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How does one go about telling their wife that he would like to recieve anal from her.

It is my opinion that when dealing with sex, some people have preconceived idea's about right and wrong, when we all know there is no wrong just different sexual preferences. If you think your wife will automatically snub her nose at the thought of performing anal sex on you bring up the subject and let her know first it's a sensitive subject for you and your putting yourself out on a limb so to speak. Do this on neutral ground not in the bedroom, not after sex, etc.... If she knows this ahead of time, she may listen more carefully and openly to what you say. She may need to think about it for a while, but hopefully she wont say no. Let her know a great many men find great pleasure in anal sex and it's something you would like to experience with her, from her. Also let her know this doesn't mean you are gay, or have gay tendencies, it's a highly practiced by heterosexual, and you would like to learn and experience this with her. Also explain to her that their are sexual aids needed you would like to choose this together. It would be a good idea to get on TT, and read sexual education articles on anal sex together. I stress together, because information is key to success. Hopefully this will help, Let us know how it goes.

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