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Grooming...oh No!


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So I thought that I would groom for my SO, its been a while and we are getting together for a special holiday this weekend and I decided that I would shave it all off :kiss: .

I used a brand new razor, it was an venus breeze i think, shaving cream.I even read the topic on " How to shave your private parts" (http://www.tootimid.com/index.php/articles/info/shaving/)

first I did it this early because I was enticing him with pics :D and second I am massivly busy in the next 3 days befor we get together... nice thought huh?

weeelll the problem i have is that I notice little red bumps. :( ARGH! they are unsightly, little bit itchy, but for the most part i think they are either razor burn or ingrown hairs.

what could i have done wrong, more importantly what can I do to make them go away! I have 3 more days...

any suguestions? will they go away in time do you think? He, laughed when I told him, (we are in different states) Told me not to worry, So I know he is fine with it but, frankly it doesnt look purty!

thank you in advance!

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That is a common problem when you go a while between shaving, or it's the first time. It will go away, but may take time. Coochy spray, witch hazel, or some sort of an astringent that you are careful with---don't want it inside, may help.

The best thing to know is that it will get better!

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