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The Anal Starter Kit comes with .5 “anal beads on a rope, a very slim .5” diameter vibrator that is 5” long, a 4” butt plug with a 1” diameter and a penis sleeve that is 5.25” long and 1” in diameter with many ridges . The vibrator uses 3 AAA batteries, while it not waterproof, can be easily cleaned. All sleeves are made of a soft rubbery plastic. Combine the vibration to either the penis sleeve, or the butt blug for maximum pleasure. The butt plug offers a non-threatening way to explore, especially if inserted without the vibrator inside because it is very soft, while still experience the highly arousing sensations of anal stimulation. The only drawback to inserting the pulg alone is due to the softness thought as it will not stay put without keeping a hand on it. Also included in this kit are anal beads, which measure approx. 13" with 5 small pink balls. These are definitely small enough to allow play without being too threatening. These can be used in multiple ways, either insert them before intercourse and remove upon orgasm, or use them to help prepare for anal intercourse by using them for fullness or getting the sphinchter relaxed. Everything in the kit with the exception of the beads clean up very easily with antibacterial soap and water, the beads have a rope that I found I just didn't really think that I could ever get them clean so I thought that they should be used as a one time use product.

All in all, I would have to say that the wife actually said that the butt plug combined with the vibrator in it, inserted in her, was the best orgasm she has ever had. We used that combination while I was in her elsewhere and she came completely unglued. I have to say it was a nice way to end a weekend get away.


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Julie Ashton's Anal Starter Kit is also excellent! :)

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