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Defense Protection Lubricant

Now-a-days you hear it all over: Go GREEN! Green cars, green paper, green clothes, green sheets (sounds gross LOL), green everything! Now, for those that are trying to help preserve our Earth, and be as natural as possible, they’re even making green sex toys and lubes!

I was very excited, in more ways than one, to get this Defense Protection Lubricant to try out. I’m all for more natural products, especially those designed to be as gentle in/on the female body as possible. This lube definitely fits the bill for that. It’s paraben-free, glycerine-free, water-based that’s blended with sea kelp & guava bark, all of which are certified organic. It doesn’t disrupt any of our natural body fluids, and, in fact, blends with it, which means that it has little chance of harboring any bacteria. All of this is fantastic! Especially for any of our vegan friends out there that struggle with products that go with their “all natural” practices. Safe to ingest, it’s also condom-friendly.

Pulling my 60 ml (2 oz) bottle out of its green box, I noticed the bottle is also green, with a black flip-top cap. I had to take the seal off of the bottle before I could get to the lube, which not only helps protect against tampering, but also maintains freshness too.

Now, the first thing I thought of when I sniffed the bottle, so help me, I thought “Oh, hippie lube!” LOL I couldn’t help it. It does have a more musky, natural scent to it, and kind of reminded me of patchouli, but very lightly. I liked it, but my hubby didn’t like the smell. However, the smell wasn’t really an issue for me, I want to know how well it stands up to MY high lube standards.

I grabbed one of my silicone toys, and had a little fun. It’s runny, so be careful not to squeeze the bottle too hard. A little dab will do ya just fine, and it spreads well. I loved how it felt when I inserted the dildo inside of me. It wasn’t sticky or leave a residue. The smell wasn’t at all an issue, and this stuff lasted a while. However, I did need to reapply twice (but be warned that I do have a problem with vaginal dryness to begin with). I was impressed with this product & highly recommend it.

Be Slick, Go Green

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