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Micro-Heated Nipple Clamps


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So I thought that these looked interesting since I love nipple attention, as my nipples are very sensitive. I have other sets but found it interesting that these are heated. I removed the back off of the remote and inserted the 2 AA batteries needed to bring the toy to life.

I looked at the actual clamps and was concerned. I had a set in the past with similar clamps and found them very problematic. Each clamp has a metal tip and on each one there is a rubber pad on the inside of them, which in my past pair started coming off during use. Even with this I thought I would try them out because who knows they might surprise me. Next I decided to check out the remote: it has a turn dial to adjust the vibrations which I felt went from about low to medium.

From here I attached each clamp to a nipple. I didn't feel that it screwed down very tight on them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for extreme pain but just for an interesting sensation. I continued to play with the settings and really wasn't enjoying them. During the time of using them I never felt the heat that they say these have. I decided I was not enjoying them and started removing them. This was not a good experience as it was like peeling them from the skin of my nipples and left a slight bruise. I have never been bruised by clamps before and I barely tightened them down. I would not recommend these, as it was not a good experience.

I was unable to attach a picture with this review. Sorry

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