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My lover and I are looking to use sex toys in our sexual activities.We are flat broke, and cannot afford anything at this time.Is there anyplace that we can get toys for free?Some suggested that I get the the free toys that tootimid offers, but we cannot even afford the shipping and handling on it.What can we do?

Or, if there is not, what can we use as a substitute?Is there anything?

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Well, I am not so sure I would like to use a 'free' sex toy. TT does offer some freebies, shipping only. In the absence of being able to afford that, you can substitute with some things - but be careful about what you choose. Make sure whatever you use you CLEAN and DISINFECT. I can make a few suggestions: Cucumbers. Yes, I said it. They are smooth, can easily be cleaned, are firm and don't have a sugary content. Using a cucumber can be a good substitute for a dildo. Hairbrush handles. Using a smooth, non-pointed hairbrush handle can also be a good substitute. Just make sure it is cleaned THOROUGHLY before and after. Candlesticks can be a good alternative (tapered candles).

Stay away from breakable items (wine bottles) because when you use non-tempered glass, there is a chance of breakage. If you are thinking about things that vibrate,I would stay clear of those. Some will recommend electric toothbrushes, but be careful with that. Also, don't use wood items (splinters or tears in the vaginal lining can occur). Pretty much smooth, plastic, cleanable items MIGHT work, but remember, plastic is porous (has holes) and bacteria can hide in those holes.

My best advice: save for a real toy, you can get a standard vibe for around 12 bucks!

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