write a review that really got down to the point quickly it would read, "This is the ONLY toy you will ever need." I may be a bit bias but I am a huge fan of silicone based toys so naturally this is one of the reasons I decided to give it a go. The eye catching appeal to the shape and sleek chic look was too hard to pass up on. I was super excited when it arrived only days after my ordering. The packaging was okay, nothing I would personally make a fuss about although it came with a little red storage bag. Personally I prefer items that have somewhat of a box that can maintain my toys long after I tear into them, but that's just me. My first reaction when I got it out of the packaging was wow it really has some weight to it, not to heavy but enough to make you pause and think about it. The grip is amazing, due to the girth of the head and the thinner neck it made it really comfortable to hold in my small womanly hands. Personally I love a toy with various functions and capabilities, and this wand has it. Do not let the look fool you, it is possible to bend the neck of the wand and with ease even though it may look like a rather hard solid piece it has give to it in the right places. I was pleased to find the inlay-ed buttons so I do not have to worry about accidentally pushing the button or rough bulging edges. Unlike some toys the inlay allows me to easily turn it off and on and go through the 8 powerful vibration functions with just a slight push. Again I have to go back to the pure power of this item. To keep it clean since this is a review not a erotic novel I will have to just say the experience I had with this was like nothing I have ever had with a Wand. My legs were vibrating for a long while afterwards and I can honestly tell you it was amazing and nothing less. Believe it to be true or not I sear by my word on this one it for me anyways was stellar. Super easy to clean and powerful enough to use as a actual useful functioning massage wand on those sore muscle days. The hypoallergenic silicone makes for a easy clean up and easily stores in my bedside drawer in its little red bag. The name really speaks for itself Holy Cow, is right! 100% hands down worth getting first timer or experienced its truly an experience you will not want to miss out on. I am glad I made this choice, no regrets 100% satisfied every time. View the Product:
  4. Wow. Just wow. Anyone that's read a few of my reviews knows I love love love glass dildos! They are so versatile! Hypoallergenic, strong, smooth, easy to care for & clean, no need for batteries, no strong plastic/rubber smells, and able to give us gals that love firm pressure, exactly what we want. With an insertable length of almost 6", this 7"+ beauty is perfect for having some sensual fun. Curved for added stimulation, and having bumps on the shaft for extra pleasure, this glass toy is perfect and feels oh, so good!!! The base has 2 bulbs on it for easy gripping, Its 1.25" diameter really makes you feel full and satisfied. I was already excited when I got my newest item, and the box that this toy came in added excitement and class to my glass. The box is black, with the 50 Shades of Gray logo on it, and then you slide a classy looking black box out of the covering box. The flexible plastic that the toy was set in was hard to get it out of, but the toy was definitely well protected. The packaging is discreet, and worthy of gift-giving as well. Washing was a breeze, as it is with all glass toys, just soap and water, rinsing very easily. I loved the coolness of the toy. Did you know that glass is a great conductor? It is!! You can put it in hot water to add heat, or even freeze it, for an added jolting thrill. I just used warm water to warm my toy up a bit, and settled down to business. It slid in easily, and it felt sooooo good!!! It only took a few thrusts to stimulate my g-spot, soaking my sheets, and curling my toes. I think Mr. Grey would be very proud of my reactions. This toy is also perfect for anyone that is wanting to try a sex toy, but may be intimidated about a more realistic toy. This toy is beautiful, functional, and fun to use!!
  5. Easy Love Mini Wand

    I have never had the opportunity till now to try out one of these wands so of course when I got it discreetly at my door I quickly ran inside to try it out. First thing I checked for was batteries which to my surprise required none. Inside the package my mini wand came complete with a USB and A/C adapter making it pretty convenient to plug in just about anywhere. Easy Love Mini Wand takes minimal time to charge just 90 minutes will give you up to 90 minutes of vibration heaven. I love the fact that I have had it sitting on my nightstand for about a week now and grabbed it last night to find it had kept it's charge, WoW! The wand itself was a very satisfying size of 7.25" a pleasurable size compared to its many competitors which for me was a perfect fit for my small hands. Don't let the small size detour you as this tiny wand packs a whopping 11,000 rpm's at its highest setting. I found even the lowest setting incredibly enjoyable and the scroll wheel makes for easy hassle free vibration changes. The noise level is a tad bit loud but with other ambient sounds such as music or a fan it tends to muffle it out. The first time I used it I found myself squirming just to keep it on my clit the vibrations were intense!! The head of the wand is slightly flexible made of soft seamless medical grade silicone and is about the size of a quarter. Personally when it came to cleaning I would recommend a easy clean up of cleansing wipes, keeping liquid free from getting near the charging port. My only con on this product was not really about the product at all and more so towards the packaging. I found that the products box contained a great amount of information but the spelling is horrendous I found myself even questioning my own spelling " Do not Immeries in water" is one of the few flaws you will find on the box. Outside of obvious packaging flaws this product met my expectations plus some. I will forever be keeping this close by my bedside. Link to product: