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Her students watched her walk – back and forth, back and forth – across the stage of the lecture hall. She was impeccably dressed in a form-fitting, black, high waisted pencil skirt paired with a sheer corset top and a silky chemise underneath. Her too-high, black, sling-backed heels clicked like a metronome on the cold tiles as she walked front of her class. Her nude thigh highs barely peeked out from the seductive slit on the side of her skirt; giving her male students a bit of a thrill when she walked by, as well as giving a soft illusion of the floral tattoo on her right calf. Her soft, brown hair framed her shoulders and her tasteful, silver jewelry nestled nicely in between her voluptuous, 38D breasts. Her ‘professor’ glasses made her look intelligent in a very, wicked way. The lecture hall was full – as normal – and her students eagerly awaited every word as her mind captivated almost as thoroughly as her seductive walk. She liked having her students enthralled by her words as well as her style – it gave her a power trip that she very much enjoyed.

This particular night she noticed a very handsome man sitting in the rear of her class who was not normally there. His gaze was constantly upon her, every time she looked their eyes met for a brief second. He looked seductively dangerous and a bit mysterious, it made her blood chill and her heart race. She found herself speaking almost exclusively to him in her mind. There was just something about him – and she did not know what it was quite yet.

After her lecture, students came up to ask questions, turn in term papers and otherwise engage her. When she had a chance to look, she noticed that the handsome stranger was gone, having blended in with the crowd of students exiting the classroom. She was upset as she wished to speak to him, to know who, exactly, he was.

Exiting the lecture hall, she realized that it was quite late. Her students had kept her past 10 pm, the school was almost abandoned – her favorite time. She loved to walk the halls feeling the presence of all who had walked them before her, listening to the sounds of the University, as in the building itself. She imagined if she were really quiet she could hear professors of decades past discussing any number of topics.

Her office was on the 3rd floor – a long way from the lecture halls. As she rounded the corner of the 3rd floor she saw someone outside her office door. It was HIM -the handsome stranger! She walked up toward him and as she did her heart started to beat faster. There was something about him – something enticing. He was taller than her by quite a bit, soft brownish hair, very handsome. He had a very nice, athletic build. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but he looked really sexy. His eyes reflected the dim light almost like an animal’s would as he watched her walk toward him.

“Hello there,” she greeted him, reaching for her office keys, “what can I do for you?”

“I have come to see you, Mikayla,” he answered, smiling.

He had a very nice, yet though provoking smile. His warm, deep, masculine voice had a tinge of an accent, European she thought. He addressed her informally with her first name, not giving her the deference of Professor. This made her very curious, as any fellow professor or student would have done so. She opened her office, placed her laptop and books on her desk, clicked on the little light behind it and sat down, inviting him to sit.

“Actually, I was wondering if we might take a walk,” he asked, as if it was so simple, so commonplace for her to just ‘walk’ around with strangers. Oddly, she felt no sense of danger, no sense of fear – only excitement – so she agreed. She locked up her office – leaving her personal items on her desk – and they walked down the nearly empty hallways.

“So, are you a student in one of my classes, or a course auditor,” she asked.

“Neither,” he replied simply.

“Oh, well then, what has brought you here,” she questioned.

“You, Mikayla. Just you,” he answered, taking her hand.

This gesture should have been odd – at least - but instead was comfortable. It was almost like she knew him. It was almost like she had been with him before. She did not take her hand away, just kept on walking. Her heels clicking along and his soft shoes making no noise. It was almost as if she were walking with a ghost. A very intriguing, sexy ghost!

As they followed the long, winding halls she found herself getting more and more curious. Every question she asked, he answered simply, with one or two words, divulging nothing about himself. She walked along, holding his hand, feeling enticed and, yes, aroused. She started to notice a very pleasant smell coming from him, a cologne perhaps? Or, maybe just his smell. When they reached the storage closets for the theater department he abruptly stopped. He turned to her, leaning against the wall and grabbed her waist, pulling her toward him. Their lips met and he kissed her – just like he had kissed her a thousand times. She attempted to withdraw, as this shocked her, but he only held her closer and kissed her harder. He bit her lip – gently – but it got her attention. She started to melt into him, yielding to his lips, tongue and mouth. Their kiss became more heated, passionate, needy. She heard the ‘click’ of the door opening and felt herself being pulled into the closet, and for a second panicked. Why was he pulling her in there? In an instant she was surrounded by darkness, the closet was extremely small. Their two bodies barely fit in the space, which made her almost claustrophobic.

He turned her around so that her back hit the wall at the rear of the tiny closet, and reached back to shut the door. It was pitch black, no light at all to help her to see. It was almost like she were wearing a blindfold. He was still kissing her, and she was still yielding to him. His hand went up to her face, stroked her cheek, but then went to her neck. His large, strong hand encircled her neck, squeezing just a bit. For a split second she worried that he was going to kill her and leave her in this closet! However, the way he held her neck made her feel safe – as if he knew what he was doing.

