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$1.99 Rabbit Vibrator

Pearlshine Pleaser


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Pearlshine Pleaser

When I saw this one I was like wow. It may not be the shiniest or the prettiest color but definitely has other positives about it. For starters it is waterproof which is very nice. It measure 8 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. It is off white in color with a veined look to it.

So I took it out and it had a slight new toy smell but that went away after a couple washings in warm water and antibacterial soap. At the ase you turn the black part to open it up so that you can easily insert the 2AA batteries needed for life. Then make sure the cap is back on tight as you don't want to get any water in there and cause any premature death. Not a good situation.

At the bottom of the toy is the turn dial to adjust the settings of the vibration. I would say for me this goes from very low to a little more than medium. If you are someone that needs a strong vibe I would not recommend this one. The base is slightly wider to rub against your clit when inserted or so it says. I didn't feel anything extra for my clit from this.

I decided to put a little lube and have some fun. This is compatible with all lubes which is nice. It felt very nice and you can feel the veins and ripples through the toy during play. The added sensation is nice. Also the full feeling that this presented was great at building me towards orgasm. Before I knew it I was over the wall and building towards another one.

If you are someone that likes a very simple and user friendly vibe then hop on and enjoy the ride.

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Thanks for the review! Good and simple are, well, good. lol

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Sometimes simple is the best way to go!

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