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Fruity Booty Anal Lube


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We are always on the lookout for new anal lubes. After all, variety is the spice of life. And Adam & Eve products have rarely ever let me down.

This 6.7 oz. bottle with a pop-top, is not only cute, but functional. It says if you squeeze it, it can shoot up into tight spots. I don’t know about that (sounds a bit too uncontrolled & messy to me), but, the lube is WATER-BASED, so it’s condom compatible (so good for all sorts of toy materials), and it’s non-staining.

So, I unscrew the cap, take the seal off, and sniff. It’s suppose to smell like passion fruit, but to me it smelled a lot like cough syrup. Ew. Well, ok, I was getting a whiff of the entire product, so, I screw that cap back on, pull up on the lid, and yes, we have a squirt top! But, remember dear players, the hole is rather large, so don’t squeeze too much, or it’ll go all over…YOU.

I decided to use it on my va-jay-jay this one time, just to see how it works. I like to see how long-lasting all my lubes are, before daring to use them anally.

Using a silicone toy, I lube up the toy, and noticed that the smell wasn’t so bad. I decided to taste it, and it tasted pretty sweet, there was definitely an after-taste in your mouth after.

The lube was very slick, but, being water-based, it was absorbed rather quickly, which is NOT something you want in an anal lubricant. You want it to stay as slick, for as long as possible. So, this lube failed the longevity test for me. However it DID clean up easily.

So, for an anal lube, I would have to rate this a 1 out of 4 Tyger paws, but as a regular, fun, sweet lube, I'll rate it 2.5 Tyger paws. Sorry guys!


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  • Review Team

Thanks for the info Tyger! I have never been too impressed with the fruity ones either. They just seem to promise more than they can deliver. But at least the research is fun! ;)

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