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You…..you light up my life…..you give me hope…..for many orgasms…..you light up my liiiiiiife!!! Thank goodness you can’t hear me singing that (you’d run away, screaming). But after using this clear dual action toy by California Exotics, one of my favorite toy companies, I couldn’t help burst into song (among other things).

First, the basics: The top part of the toy is textured silicone, so be careful to only use water-based lubes. Now, some reviews say that the silicone toys can be boiled, or soaked in a water-diluted bleach soak, however, this toy can’t, since it has electronics at the base, and 2 vibes inside. It has a slide off compartment on the back side of the toy’s base for the 4, yes 4 AAA batteries (not included). I wasn’t very impressed with the door to the battery compartment though, because it slides off a bit too easily, and since it’s on the handle, where you grip it, this was a bit problematic. You could tape it shut, however, remember to take the batteries out after each use, to save your batteries & to protect the toy.

This toy is NOT waterproof.

When I turned it on, it reminded me of another toy I had, also simple & easy to use called the Thumbilina. The Illuminator is bigger, heavier, thicker, more textured, & has more power though. The vertically ribbed head rotates around & around, with the simple slide of the Swing slider on the base. The “neck” is also ribbed but horizontally. The area between the neck and the clit stimulator is covered in nubbies. The Vib. slider controls the vibrations on the clit stimulator. Speaking of the clit stimulator, it’s really cool!! Not only does it have 5 little “fingers”, it has a blue light flickers with the vibes, & is very bright!

I was VERY impressed with the strength of the vibes with a slight push up of the slider controls! I love love love strong vibes! The noise from the vibe was minimal, and increased slightly when turned up. When inserted, the rotation part wasn’t as loud.

Teasing myself with the medium, then strong vibes of the clit stimulator, sliding in the head was easy. I could feel the head really well, since it’s bulbous. Then I slowly turned on the rotations, and upped the vibes of the clit stimulator. I’m not sure if it was the light from the clit stimulator, or me glowing from inside with pleasure, but, feeling all sorts of pleasure, inside & out, I was soon cuming, & cuming, & cuming….and yes, the motor/rotation worked hard to keep on spinnin’ as my orgasm rocked it! I will say that it was a bit frustrating to have to keep messing with the battery lid, so, for a rating, I give it 3.5 (out of 4 Tyger paw) rating!! Meow!

Have a light!!

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Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the review!

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Have you ever felt "in the dark" when it comes to orgasms? Well, this little light up dual action vibrator is sure to ILLUMINATE you in ways you never thought possible. This unique toy has so many possibilities for pleasure!

THe Illuminator is made of a "hygenically superior silicone" - which means it is soft and supple AND you can not use silicone lubes with it. It is NOT waterproof - so do not submerge it. The clear silicone makes it interesting to look at and in a way, it seems futuristic. The head of this toy is very unique, as the ridged shaft that leads to the 'penis-head' shaped top is MOVEABLE and BENDABLE. This came in very handy while I was playing....more on that later.

Right above the clitoral stimulator the shaft has little bumps on it. I can't honestly say that I FELT those when I inserted the toy, but I am sure some people would be more aware of it. The clitoral stimulator is very interesting - it has a little blue light on the end that makes playing fun - especially if someone is helping or watching. There is also an independent bullet cased in the clitoral stimulator which - combined with the little 'fingers' on the end make it very powerful.

My biggest complaint with this toy is that the battery case doesn't stay on well. It takes 4AA batteries and the case slides on the base to enclose the batteries - but it slides off. Perhap a bit of tape would help it to stay on. The controls for the toy are also located on the base - 1 slide for the clitoral stimulator and 1 for the vibrating shaft. So, when the lid slides off, it is hard to adjust the vibrations.

When I played with this toy my immediate thought was that it wasn't hitting me where I wanted it to. The clitoral stimulator was falling a bit...short. BUT THEN I took out the toy and bent the shaft UP so that it would hit my G-spot and barely inserted the toy so that the clitoral stimulator could reach and tease my clit. Oh my GAWD....it was PERFECT. The toy is quite firm to the touch when bent UP, and the clitoral stimulator was powerful on HIGH so I started to cum quickly. I felt the toy stimulating my G too, so I stayed with it through another orgasm and worked up to a fantastic G-spot O!

