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Sex Sling By Sportsheets


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By Sportsheets

Review by Ladylove 10/2012

Sportsheets has made a sexual positioning Sex Sing. It has wild cheetah velcro, padded ankle cuffs that can also be worn around your feet. It also has a padded cheetah piece that goes behind your neck, or down a bit lower between your shoulder blades. I tried each position and they are all very comfortable. I liked it best worn around my ankles, and between my shoulder blades. The straps seem to be very strong and didn't loosen during the most vigorous testing. Once you are in the sling you decide how far you want to go or don't want to go with it.

When I received this I was not excited. I'm flexible didn't think it was going to add or aid us in any way. OH BOY!!!!!! OH BOY!!!! OH BOY!!!! Was I wrong! This is a must-have for every couple. Whether you are gymnast flexible, as flexible as a rock or anywhere in between you need this Sex Sling. The sling holds you in position in a way you are not naturally able to, or for as long as naturally possible. There are times even the strongest of legs can get fatigued. This takes away the strain.

Interesting and fun little thing: The more intense things became the more I would pull on the straps. The more I pulled on the straps the further back my legs went. The further back my legs went the better the angel, the better the angle the more intense it felt, and the better the view for DH, the better the view for DH the more his hand wandered to all the sensitive bits. The more the wondering of hands the more intense the O.... And isn't love and sex all about pleasing each other? This Sex Sling by Sportsheets is all about pleasing for both partners. It's a must-have for all lovers.

It's a great non-threatening sex toy for a beginner and it's the perfect addition to the most advanced users toy box.

Both DH and I loved Sportsheets SEX SLING! No surprise I awarded it a 5 out of 5 hearts.


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