The kisses had become even more heated – their spit mixing around as he kissed her mouth, lips, neck. He pinned her to the wall with his hand on her neck and pressed himself against her. He was hard – very hard – and he was not shy about letting her know. She found herself grinding herself shamelessly against him. He must have taken this as a hint to continue because his free hand reached up and unbuttoned her blouse deftly. He grabbed at her breasts as he kissed, sucked and gently bit on her neck, shoulders and the tops of her breasts. He roughly pulled her breasts out of her lacy bra, exposing the hardened nipples to his hot breath. His hand pulled up her skirt one side, then the other, exposing her thighs and her ass. He never released his grip on her neck, but his other hand explored her body wantonly, eagerly, roughly. She felt her panties being moved aside and her legs being forced open. His hand explored her wetness, opening her petals, smearing the wetness all over her mound.

His hands were so eager to enter her that his fingers began to sink in almost instantly and she muttered ‘Oooh’ as they did. The heat of her pussy was crazy and the excitement that she felt as he ravaged her with his fingers was divinely intense. He plunged his fingers firmly up into her, forcing her legs to open more and her body to actually go up onto her tip toes. She felt herself being lifted up and smushed harder against the wall. He took her left leg and extended it, it met the other wall with no effort; he did the same with her right. There she was, legs spread, panties pushed aside, this sexy stranger’s fingers fucking up into her pussy while she quite literally fucked his hand to orgasm in this tiny, dark closet!

“Cum for me Mikayla,” he whispered in her ear. It was more like a growl, really. A commanding growl that she couldn’t refuse.

“Ooooh, fuck……I’m……Cummmminnnngggg,” she heaved as her legs started to convulse and shake. His fingers did not stop, nor did his kisses. He simply groaned a bit and continued to fuck her with his fingers. Up and into her with just the perfect attention to her clit. He was good. He was damn good.

As she came down from her orgasm, she felt the hard tip of his cock at her opening. She had put herself so deeply into her subspace during orgasm that she did not notice him undoing his pants and setting his cock free. He teased her only momentarily with his cock until thrusting it firmly and deeply into her waiting wetness.

“Ohhh fuck…..Fuck me…..Fuck me now……” she said, breathing heavily and gasping with pleasure. He took her whole weight onto his cock now and bounced her up and down on his manhood, his large cock hitting her cervix with each and every thrust. She was so close to cumming again…..so close. She grabbed at his neck and back, scratching him with her fingernails. He kissed her roughly, sucking on her neck and biting here and there. His breathing was getting more rapid and she knew he was getting close to cumming.

She put her feet back on the wall and used her strength to fuck him. Up and down on his cock she slid, their bodies a tangled twist of sweat and heat. The little closet was an erotic cocoon for both of them. The confinement had forced them to almost become one – one being stuck together in intimate closeness.

His hand released her neck and went to her ass. He grabbed her up and forced her down onto him. His whole length was inside her and he was moaning in the most delicious way. She knew he was close to cumming – she wanted him to cum deep inside her. She bit his earlobe and licked his ear, whispering, ‘Its OK, I want you to fill me with your hot cum!”

“Fuck…Fuck….Oh my God…fuck….” he breathed hard and whispered into her ear.

With that his body became rigid and his grasp on her tightened. He began to empty himself into her. She felt his hot load filling her pussy. He continued to kiss her, less heated now. He slowed his motion and held her on him, grabbing her tightly and squeezing her ass. He picked her up and lowered her to the floor, the hot cum starting to drip down her leg and onto her thigh highs. She didn’t care. She stood there, motionless, breathing heavily in front of him. The sweet scent of sex filled the tiny space and his cum was literally snaking its way down to her ankle. He reached out, brushed her cheek and kissed her neck gently, lovingly. He pulled up his jeans, reached behind him and opened the door, backing out slowly. When the dim light of the hallway hit the small closet she blinked to focus, saw his devilish smile and then he was gone. Just like a ghost he literally vanished.

For quite a while she stood in the closet smelling his scent – and theirs. She reached down and took a sample of his cum and put it to her lips. So sweet.

When she arrived home she started to seriously wonder if it was all a dream – some crazy fantasy she had after a long, stressful day. As she undressed in front of her bedroom mirror she saw them – the marks. The bite marks on her neck, shoulder and breasts. The hand print on her neck. The flushed erotic marks all over her body.

She smiled.

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Thanks! I wrote it on my blog recently....

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Sign me up for you class...I should begin to write erotica again...I kinda miss it.

Hyokahey, I have plenty of room for you...you can sit front and center!

I kind of miss it too.....perhaps you should find some inspiration and treat us to a tale! ;)

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You certainly know how to steam up a place, Mikayla! Thanks!!!

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Love the new corset! Is that you????

Yep. One of the rare 'real me' pictures!!! You like?

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On 9/6/2010 at 11:43 AM, hyokahey said:

Sign me up for you class...I should begin to write erotica again...I kinda miss it.

Yes you should start to write again Hyokahey you are a master of that. 

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