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Petite Vibrating Nipple Teasers


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At first I wanted to see how it felt so I put it on the tip of my pinky and you could definitely feel the vibrations. This has four wonderful settings that change with just a push of the button on the wired remote. So I didn't wait long in trying it out. I attached a clamp to one nipple first. The clamp has little screws to adjust the tightness. I loosened it almost all the way to get used to it. It took a little getting used to but before long I tightened it up some. The tiny bullet that is encased in plastic on each cord works in giving you those wonderful vibrations in the each clamp. The cords each measure 3 feet in length.

I proceeded to turn up the vibrations and also tried tugging on them. This was not possible with previous ones I have purchased, as at the least bit of touching they would come off. I pulled firmly and they remained attached, in fact to the point that I put a small bruise on my poor nipple! The clamps are small but oh so nice. I feel this is great as you can adjust the clips to regulate the pressure: a little or a lot.They are advertised as being quiet, and I agree---they were very quiet. In fact I am thinking about trying them out in public. It would make for an interesting time. You or your partner can control the remote so long as they are nearby.

I found something to add to the fun. On the second time around I attached these and then took out my favorite toy and in absolutely no time I was riding wave after wave. If you are looking for something to add for yourself or with a partner, for use as one toy or in combination with other toys, I would highly recommend these.

I will let you know that I am one very happy toy user!

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Very nice!!! Nipplicious, in fact!!! :)

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