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Luscious Thrill-Her


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Luscious Thrill-Her

What cute wittle wormy worm you are!! Yes you are! Yes you are! Ok, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this toy. It really is, well, cute!

The waterproof vibe inside is silver, and over the vibe is a cute clear phthalate-free jelly ribbed vibe in the shape of a worm, with blue stripes. The head is even tipped, so his nose is curved up to try and reach that g-spot of yours. Aw! The worm’s even smiling!

When I first opened the Luscious, I noticed a nice scent of candy-pineapple that stays with the toy after washings too. How more cute can they add to this toy? Yes, there IS more! It takes 2 cute little AAA batteries (not included). Yes, cute inside AND out. With a total length of 7”, insertable length of 5”, the diameter is 1’, however, the head is 1.5” in diameter, this cute little guy is not anything to fear or considered too small either!

Twist the cap at the bottom off, put in the batteries, and turn your worm on! Since the vibe’s got that jelly worm on it, it’s very quiet, and has a range of low to medium high on it. Not overly intimidating or powerful, but, yes I’m gonna say it again-cute!

Since it is jelly, please be sure to use water-based lubes with it. The jelly is pliable, and comfortable. Perfect for pleasuring or even to use to practice your Kegel exercises. So you can squeeze your worm with love or purpose! Or both if the mood strikes you.

Grabbing my favorite clit vibe and my wittle wormy, I decided to see how well he could take my heat. He took it, gave it, and gave plenty back! I loved how the ribbed body/shaft felt. I could comfortably squeeze him with my muscles, and enjoyed how it felt. Tipping him a bit, I could feel that he rubbed my g-spot, but I need a hard toy to stroke that spot just right, and since his nose is only the jelly part, it….almost…..got……it, but not quite.

Don’t let that deter you since it’s really not designed as a g-spot toy. I loved how this little guy felt, and when I came, it felt really nice & comfortable. It wasn’t his vibes that did it for me, but his shape & ribbed body!

This toy is perfect for the beginners & experienced alike. I would highly recommend it for either type of person. For beginners, the overall cuteness will hardly be intimidating, as well as is general size, smell, & it’s easy to care for. Plus it’s a cute way practice your Kegels or just have some fun! Experienced toy users will love how this guy feels, smells, and that it’s waterproof as well.

I give this toy a rating 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws up!! :kiss:

Want a worm of your own?

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  • Review Team

What a cute review! ;) Thanks Tyger, he does look very interesting ... and cute!

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