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Basix 8” Suction Cup Dong


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What is better than a great, simple dong? One with a suction cup, of course! And I tried out the Basix 8" Suction Cup Dong in pink.

This rubber dong is made in the USA, 100% phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. He is 8 long with balls, so 7 can be inserted, and his girth is a lovely 2. And did I mention that he is a very pretty BRIGHT pink? (Brighter than it appears in the photo!)

I was excited to get this guy out of his package and washed up (in warm, soapy water). It took a couple of washings to get the rubber smell off, and it still has a faint scent, but it is not over-powering. I got myself worked up with a bullet on my clit, then put a bit of lube on my new friend and started inserting him in an anxious Ms. Puss. And oh, how he pleased her!

Using his balls as a handle, I started out slowly, in and out, in a little further and out, in all the way and OMG! A few good thrusts and the big O was building; a few more and my muscles clinched down on him and I was off to the land of the O!

When I caught my breath, I washed him up, again with warm water and soap, and then put him in the drawer, promising him another round the next night. And I never break promises! ;)

I had a special friend on the phone who was very interested in helping me give this dong another try this time using the suction cup. The dong was easily affixed to a hard, smooth surface (in this case, a wooden chair) and Mr. Friend instructed me to mount it. I did so, with just a dab of lube, and eased down slowly, feeling every delicious inch of him. I was soon instructed to ride that dong, and I did, using my free hand to rub my clit and in no time I was reaching the first, of many, climaxes Mr. Friend and this dong gave me that night.

All-in-all, the Basix 8 Suction Cup Dong is a very fun toy. His size is great, although maybe a little big for some who are new to toys; his suction cup held well and his balls make a great handle if riding isnt your thing; and the material seems to be sturdy. The new toy smell may bother some, and for that reason, he doesnt get a perfect score, but rather a 4 out of 5 humping stars.

Basix 8" Suction Cup Dong

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Great Review and wow.

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