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PD338500.jpgSwim With The Dolphins....

OK, lets get this out of the way in the beginning, cause I know you are all thinking it: Yes, I think it is odd to put putting a dolphin up your ass. Sometimes I personally feel that 'character' toys (dolphins, bears, bunnies) take away from the toy experience. Yet, there are those people who like the cuteness and 'non-phallic' appearance of these toys. So, if you are one of these people, this toy is perfect for you.

Let's get the stats out of the way: made of silicone (no silicone lube, please) this item is smooth and soft. There are two 'dolphins' - one for vaginal insertion, one for anal insertion. There is also a patch of nubbies for clitoral stimulation. This is a hands-free toy, so it comes with adjustable straps that go around the waist and both thighs. There seemed to be quite a bit of slack on me (and I am about average size). I am not always a big fan of the hands-free toys, but I am always looking for a good one.

So, play time was at hand. This toy takes 3AA batteries. So, batteries in, toy cleaned and ready to go. I started to insert the toy, but found it a little difficult to get both dolphins where they had to be. The anal dolphin is a bit smaller than the vaginal dolphin, so if you are playing solo it takes a bit of adjusting to get them in. Plus, when I do anal play, I need a lot of lube, so there was some slipping and sliding going on. Once I got the toy in,and tightened up the straps, I was a bit frustrated. I was hoping these dolphins would make it worth the time and effort.

I turned on the vibrations. There is one control for each dolphin on the controller, with 3 different vibration levels for each. I cranked them up all the way and was very pleasantly surprised by the power I felt in my ass. The vaginal dolphin didn't feel quite as strong, but I was hoping the clitoral stimulator would add to the sensations. The only issue was, it was hard to get the right connection between the clitoral stimulator and my clit. I had to sort of push it into me, which kind of defeats the purpose of a hands-free toy.

I just tried to sink into the feelings and enjoy all the sensations. It was fantastic to have both my ass and pussy stimulated, as well as my clit. I wished that there was a separate vibrator in the clitoral stimulator, but overall just the amount of stimulation I was receiving delivered me a nice, solid orgasm (both anal and vaginal) together. I did find the overall shape of the anal dolphin to be a bit on the small side, so that might be a good bet for a woman who is just starting out with anal play. I wished the vibrations were stronger, but still got to orgasm.

All in all, I think this toy would be a good bet for some, and not for others. While I did get me a nice orgasm, the trouble to get the toy even situated sort of made it not worth the effort.

Play With The Dolphins

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Thanks for the review. I get a creeped out at character-shaped toys - just seems wrong. lol

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