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Fukuoku 9000 Finger Tip Massager


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IFK6100.jpgAdd A Little Zip To Your Fingertip.....

I actually think I may have tested out a similar toy many years ago, but couldn't find the review, so here is an updated version. The Fukuoku Finger Tip Vibrator system is a very clever idea: put a light, battery operated, cordless mini-vibrator ON your fingertip. This way, whether you are going solo or it is your partner wearing the finger-vibe, you can add a little vibratory stimulation to your play time. This item slips right on to your finger like a little plastic finger brace, and it has 3 exchangeable sleeves with different textures: ridged, little bumps, and a fingerprint pattern. These sleeves are surgical grade silicone - so very safe to use (but no silicone lube, please!) The toy takes watch batteries (and it comes with some plus another set!). There is also a little carrying case.

While I think the concept is fantastic - I mean, who wouldn't want a very convient little buzzing device right at their fingertips? I do think that FOR ME - the vibrations just aren't strong enough. I decided to use this toy solo for the first time (I prefer to see if it will work for ME, before giving the controls to my HB). I settled in for some nice playtime, put the bumpy sleeve on my 'fingertip' and started to play. The vibrations are decent for nipple arousal, for ticking a bit on the inner thighs and even for running around the pussy lips. However, when it came right down to it, my clit wants a little more vibratory power!

I ended up using a vibrator and the Fukuoku on my nipples. I can see how this item would be great for adding a little something to a blowjob! Iam quite sure the low vibrations on the shaft or balls would be fantastic. It is also great for nipple stimulation. If you are a woman who is new to toys - this item would most likely be PERFECT for you. Or, if you need or want a very light vibration, also perfect. However, for ME, it is just a little lackluster.

So, if you know someone who could benefit from a little something-something without it being overpowering - the Fukouku is for you!

Add Some Zip to Your FIngertip!

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Thanks for the honest review. I'm a gal that likes a little more "POWAH" too!

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Everytime I see this toy's name, I think of Austin Power's movie Goldmember, with the Chinese twins, Fuk-U & Fuk-Mi. LOL

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Thanks for the review. You are right, the concept is great.

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