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For me, testing this product was like a trip down kinky lane! My very first sex toy was a vibrator JUST LIKE THIS ONE! The only difference was the base. On this vibe, the base has a nice little 'gemstone' accent, so very feminine!

In any event, this little toy just proves that sometimes simplicity takes the cake. Sleek and simple, this 4 1/2 inch bullet shaped vibe will buzz you right into a nice, comfortable orgasm. Completely waterproof, this little gem can please on land OR sea - and with multiple vibration levels, it is sure to hit you just the way you want. The vibrations come from inside the shaft, delivering a whole toy vibration. My only complaint is that the vibrations were a bit too low for my clitoral pleasure (I like a really powerful punch) but when I used it internally, it was extremely satisfying.

The smooth bullet shape makes insertion simple and easy. The rounded tip fit perfectly on your most sensitive spaces. At a very non-intimidating 1 inch width, this toy is perfect for beginners! Just insert the 2 C batteries (the product specs on site are incorrect) and you will be ready to play. I will warn you, on the higher setting the vibrations are pretty loud (because the ABS plastic doesn't buffer the vibrations too well) - but with any luck, you will soon be louder than the toy.

So, if you are looking for a simple pleasure - remember, no woman would turn down a gem - and this is one that should be in every woman's toy box!

Be A Gem - Buy A Gem

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I guess if Bling is your Thing!!! LOL ;)

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Ooooh, very nice! Thanks for the review!

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