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Kissable Personal Lubricant - Cake


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Kissable Personal Lubricant - Cake

Be a guilty pleasure!

Review by Ladylove 10/2012

Kissable Personal Lubricant comes in a cute retro package, I just loved. It has an easy to use pump applicator. One pump is just the right amount. It's a water based, flavored lubricant that comes in 2 flavors, cake and cookie dough. I tried out the cake flavor. I thought it smelled sweet and the taste was sweet but indescribable. I will also tell you DH thought it smelled and tasted like peanut butter. We both thought it tasted okay. You should know we rarely like edible lubricants, so an okay, is high praise.

The texture felt smooth and slippery lasting a good long time. I never needed to reapply. It does dissipate with saliva but will still lasts long enough ;). Of course Cake Lube is good for anyone and everyone. If you haven't ever tried a flavored Lubricant before this would be a great introduction in the world of flavored lubes.

Because this is a long lasting lubricant and the taste was acceptable I rate this 3 out of 5 stars.


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