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Black Velvet Veined Dong


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The Black Velvet veined, multi-speed and water-proof dong from California Exotic Novelties is proof of why I should not judge a book, or in this case sex toy, by its cover. Of course, I couldn’t get that Alannah Myles song out of my head when I opened the box and saw this guy.

“… Black velvet with that slow southern style/A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees/Black velvet if you please …”

OK, enough of that, even though this fellow might just bring you to your knees, and have you longing for more … more time with him!

I was not all that impressed when I first saw him, at 6.25-inches long and 1.5-inches in diameter, he isn’t what would be considered a big boy. And while he does have a slight curve to him, I knew the chances of him hitting my g-spot were slim, so I went into our time together not expecting much. He is water-proof, so washing him up with warm, soapy water was simple. I easily inserted the two AA batteries he needs (not included) and replaced the screw-on cap. Then I turned his dial, to see how much power he might have, and HOLY MOLEY, I was shocked as he roared to life.

So, I turned him down a bit and started rubbing his head around my clit, varying the speeds as I did. Ooooh, that felt very nice. I moved him down, massaged the outside of Ms. Puss, then inserted him. I was right, he didn’t hit my g-spot, but his veins felt nice and the vibrations were great. I worked him in and out with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other, and in almost no time I felt my first, of what ended up being many, orgasms building.

His Velvet-Touch material would not tolerate silicone lube, so stick with water-based. He had me wet enough that I didn’t need anything but my own juices. He certainly has me … singing his praises, and gets five out of five orgasmic stars.

Black Velvet

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