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SE0392-10-2main.jpgGOT INK???? I do....in more ways than one.

OK, so I have rarely ordered a toy just because I thought it was 'cute' - but I'll admit, I did order this one for that reason.....and that fact that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE glass toys! When I saw this petite glass probe I HAD to have it. As a woman with her own Ink (body ink, as in tattoos) I just HAD to have this hand-blown piece of art!!

This perfectly sized inked-up glass dildo is a perfect 6" long and 1.25 inches wide with a slightly bent tip. The flat bottom makes it easy to hold and it could be used in a harness if desired. It is adorably adorned with a traditional tattoo 'mix' including an anchor, cross, heart and ribbon. Obviously, because it is made of glass you can use any lube you like, it cleans up easily in hot, soapy water, and it can be chilled or heated up for sensation play.

I couldn't wait to insert my inked plaything so I lubed up, layed down and started to play. This probe is perfect for hitting those tender inside spots. The bent head hit my G-spot easily. The size is average and since it is glass, the firmness really helped to tease and tantalize my insides. When I felt all tingly and good I hit my clit with a vibrating bullet and instantly went into orgasm! I LOVE the feel of glass as my pussy clenches around it! I continued to push and pull this baby in and out of me until I had worked myself up into a frenzy again - nearly having a G-Spot O (and I may have if my little guy didn't wake up early from nap!)

I would recommend this bad boy to ANY woman interested in a quality glass toy that is also VERY CUTE! Just the right size for perfect play - and I have said it before, once you go glass you'll never go back!

This toy is the best way to be POKED without PAIN - only PLEASURE! Get INKED!!!

Got Ink?

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Best of both worlds!! I LOVE it!! Thanks! <3

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nice. oh modern technology and art. how I love it!

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