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Well in my latest adventure I was trying out the Water Slide Lube with carrageenan. This is also non-staining, odorless, vegan and non-toxic. It was great when I opened it and saw that it is sealed in a different way than most. It isn't like an aluminum-type seal that you have to peel off. This had a plastic piece like a plunger that you pull out and the best part you can put it back in for when it is not in use and not have to worry about it leaking at all. The top of the bottle is an easy-to-use flip-open cap instead of having to unscrew it in order to dispense it.

I tried this through vaginal and anal use as I wanted to see how it would work best. I have to say it was great for both. It was great that I didn't have to keep reapplying with anal. Once was definitely enough. In the past I have tried quite a few different types of lubes and had only found one out there that worked the way i wanted, but this one is joining in.

The lube is slightly thin in consistency but definitely a little bit goes a long way. It really lasted and I did not need to reapply at any time. It is water based so is completely compatible with all toys as well.

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Gotta love a good vegan lube! Seriously - I love that it, there are some places animal parts in any form shouldn't go! ;) Thanks for the review!

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