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Eden Snake Of Paradise

Jo Savage

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I was searching for another Eden Snake or Paradise cyberglass toy. I had one and I have woefully destroyed it on accident. I dropped it getting out of the shower and of course it didn't survive the fall. sigh. This was seriously my favorite toy and I can't find it on this site now, or any other site for that matter. Does anyone know if Too Timid will get this toy back (I'd prefer to keep buying from TT cuz they make me happy with all my purchases :))? I'd really love to get another one as soon as possible.


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I don't recall us ever having it, but I LIKE IT!!!

This one looks similar to what you had, however it's not a "snake":



As you can see, it's got the bumps & the curves like the other one you had. Something to think about at least. Hope it helps!!! :)

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You're right, it looks very similar.

I looked around a bit and it seems that the one I am looking for has been discontinued. So disappointed. I can find it but its twice what it used to cost where I have found it. I guess I'll be switching then. Thanks for showing me that one. :)

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You're welcome. Though I checked out that site, and upon further inspection, it does look as if each dildo is cast from the same mold, however, with different colors.

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