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Liquid Silk Lubricant


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Can one have too many lubes? I don’t think so, especially not water-based lubes. So many different materials can be used with water-based lubes, condom safe, and lots of fun!

When seeing the word “silk” in any product, you instantly think soft & silky, & luxurious…..and that’s absolutely what you get with Liquid Silk Lubricant. Sealed for your protection, this flip-top bottle is 1.69 oz. The small hole at the top of the cap is a perfect size for applying as much or as little as desired, though I’m here to tell you that a little goes a long way. It’s glycerin-free & non-staining. It’s almost odor-free too. It’s a hard scent to distinguish, but there is a slight smell to it which I didn’t find unpleasant.

I decided to use this milky-colored lube with one of my new toys, made of rubber. Rubber can be a tricky material to use with or without lube because it’s so porous, it can be uncomfortable using if it’s too dry, so what a perfect test item for a test product!

4 small dabs on my finger, then applied it to the rubber toy, rubbing it all over, I was totally impressed with the coverage capability, and that it didn’t feel tacky either. But, the true test came upon insertion. I had excited myself with one of my favorite bullets, and, then I slowly inserted the toy. Nice, smooth, & slick! And it lasted the full length of my, um, session as well. Since it’s water-based, it cleaned off the toy very well, and didn’t leave any residue on/in me either after I cleaned up. I would definitely recommend this lube for anyone to try out anytime the need arises! ;)


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I love liquid silk. I have to agree that it doesn't feel tacky and seems like a little goes a long way.

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