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Japanese G-Spot Squirmy


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Do you want to be SQUIRMING all over your bed? Does your G-Spot need some attention? Want a toy that delivers both INSERTABLE pleasure and CLITORAL pleasure? Well then, the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy is perfect for you! Made by Doc Johnson, a trusted name in toys, this silicone, dual action, 4.75 insertable, reversable, multi-function toy will overload your senses! If you are a woman who wants some options, then this toy is for you.

The soft silicone offers a safe and sensual experience. The curved G-spot tip is sure to tantalize you. My favorite feature: the nubbies on the clitoral head - they are super satisfying! This toy takes 3AAA batteries (just unscrew the base and place them in) and you control it by pressing the up or down arrows to control the speed of the clitoral vibrations AND the shaft vibrations. There is even a REVERSE button that allows you to change the direction of the vibrating tip. In my honest opinion, however, you do not need a toy that changes vibration direction in a G-Spot toy, but many women will find this a BIG plus.

OUR Pros and Cons (as my honey plays with me for maximization of our pleasure)

PROS: It is easy to handle (either alone or with partner), it is powerful as to vibrations, it is soft and silky, the 1-inch diameter is very pleasing and not too large, the clitoral nubbies are fantastic, the options and speeds are very pleasing.

CONS: The G-spot head is a bit oddly shaped, and I felt it would be better if it were a bit firmer and larger, but it definitely stimulated my G-spot. The biggest con is that when inserted to the G-spot length, the clitoral attachment does not quite reach the clit, leaving you a bit frustrated. You can bend it enough to achieve both, but it is not as easy as I would have liked. From a couple's standpoint, it is a bit large and doesn't leave much room for anything but the toy.

However, we very much enjoyed playing with this toy together. My lover came me many orgasms with it, and loved watching me SQUIRM all over our bed as he played with me. He enjoyed changing the functions and making me wonder what he would do next. I had many orgasms, but I did not have a super power G-spot orgasm, although I did have one.

I would recommend this toy to any woman wanting to experiment with some dual action / G-spot play. THe insertion combined with clitoral play is outstanding. The G-spot attention is mild (which is especially good for newbies or those who are very G-spot trained. Overall this toy does not disappoint and would very much be a great investment for any woman or couple for some saucy, squirmy, squirty FUN!


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