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Butterflies & bullets! Not normally a combination many of us would do, but leave it to Nasstoys to do it for us! This little kit seems to have it all (except coming with the batteries), you have a multispeed controller that has 8 different vibe settings, 2, count them again, 2 jacks, with each jack having its very own controller. One bullet, wich has 3 interchangeable vibrating heads, and then the wearable butterfly stimulator.

The 6.5" controller has many cool features to it. First, it takes 4 AA batteries, making this controller rather heavy. Then, it has 3 buttons on both sides. One button controls the Functions, then the other 2 control the speeds Up or Down. To turn it on, just press one of the Up buttons. When you do, you will see a red indicator light on whichever side you push, starting at setting 1. Then you can go up or down, depending on what you want. To turn it off, you have to work it all the way down to one, then one more.

The jacks are pretty standard size. The 8 settings are Vibrate (low), Pulsate, Triple Vibe, Three Step, Escavibe, Free Fall, Climbing Fall, and Climbing Shooter. If you forget which setting you like, you can flip the controller over, and see all the options there listed on the back. Very handy.

You can use other bullets with this toy if you have the plug in kind. Or, you can use the bullet that comes with it, with or without one of the 3 different colored sleeves that are in the kit, and the butterfly strap on clit stimulator. Varying the speeds to suit your own personal tastes. No where on the packaging says that any of this is waterproof. The cords on both the bullet & butterfly are long enough so you can be comfortable in your playtime!

The bullet is small, decently quiet, durable, and strong. The sleeves have a hard, ribbed plastic base to them, and then a firm rubbery head to them. There's the G-tickler, Nipple Vibe, and the Clit Tickler. Each slides onto the bullet then, a little twist, and it'll stay on just fine. The G-tickler is about 2.5" long, and on the bullet, maybe about 4" long. It was the first on my list to try. The bullet is slightly ribbed at its base, so it's fairly easy to grip in slippery conditions, but, for me, the G-Tickler was too short to reach the mark. But the vibes were very strong, and steady. The Nipple Vibe was pleasant enough, and very versatile. It's got little nubbies on the inside in several lines. The Clit Tickler was fantastic! I love any sort of bunny shaped vibes since the "ears" are usually the ones doing the stimulating, and these are very good at THAT! They're pretty flexible, yet firm, so you can direct them just…..to….the…..right…..aaaaaaaaah!!!!

The wearable jelly butterfly is good in the concept. Nubbed on the body, antennae to tickle the clit, and the tail slightly curved to tickle your anus. I found the butterfly cute, pink, powerful, yet a little too short for my body. It's only 3" long from antennae to tail (not stretching out the little feelers). The straps for the butterfly were comfortable, stretchy, and easy to adjust for pretty much any size. However, the antennae were a bit too flimsy/thin to stimulate my clit much at all. I did flip it around to have it "69ing" me, and the tail did a MUCH better job at delivering MY goods in orgasm form!

All in all, I really enjoyed this set. Some of it were short of their mark, however, the versatility, power, and options were all appreciated, and you can use this with some of your other toys, attachments, and/or bullets. I give it a rating of 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws.

What Category do YOU want?

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It seems if one wants variety out a toy, this would deliver that. Thanks for the detailed review. Just looking at the photo I wasn't quite understanding it but you did an awesome job explaining it all!

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