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Sliquid H20 is a natural intimate personal lubricant that had me at "natural"! Water-based & 100% vegan friendly, this lubricant is glycerine & paraben free. It's all natural, so it won't interfere with a woman's delicate balance *down there*. It's latex, rubber, and plastic friendly, so it's safe to use on ALL of your toys. I love that it's clear and flavor free, so it won't stain and is hypoallergenic. To reactivate the lube, if you need too, all you do is either reapply some or just add water! How handy is that?

I had to laugh because one of the last things that the bottle boasts is that it's "formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages"!! You have to appreciate a company that has a quality product and a sense of humor!

I tried this lubricant out with a favorite silicone toys one evening. I admit to having some issues with feminine dryness, so I'm always on the lookout for long-lasting lubes. And, I'm happy to say that this lube went the distance and then some! I didn't have to use much, because a little goes a long way. The flip-top cap requires little effort, and the gentle squeeze of the bottle, and you're good to go! I had a long play-time session, and didn't need to reapply, or suffer any soreness. It. Was. Fantastic! Clean up was easy, and no stickiness or odors left behind.

4 out of 4 Tyger paws waaaaaaaaaaaaay up!! I definitely recommend this lube for EVERYONE!


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Oh yes you had me at "natural" also Thank you just added this to me list!

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