This toy definitely has a wealth of possibilities! You can bend the shaft to go where it will please you - and the adjustable vibrations make it perfect for any power desire. I love that the shaft vibrates and rotates - and it even took a lickin and kept on tickin' during my orgasm! I loved the clitoral stimulator once I got it positioned where I wanted. I was overall impressed with this toy's power and design - just wish the battery case wouldn't shift, as it made it hard to adjust the vibration.

I think every woman needs to be ILLUMINATED with this great little toy!


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Here is the link to the review I posted for this last night.


This definitely intrigued me when I received it. I took this baby out of its box and gave it a nice warm bath with antibacterial soap. It is not waterproof so be very careful as you do not want it to be dead before you even get to enjoy. Then I let him air dry til it was time for him to come to life. I then slid the clear cover off at the bottom and inserted the 4 AAA batteries needed. They were very easy to install.

The shaft has 5 inches of insertable length and approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. The clit stim measures approximately 2.25 inches in length. At the end it actually looks like 5 little fingers extended from the end.

Off to test the controls before playtime---just like a little kid with a new toy! There are dual controls which is a bonus. The clit stim lights up. As you slide the control forward, the vibration gets stronger and the light gets brighter for the clit stim. As for the shaft, when you slide the control forward the vibration gets more intense and the rotation changes around and picks up in speed as well.

Now it is time to play and go for a test drive. I slowly inserted to see how it felt, at first trying it to see how it felt without the vibrations and the nubs on the shaft. I then started with the clit stim which goes from very low to medium. I am the type of gal that likes a strong vibe and unfortunately this is not it. Then on to the shaft rotation and vibration. As you slide the control up it picks up intensity from low to high and the rotation varies in speed and pattern as you adjust it. It was a nice feeling but not enough to put me over the edge, but it did help the build up.

I am not a big fan of a rotating shaft, and the clit stim was too mild for my taste, though I will have to say that the strength of the vibration in the shaft was very good.

This toy is not for me, but others who prefer a more gentle touch may love it.

This toy can be used by beginners or advanced.

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I saw you posted the review just a little while ago. I guess there was lag or something, cuz when I posted mine, there was no other one either! Weird!! Sorry you didn't like it as much. Mine didn't seem overly gentle, and the vibes were strong! Ah well, this just goes to show you that each of us is different, and that what works for one person may not work for another! :)

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Oh exactly...every person is different. I figured I would put my link and review with yours just in case so that it was with the others.

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Looking at this toy the only thing that came to my mind was some porn I saw years ago about the future. While this did not excite me it did make me laugh and that in itself can be a turn on . The first problem I had with the toy is you must be extremely careful while cleaning. This toy is not waterproof and can’t be submerged, there is no space between the silicone and the electronic parts. The second problem was the battery compartment, while at first I was thinking this is so easy to use, I soon realized that with sliding controls and a sliding compartment on the opposite sides of the base makes for a difficult time sliding exactly what you want.

Putting batteries in the toy was a breeze, it requires 4 AAA After inserting them I would definitely recommend taping the bottom so that the compartment door does not open .

The clitoral teaser is where the little blue light is hiding on this toy and in a dark it throws off plenty of light to see everything!! On the tip of this teaser there is also what looks like a little robot hand .

When this baby is turned full blast the vibes are strong right up to the tips of those tiny fingers. The neatest thing about the clitoral teaser is the more you turn up the control the brighter the light gets , this definitely makes for some fun play.

The rotating head has ripples in the opposite direction of what I was expecting and then the opposite of the head the feel of these opposites inside is unexplainable its so different I have never felt anything like that and I really enjoyed it!!

This is definitely a keeper, It did not take to long for me to truly enjoy myself(with a little tape).

Be careful what lube you use with this toy it is silicone and any silicone based lube will eat it and that would ruin a great toy!! Enjoy the light of your life you won't regret it!!

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